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  1. Sooo just got an email that our excursion has been cancelled for this hike. I have attached a screenshot. I am confused, because they have canceled our reservation and refunded us the money. However, we are still showing that we are scheduled to go to Puerto Rico. So our itinerary hasn't changed at all. It was $55 per person on a Black Friday deal, and now I am seeing in Cruise Planner that we can purchase that same excursion that they just cancelled on us for $70 per person. What the heck?? I know someone on this thread said the forest was closed indefinitely due to the hurricane, but I am wondering why they are still selling it online if it is closed?
  2. Has anyone done the El Yunque Rainforest Tour in Puerto Rico? Wondering if it is worth it. Also, it does not say anything about eating lunch? Do they stop for lunch or..?
  3. Hi! Going on a cruise with my husband and parents in May on Allure of the Seas. My dad just bought the Izumi Hibachi Experience dinner for the first night of the cruise. I just wanted to make sure - is this a flat charge or will we have to pay for additional things as well? I've included a snippet of what it looks like on the cruise planner. I was just making sure, because I thought Izumi was a la carte pricing and you had to pay for what you wanted. Oh - and we are going on Allure of the Seas. Thanks!!
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