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  1. hi, im going on ovation in december, and i would like to get a WOW band. i am in a owners suite (sky class) and want to know if they are free for me, and if so, where can i get them onboard? also, if they arent free, where can i buy them onboard?
  2. so i have 3 people staying in a owners suite onboard ovtion of the seas, and we all LOVE the bathrobes they give us, but there isnt enough for all of us. can i ask for more bathrobes? or will i be charged for it. if you wanna know i am in a sky class room. Thanks!
  3. im going on a christmas and new year cruise (23rd of december-4th of january on ovation) and ive never been on a christmas cruise before. what is it like? will i have to pack anything christmas related? bonus question: are my kids allowed to go down to guest services and book activities themselves? or do they need a parent to do that instead. Thanks!
  4. are my kids that are 12 and 14 allowed to go down to guest services and book activities themselves like ripcord or the north star? do they need an adult to book it or accompany them while they book it?
  5. are my kids able to book activities for themselves?
  6. i want to book some stuff like ripcord and the north star and i want to know how i can book it onboard without the app. any response would be great!
  7. could i be able to order food like hotdogs to my room?
  8. could i be able to order sodas if im in sky class?
  9. omg im sorry im in sky class not star class
  10. so im allowed to order sodas from room service without a charge? (i am in an owner suite so im in star class)
  11. i am in a star class suite (owner suite) but everyone i asked said that i coudlnt order stuff like sodas and food. is it free? or do i have a charge
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