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  1. As Matt says its all about boarding times but I have just managed to get a RoyalUp confirmed from a Junior suit to a Grand Loft so now star class and the genie contacted us yesterday and we can board within an hour either side of our allocated boarding time. Bid a low amount on the upgrade and was surprised it was accepted but if we get the full benefits of the star class and I get the refund for the deluxe package and the unlimited dining we had purchased then with voom and gratuities included as well it works out almost the same as I paid for the junior suite with the 2 packages bought.
  2. I had a cruise cancelled last year which had been booked using a NextCruise certificate. I called to re-book a new cruise and the OBC was transferred to the new booking not sure if it would have been without calling in.
  3. Just had the same email, will be looking to change to a different itinerary as we don't fancy the Jewel.
  4. Just had the email to say our June cruise next year is being swapped from Adventure to the Jewel. It will be a similar itinerary they say but we don't fancy the Jewel so will be looking to replace it with something else. Maybe we will be able to lift and shift but will wait and see what options are out there. This news came the day after being told the DBP was on sale for our dates. Suppose the £700 OBC will be gone as well if we cancel.
  5. Thanks for the info just checked and rebooked the DBP and added in the 2 device internet package and still managed to save £40 on the original price paid for only the DBP. This is for our Dec sailing on Explorer. Happy days ?
  6. Got ours right on day 45 for our trip on 3rd May, unfortunately we are coming from the UK and BA have already cancelled our flights. Just waiting now to see if Royal will cancel to get 125% FCC if its offered again if not will cancel ourselves. Booked a replacement trip at the start of Dec so hope that it's all back to normal by then.
  7. As far as i understand they are two different things, Hibachi is where there is a chef interacting with a small group and cooking on a hot plate, Hot Rocks is where they take the rocks to you and you cook your own pieces of food on it. Sorry not been on Grandeur so not sure if there is a separate Izumi.
  8. That's how it felt as I would have been happy to take refund as OBC but told definite NO. Had the screenshot showing that it was included but no luck. As I said wife really wanted to go so kept the original booking. Just made up for it by doing a visit to Izumi as well ?
  9. We were on the 12 Jan sailing and had pre-booked Hibatchi before buying the UDP package. Once onboard and we went to book all the dining we wanted I tried to cancel the Hibatchi booking as I said to them I noticed that it was included in the UDP the reply was "the web says yes but on-board says NO", not allowed to include it with the UDP but as the wife really wanted to go we kept the separate booking.
  10. 30 points would be Platinum for Diamond you need 80 points.
  11. Hopefully you will get it included, please let us know how you get on as I'm hoping to be able to include Hibachi with the UDP on Allure in January.
  12. This is not what they say in their FAQ page here. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-restaurants-are-included-in-the-unlimited-dining-package The only thing I notice is that Hibachi is not linked to its own page.
  13. Could not fault the steak that I had in Chops.
  14. Thanks for the advice not specifically looking for the resort style but I do like the idea of being within walking distance to shops and somewhere to eat. The Embassy seams to be a better deal than we have at Pier 66 as well.
  15. The problem I see here is that you forget your passport and fly out using driving licence as OH is complaint but you would need to hope that the state you were flying to was also if not you may have a long drive home if you can't board the return flight.
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