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  1. Worth it in terms of what? Resale? Likely no. But if you like them and want to wear them, then sure, go for it!
  2. We can purchase a policy for him through Allianz or another 3rd party. That's what I would say to do. In terms of the vax part we don't know yet what the protocols will be, but I don't see them going away anytime soon.
  3. That room is a forward cabin- way up at the front! Seems neat, just not aft.
  4. I think you meant to say "drink some wine"
  5. I dreamed last night that Royal Caribbean started selling FCCs- like a gift card, but it was restrictive like a normal FCC (can't be used for taxes, gratuities, etc, and must be by Dec 2022). All of my clients thought this was the world's best idea and I kept trying to talk everyone out of it! And then, of course, none of the FCCs worked. I can't escape it all even in my sleep
  6. They can be removed, yes. Just call or have your TA call.
  7. That's not on you, as I have been saying for the last year and a half they are SO SLOW on the phone. This is why it sometimes takes me days to get things done, when I'm on the phone with them for 2 hours for one thing it really eats up my day (and another reason why I'm working at 7:30 on a Friday night). I hope you get your room, but you can ask for it to be waitlisted. Good luck!
  8. This- I'm sorry your cruise was canceled but you may be past the deadline for rebooking. Call them right away.
  9. Some ships have a deck 13. Quantum Class, for example. Edit- I see this was already answered so carry on.
  10. They can be loud with the engines, yes. And some obstruction in terms of beams going through, but overall I have really enjoyed the aft balconies I have had.
  11. It's because of Royal Caribbean that I drink. Or cry. Or both.
  12. I exclusively travel with non-smokers and it bothers everyone. I agree with your overall point, but, again, smoking affects everyone, not just the smokers. I'm glad that the info will be changed.
  13. Ok, well the non-smoking section is worthless in there, because it's still everywhere and on many ships it wafts into the bars next to it and up the stairs into the Royal Promenade. I don't disagree that the signage and everything should match, but that is likely not their priority since they were shut down for over a year and a half and need to spend money on important things. A 20-page booklet was definitely printed well before they shut down.
  14. I would be very happy if they stopped allowing smoking in the casinos. Celebrity already has smoke-free casinos. I would spend a lot more time in there if they'd ban it.
  15. Most of the time I am able to let clients know about a price drop first- most people don't check prices all of the time themselves, they let me do that. I find it the exception for clients to email me first.
  16. Use a travel agent? Might not help you this time but for next time.
  17. It's possible for sure. If you're questioning it, call back and see if you get the same answer.
  18. I can't speak for other TAs necessarily, but Royal Caribbean (or most suppliers) pay the agency after final payment is made. Then the travel agency pays the agent the month after travel is completed. If a cancellation occurs before final payment, no commission. If a cancellation occurs after final, there may or may not be commission. Commission even gets recalled sometimes by the supplier. Basically, though, you book a trip and cancel I don't get paid. It's kind of like a return of a product to a store. There was some commission protection last year from a lot of suppliers but only after final payments were made and only in certain circumstances- If FCC is used and a cancellation happens, no commission. It has been a tough year and a half.
  19. I always try to give OBC or a gift in the room. This was pre-COVID, and right now I'm just trying to stay afloat, no pun intended. Gifts will start up again soon as long as people keep up with traveling. We don't get paid until after clients travel, so there is still not real money coming in just yet. But I just cannot give the huge rebates that some big agencies or wholesalers do. However, I stand by my service.
  20. Royal Caribbean pays a certain percentage of the cruise fare in commission. A portion of the cruise fare is non-commissionable, and the amount that they pay depends on the business you do- the more business you do, the higher the commission percentage. How a specific agency pays their agent will depend on the agency, if the agent is an employee or an IC, bonuses, etc. If you book onboard at Next Cruise and request that it does not go to that current agent, then they will not know. Then you can keep the booking yourself or transfer it to an agency within 30 days of returning from the cruise (and keep your Next Cruise OBC). If you feel like an agent with MEI or any company you can request a different agent with MEI or the other company.
  21. Don't feel guilty, it's part of it. Again, want you to have the best deal, and want to give the best service!
  22. No you can't, but you can alert the TA and they should do it for you. I can't speak for Costco because they are a wholesaler and not exactly a TA. But a lot of traditional agents reprice. As people have said those of us at MEI-Travel have a tool that checks for us. But a lot of times clients email me before I get that notice from the tool. Sometimes it's lower, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes they forget that they added gratuities or insurance and the price isn't actually lower. But to answer what I think is your question- yes, if the price goes down the commission goes down, so would that make me not want to change it? No, because it's part of the service we provide, meaning if I do a good job with helping you out you'll come back, meaning more money. I don't know of any alert sites beyond what people have mentioned, but those alert sites aren't 100% accurate anyway. They mine the RoyalCaribbean site for the price but they don't necessarily know your price or, again, if you added gratuities, have a non-refundable vs refundable deposit, etc.
  23. Well now I don't feel special that carib_life wanted to fly everyone to the Caribbean! I thought she just liked me!
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