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  1. We are also sailing on this one! Can’t wait!! Booked to celebrate my hubby’s birthday!
  2. If my husband let me it would be as many as I could. But in reality it’ll probably be one or two.
  3. Thanks everyone for the options. Yes we are flying in so renting car just to drive from hotel to the port doesn’t seem like a good option.
  4. Hello we are going to be in Disney World at the end of July and decided since we were so close to Port Canaveral to tack on a cruise to Coco Cay. We’re staying at the Swan Hotel which doesn’t provide transportation to the port, so I’m turning to message boards to elicit help. What is the best way to get from Disney World to the port?
  5. Also on port days you can opt to leave your child in the kids club while you go ashore. Our 6 year old lives in the kids clubs. On one port day she spent up to 13 hours in the kids club by her wishes. They will feed the kids lunch and dinner on those days. Also during some sailings they also do kids dinners. Our last two sailings were on Ovation and Anthem and every night she ate dinner with her new friends. Prior to those sailings we were on Oasis and Liberty and from what I recall they had kids dinner during formal nights. Our daughter does take her lanyard with her sea pass card but it’s not necessary. She likes the responsibility of carrying her own card. Our daughters only complaint is that they close during certain hours and she has to spend time with us.
  6. Transportation around Bermuda is easy and safe - either ferries and buses. You could probably get to the Crystal Caves on your own. I believe when I was researching it if you went to the website for Crystal Caves they told you the exact bus routes to take. We chose to do the tour through RC because it was a holiday that day we wanted to visit the caves. The second day we were there we traveled all around the island via buses and ferries and it was very easy to do.
  7. We geocache all the time in ports. In many ports other geocachers have set up meet and greets which is an easy way to grab a cache in the ports. Geocaching can take you places that you normally wouldn’t think about going and it has lead to many interesting stories for my family and I. We typically do the earth caches or virtual caches to enhance our experience and learn about the countries/cities we are visiting.
  8. We always buy the photo package and come home usually with over 200 photos. Of course we also use it to take our family photos so we seek out the photos nightly before or after dinner. The quality is really good- much like photos from Disney.
  9. In our experience aboard Libery of the Seas last January my parents who were in a different cabin than ours were included in all of our photos because the very first photo we took upon embarkation included all of us. I have some very wonderful pictures of my parents because of this and they didn't have to buy any photos since I had purchased the package.
  10. Question we are a family that likes to unplug during our cruise - no phones/internet/emails etc. however during our next cruise we need to have access to a computer to send some documents. My question is do they have computers on board (like a business office) where we can buy 15-20 minutes of computer time?
  11. Last I heard the El Yunque was closed indefinitely due to the hurricane. This may change before your cruise. If you do get a chance to go it is a beautiful place.
  12. My family is booked on the Oasis in February and after the cruise we are spending a few days at Walt Disney World. My question for all of you is what is the best way to get from the port to Disney? One option we were thinking of doing is the airboat excursion with airport transfer, but don't know what they do with the luggage during the excursion. Has anyone had experience with this excursion? Also one thing to note is we don't have park tickets for the day we disembark so we are not in any hurry to get to the parks. Thanks for any help you can give us!
  13. Our plan was to fly in Thursday spend two days somewhere in Orlando at one of the parks and then head to the port on Sunday. We live not far from California and have been to Disneyland and Legoland (both are my daughters favorite places to go besides being on a cruise). From what everyone is saying we probably will rule Universal out. Does anyone know if the Legoland in Orlando is bigger or better than the one in California? That is something we haven't considered yet. thanks always for the advice and helpful responses!
  14. Matt- It's a pre-cruise option - it's listed as Land and Sea with Universal Studios on the website. It includes transportation from airport and then to port.
  15. Thanks for everyone's reply so far. Our trip is in February 2018 so summer won't affect us. We have been to Disney parks before (our daughter whose 5 has been to the Magic Kingdom at DisneyWorld once and Disneyland 3 times) so I was thinking of trying something different with Universal Orlando. We have never done Universal Hollywood with her because of the limited ride selection for her. She loves fast rides like roller coasters-her favorite ride at Disneyland is Big Thunder Mountain. I know Universal Orlando is big on Harry Potter but I have never seen any of the movies nor read the books so that isn't enticing me to choose that park over Disney World. My husband and I initially were thinking of Disney World but I saw the RC package with Universal Orlando. I thought that the ease would make it easier but I think with the responses so far we may just stick with Disney. Thanks for everyone's reply so far!
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