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  1. The wifi in general is good enough, but bad weather will always affect it.
  2. Anyone here coming onboard Odyssey for Christmas or NYE???
  3. Cup Noodles will be very much appreciated! (Not spicy) Or any kind of instant noodles where you just add hot water and stir.
  4. Another day, another dollar! $$$ In today's video, I share exactly how much money I make working on a cruise ship!
  5. A video I recently made with Tony explaining how Club Royale works.
  6. NEW CRUISE VLOG! Check out the festivities onboard Odyssey during the Inaugural Cruise. I got to hang out with both Matt and Tony from La Lido Loca.
  7. The first 2 days will consist of a lot of investors and shoreside onboard. The second 2 days will include the naming ceremony.
  8. The next few days is going to busy for Odyssey. 2 day investor's cruise, 3 day inaugural cruise.
  9. Lots of exciting things planned for the Inaugural sailing next week! Hoping to create some good videos for you guys.
  10. Not sure yet. Looks like there's about 2000 for the 11th.
  11. NEW CRUISE VLOG! A video explaining my entire career working on a cruise ship. Being a crew member for Royal Caribbean has completely changed my life.
  12. Yes of course. Just give them directly to the crew members.
  13. NEW CRUISE VLOG! Some quick tips to consider when deciding to work on a cruise ship.
  14. Did you guys see Tony's latest video? I'M IN IT!
  15. Currently working with Tony from La Lido Loca on a video idea. Stay tuned!
  16. Have any of you done this on your Royal Caribbean cruise? I was very lucky to test out the sky-dive simulator onboard Odyssey Of The Seas! Times like this why I love my job!
  17. I wonder how much trouble I would get in if I leaked the news here first...
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