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  1. There is also a train that goes from the airport to the hotel, or right by the hotel. You'll go all the way to Waterfront stop I believe (but you can verify that) http://thecanadaline.com/ I stayed at the Fairmont Waterfront which was right next to the Pan Pacific. You can walk to the cruise port from either of those.
  2. But- not someone who is ONLY ever traveling, treating this like a hobby and not a real job!
  3. From a travel agent perspective- this is what service I like to provide: Give several options for price quotes Offer advice on excursions, amenities, etc. Check pricing on cruises (yes sometimes clients do find the deals before I get to them, and that's ok. I have a lot of bookings to go through so if the client gets to it faster and lets me know- great!) Making sure we know how to communicate- do you prefer the phone rather than email? And I need clients to know that I cannot do everything- we work TOGETHER to make sure the trip is fantastic- you need ownership in your own trip too! Yes I'm here to help but it's your vacation, not mine! There are a lot of things but that's the ones I can think of off of the top of my head. My best clients aren't always the ones who spend the most money, it's about the relationship and getting to know them.
  4. Thank you for seeking the wisdom of this group instead of your hardworking TA who looked at this question and said "WHAT?" outloud at her desk while she sips her 8th Diet Coke of the day.
  5. I always get the soda package so I subtract that from the cost to see if the DBP is worth it. It rarely is, to me. I don't drink liquor or beer and I can bring wine onboard, so I usually just do that and purchase any extra glasses of wine that I want. The one time I did have the DPB I felt like I was drinking non-stop. Which I was, and I didn't enjoy that.
  6. You'll have to call and ask for it to be repriced, unless you booked with a travel agent then he/she can do that for you.
  7. These can be used on group sailings of many kinds- we've used them for this blog's meet ups sometimes! If you have a group you can request the space.
  8. I understand you'd be frustrated, but it's not like they have a choice sometimes. They are offering more than fair compensation in these cases, that they don't have to do. This pandemic is not going away any time soon so at this point expecting changes is necessary.
  9. I would say the main pool, just be mindful of others.
  10. I only know about repricing in US dollars. All of our international clients (Canadian, UK, etc) must pay in USD to work with us. That being said, yes, I can get a price reduction for anyone that is affected. I have never heard of what OP is talking about. But if they are paying in non USD that might make a difference.
  11. Also remember with Kids Sail Free, they up the price of the guests 1 and 2. I have seen promos that are way better for families of 4/5 without the KSF. This is why we reprice often.
  12. Or a double or triple. I don't drink hard liquor anymore so I'm no expert. Triple champagne for me! I think that's just a bottle.
  13. I don't know about documentation but if you just price it out for 3 adults vs. 2 adults, 1 infant the price is the same (unless it's KSF of course).
  14. I prefer my mimosas without orange juice. Just straight champagne, please!
  15. Full disclosure we don't get commission on flights but I do get revenue credit when the air is added. That's why flights must be added with Air2Sea or a land package (Delta Vacations vs. Delta for example). Can't do flights alone but can do them with a bundle. But I don't mind- that's part of the job/service. Whatever is best for you is what I'll do!
  16. It's not a problem for me to do it! Either way works for me.
  17. All of the ones I received today were given the option to receive the 125% FCC.
  18. I have always heard that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I have nothing nice to say about finding FCCs. And applying FCCs.
  19. I have two cruises in February and neither are Royal. One is a brand new line to me, so that will be fun and interesting!
  20. If you're going to pay the money to get a full sized BC I would just go ahead and get a passport. It's much more useful!
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