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  1. Make sure to watch my interview with La Lido Loca, where I take about the casino loyalty program Club Royale! This was filmed last year on Odyssey Of The Seas.
  2. Your Prime discount will be applied automatically. But you can always double-check with the Casino Host when you are onboard.
  3. If you are Prime, you will get up to a 30% discount on your internet package - as long as your cruise is booked through Casino Royale (a cruise booked through your casino rewards/offers). You will see the discount applied at the end of the cruise.
  4. To be Prime, you need to earn 2500 points within our 12 month cycle (April 1 - March 31). Doesn't matter if you do this in one cruise or ten. Just as long as you earn within the 12 months. Fastest way to achieve this is playing on the slots. Every $5 you play is 1 point. Craps is fun! But you will not earn too many points from this game.
  5. The dealer will always ask for your seapass card as soon as you sit down. Your seapass card is your players-card.
  6. It's not something I can talk about in my videos as of right now, but is something I am constantly trying to get approval for. Stay tuned!
  7. Play on the slots to get points quickly.
  8. For the tables, yes 1000 points is $20 of freeplay. On the slots, you can redeem your freeplay whenever you like: 1000 points = $20 freeplay 500 points = $10 freeplay 250 points = $5 freeplay 50 points = $1 freeplay
  9. Generally, during sea days in the middle of the afternnon like 3pm-6pm, I would say this is the quietest time in the casino. This is the best time to find less busy, or even empty tables. This would be the best time play if you are new, and you can ask the dealer questions without worrying about other players.
  10. On the slots - every $5 you play is 1 point, win or lose. Tables - your rating is worked out on you average size bet, and your time at the table. Each table game will have a different rating system.
  11. I'm not expecting anytime soon. We still get positive cases from time to time, and close contacts.
  12. Crew members like myself, will now no longer need to covid-test before flying out to join the ship at the beginning of our contract. Personally, I am very happy about this!
  13. Please note: the points structure will slightly change for some tiers beginning next month (August)
  14. On most of our ships now, if not all, gaming lessons are the first 2 days of the cruise - 30 minutes before the casino opens.
  15. No, I don't even know what the odds are.
  16. All Royal Caribbean ships use US Dollars, no matter where the location.
  17. Crew cannot switch jobs like that. If we want to move to another department, we have apply just like everybody else.
  18. I don't have permission from shore-side to do so
  19. I'm not allowed to do a video on this unfortunately...
  20. A basic and informative video on how Casino Royale works onboard our ships! I hope you guys find this information useful.
  21. I'm glad it was sunny for you. Weather hasn't been great for Ovation this week.
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