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  1. I don't understand why someone would become a TA just for discounts. There just aren't that many anymore. That's not to say they aren't out there but It's not just "free travel all the time"
  2. I do have to identify myself by agency name/phone number and/or CLIA/IATA number. We can access CruisingPower (the Royal/Celebrity TA site) or through our consortia (like Sabre). I can't just go to royalcaribbean.com and book for someone and get credit/commission on it.
  3. I can't really answer your exact question, but no you don't need any type of certification to be a TA. Most do work under a host agency with a CLIA/IATA number. Some TAs are paid a salary, but I don't know how that works as they are employees and not ICs. Royal's phone reps are most definitely salaried employees. They are call center employees and don't necessarily work for Royal Caribbean either. Some of us get more training/certifications to learn more and look more professional, but it's not a legal thing to do.
  4. Yes a TA can get your booking repriced. Costco could if they wanted to, unless it's after final payment.
  5. You can transfer to an agent within 30 days of booking. Just fill out the form here, or at MEI-Travel.com, or you can email [email protected]
  6. Honestly I would look at this later, because Royal Caribbean has been known to not charge the change fee and then tack it on later. You could have a refundable rate though and Costco just says it's non-refundable because they'll keep your money. I don't know how Costco works, just Royal. But I have seen it many times that the change fee doesn't show up and then a month or two later it does.
  7. I can't answer for other agencies. But- we do sometimes have bulk/group rates through our consortia, and that just benefits the guests that book on that sailing. Even if they can't get the rate they can get OBC and/or other amenities sometimes. The unsold rooms at the discounted rates are released back into general inventory closer to the sailing, but we don't profit from them, Royal does. I mean technically the higher the price the more the commission, but it's not that much of a difference to matter.
  8. Least favorite- We Will Rock You. Queen is my favorite band but the story was just so terrible I couldn't stand this show. Favorite- Flight on Symphony of the Seas
  9. It depends on when it was booked- before June 1 then it's back to the old rules.
  10. Pretty sure it's still $100 per person, that didn't change. What changed was they no longer give you any FCC if you cancel, they keep the entire deposit.
  11. I always think of this when I hear "moot point" And I always say it's "moo" to people who would get it.
  12. The travel agent site is also down, been down for quite a few hours now.
  13. FCC gets issued when it's good and ready! Sometimes it's a week, sometimes even after 45 days we have to beg for it to be issued. You can call or have your TA call and do it for payment so soon.
  14. Explorer of the Seas is a great ship, amplified or not!
  15. True, at least for now! We are both just swamped! Any of the ones mentioned would be great! Melissa, Kathy, Jennifer, Meghan, Brock, take your pick!
  16. Any US agents can book it for you but you'd have to book in US$ which may or may not be good for you. I don't know of any Australia agents but maybe someone here can help.
  17. Don't worry, your TA can call and have them issued (or you can if you booked direct). But also, cruise docs are completely unnecessary.
  18. I agree, it usually takes a week or so for the price protection to come through. After that, let your TA know and they'll call and fix it.
  19. Yep as long as you're still sailing in 2022.
  20. Not true You can move it, but they will charge a change fee if it's a non-refundable deposit. Your cruise planner purchases will automatically drop off and cancel but the cruise itself can be moved. If there is air on it it becomes more complicated but that's where a good TA comes in (as @Jill said, we moved her cruise last week with air on it).
  21. Vintages during the day is a nice place to work, or out on the Royal Promenade.
  22. One time I packed scissors (it was a Disney cruise, working on a Halloween costume) and they confiscated them. I decided a $2 pair of scissors was not worth me trying to pick up, so I just abandoned them.
  23. A passport will be hard to come by now, but definitely that's the way to go for the next cruise. I would bring anything official that proves your name is now what it is.
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