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  1. That doesn’t make much sense! Although to be honest neither does having free roam in Spain the day or two before and then being bubbled.
  2. Hahaha it sure is! We fly out on Saturday and sail on Sunday. I’m so excited that I already finished packing 2 weeks ago and usually I’m a day before packer! I don’t know what’s got into me!
  3. Thanks Matt. I actually heard from them today and they confirmed they would give her access to the crew lift
  4. We board next Sunday and have Royal trips booked for Rome and Pompeii. Usually I’d have gone about myself but with my mum likely would have booked an RCI one just for ease. It’s a shame about the restrictions but at least we can go about Spain freely. I do wonder if those boarding in Rome are able to explore Italy themselves, considering they boarded in Italy. Does anyone know?
  5. No fee to use it. I keep it on but there may be times the WiFi signal isn’t great and so you’d prefer to not allow it to switch.
  6. It depends on the port your departing from. Some have you do a test prior to getting to the port, but have back up facilities there if your results haven’t arrived in time. Others have a full testing facility on site at the port. They will notify you a few weeks before departure what your departure port are doing. You can also look at the previous sailings to get an idea.
  7. We’ve booked to go in May as it fit well with our general holiday schedule but also because I regularly read that the best time to go starts in May. We’ll be on Ovation on the only 8 night cruise. I thought if we’re travelling from the UK we should extend it as much as possible. That particular cruise starts in Vancouver and ends in Seattle. I thought for us it would be nice to see both cities and when flying such a distance it didn’t really matter. We chose Ovation over the radiance class because we felt last time we were on Serenade we were bored in the evenings as we felt we were going to the same places every night. I’ve not been on Ovation before but have been on Anthem and so I know we really enjoyed the quantum class ships. I would have considered going on Serenade again if it went somewhere like Glacier Bay for the May cruises, but it looked a very similar itinerary so in my opinion chose the better ship. I appreciate the comments about being able to look outside and this may be important for you and could be your decider, personally we booked a balcony room as we wanted that option to look outside with a drink etc. if we wanted. What did you book last time?
  8. Hi All! I’m super excited to say I should hopefully be on Harmony in 6 days time with my mum! It’s been such a long time coming with multiple itinerary changes and then cancellations that I honestly didn’t think this day would come, and if it was going to go ahead, certainly not this year. But here we are! We have the accessible crown loft suite booked, which I’m so excited about, my partner isn’t coming with me this time, it’s just a girls holiday, but I can tell he’s nervous that I’ll be wanting to live the suite life from then on. I think his concerns are real, but I won’t be admitting that! I had one question, does anyone know if I can access the suite sundeck with my mum’s mobility scooter? I appreciate there is only one accessible suite so I don’t know if this is possible.
  9. Looking forward to hearing how it’s going! We board on the 3rd. Have a fantastic time!
  10. That usually means 1 day but Monday-Friday.
  11. How lovely @JohnUK! I sounds like you’re both having a fab time. That’s good news about Grease. Looking forward to that now! Thanks for the information about the masks and ports. I actually just received an email from Royal with one details on masks and ports too. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your holiday so fill me in. I really appreciate it! I hope you both enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  12. @JohnUKI have another question for you, which might have to wait until you’re off. Are they running entertainment like the quest and the love and marriage show?
  13. Thanks for your input. I’ve not heard of mini-bites, I’ll have to check them out. I have tried most of the top London steak restaurants so I can imagine what Chops would be like. I’m on Ovation in May and have the 3 day package then - I’m sure I’ll let you know my thoughts then
  14. Thanks. That’s what I’ve heard and so have booked us in on the 3rd day.
  15. That’s great to know. My mum cornered me yesterday about where our room was etc. so she could look into it, so I had to give in to the surprise. There aren’t many videos or pictures of the room so I plan to take some to help others in the future too. At least it should kind of be a surprise for both of us. I’ve tried my best to not look at every video on YouTube of Harmony too so it’ll be a surprise. I can’t promise that’ll last until we board though!
  16. Thanks is for the information. I’ll have to check out some cruise compasses. I’ve actually booked for me and my mum to get our hair done and I’m hoping that I’ve guessed the right day for formal night, at least the compasses should be able to confirm that! I got the suitcases out today so we can start planning. The excitement is really starting to kick in!
  17. Thanks John and Sue. How’s your trip going? What room have you two got? I saw the filet is in CK on the first night and have already planned to go there the first night. I hope there is still a reduced crowd when we sail. Hopefully the Broadway will be on by then. At least the aqua and ice shows are on for you though. We’re you able to book them in advance or do you have to wait until you’re onboard? Or is that something the concierge can do for you? I’ve never stayed in a suite before so looking forward to the perks that’ll bring! what was Womderland and Izumi like? We have wonderland booked. Is Izumi the teppanyaki place? I do have a question about the mask policies, how is it? Can you take the. Off when seated at shows? What’s the general situation? How about in ports? I think Spain recently updated their outside mask wearing requirements to if you can keep a 1.5m distance you don’t need to wear one. Is that still the case? Any idea what Italy’s rules are?
  18. Thanks for the recommendation. I need to eyeball the menu and start making some reservations!
  19. What have you got lined up? I’ve got the app but you’ve just reminded me to nudge my mum to make sure she has, so thanks for that! We always love the ice skating shows, so really looking forward to it. We did an escape room on Anthem a few years back, my first ever. It was actually good fun. We currently have wonderland booked, and we’ll have access to coastal kitchen too. We have Jamie’s all over the UK so it doesn’t appeal to me as much. I’d like to try chops(I’ve actually got a package booked for our Alaska trip in May) but to be honest I’ve not heard great things from it. I also have always thought the steak in the MDR was pretty good too, so hard to beat. I forgot you could get breakfast at Johnny Rockets on Oasis class ships. Thank you!
  20. Thanks for the heads up! I hear with Covid that shows unfortunately must be booked onboard. I don’t even know who to go to for that! Unfortunately I also hear many shows on harmony are currently cancelled. I’m hoping by September they’ll be back up and running!
  21. Thank you!! That gives me some security!! I just want her to just have the time of her life, whatever the cost! I also love that my partner hasn’t asked the cost. He just says whatever it is, it is, and make it memorable for her. I’ve kept the true cost to myself and I think he’s happy with being blind to that! Now it’s on harmony I’m super excited! I knew what to expect from Anthem as I’ve sailed on it before and knew we’d have a fab time but this is now a new experience for us both. I’ve also never been in a suite, so literally can not wait! She’s also going pretty wild, booked her first ever massage - a lot of firsts on this cruise! Have you been on Harmony before?
  22. That’s great to know! I’ll keep an eye out! Where are you based?
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