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  1. Could not fault the steak that I had in Chops.
  2. Thanks for the advice not specifically looking for the resort style but I do like the idea of being within walking distance to shops and somewhere to eat. The Embassy seams to be a better deal than we have at Pier 66 as well.
  3. The problem I see here is that you forget your passport and fly out using driving licence as OH is complaint but you would need to hope that the state you were flying to was also if not you may have a long drive home if you can't board the return flight.
  4. I see that you recommend the Embassy Suites would you say that it is better than Pier 66?
  5. We are sailing out of Fort Lauderdale next June for the first time and are flying in 3 days before as we are coming from the UK. We have booked into Pier 66 and are looking forward to getting onto Harmony for the Eastern cruise.
  6. Not sure about Liberty but on Oasis and Rhapsody they also had Yellow (Tropical) Red Bull cans as well as sugar free so I would think it would be the same.
  7. Not sure that you can do Wonderland twice. Last year on Anthem we were told that you could only visit it once, all other restaurants you can visit more than once.
  8. Just checked my cruise planner and found the beverage packages to be reduced. The Refreshment package is down from £20.40 to £13.68 and the Deluxe package reduced from £41.80 to £34.20 both prices +18% gratuity. This makes the Deluxe package around $44.50 at today's conversion rate. This is for our 16th June 2018 sailing on Harmony.
  9. They replaced the Strawberry with Mango, did not see the Banana being offered, will have to give that a go next time.
  10. No sign of a reduction on my Oct 15th sailing on Oasis for the Deluxe drinks package but the Refreshment package is down from £20.02 to £13.86. I got it earlier for £14.56 so for me not worth the risk of re-booking just in case Royal decide to cancel the whole cruise as I have seen posts about before.
  11. On Oasis in Oct and it's currently showing £42.35 glad I grabbed the deal earlier where I got it for £36.80 both +18%
  12. It's being offered on my Oasis Oct 15th sailing £57.75 +13.44% = £65.51 Deluxe beverage package is £42.35 + 18% = £49.97 So £15.51 per day for dining, sounds quite good, but I managed to get the drink package a while ago for only £43.42 inc so will stay with that and the 4 night dining package I have.
  13. From the UK as well and I think you will find that you will lose your deposit if you change to a different booking. I was told that when I asked about changing one of my current bookings that I could do it without loosing the deposit but it would be at the current rate with NO promotion applied at all, so in other words full price. It was worth it to me to lose the deposit and re-book as I was getting a good deal on a different cabin category. Worth a phone call to check.
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