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  1. Yep mine went from $55 to $43 a person/day. I saved almost $200, that’s enough for my photo package. Now I gotta wait for my credit on my card. Wonder how long that will take.
  2. Why does RC offer you the ability to pay for 2 photo packages? It says one package covers the stateroom. How does this work? Do you need to pay for each person in the stateroom ($210 per person) or just one person? If just $210 this seems like a deal, although it says some photos are not included. Do you all know what is not included??
  3. I’m still waiting for my drink package to reduce. Harmony for April 21 and it has said $55 a day for as far as I been looking. Once it goes down I will cancel and rebook it. Will use savings for excursions if they are still available.
  4. Hey at least yours shows the photo package. Mine doesn’t show them yet. What’s the prices for each photo package so I know what to expect.
  5. It just seems like such a money pit to get an extra day. However if that includes a place like Chops then obviously it will be more variety for the 3 day. Do you suggest calling RCLL on cruise planner?
  6. 7 night cruise. It’s $30 per for BOGO (which hopefully includes all specialty restaurants). It’s $85 per for 3 night dining (which hopefully includes all restaurants).
  7. Hey just wondering is the BOGO deal worth it? Or would you guys rather spend over double to not be locked in to dining on first 2 nights? This is for my honeymoon cruise on Harmony next year so I want to make sure we have best experience.
  8. How do you cancel and rebook your drink package? I splurged at the 55/day price on a new credit card and am thinking it over. If it goes down even slightly I save so much
  9. Hi just joined here, Harmony April 21, 2018, me and my future wife will be on our honeymoon.
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