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  1. I just got an email with our travel documents for our May 9th cruise. The chances of this cruise happening is pretty much zero, I don't think Port of Baltimore will be open any time soon. Are they being overly optimistic? I just checked the website and there's no update about our cruise, everything looks normal. I know they have a lot of reservations still in March and April to deal with before they get to May.. do I just ignore the emails and wait til they get around to deciding what they want to do with our cruise? Is there anything I need to do now?
  2. I don't usually track the cost of the cruise for a lower price because there isnt usually that big of a rate change, of course with today's issues I thought it might be prudent to see if the cruise we booked for May might have a lower fare. According to the RCL website, the price is the same but it's more than $1000 less per person on Cruiseline (which i discovered on the ShipMate app). Am I allowed to fill out the RCL claim form (https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/customersupport/bestPriceGuarantee.do) based on that price? Has anyone successfully filed a lower price claim based on a price foun
  3. My honeymoon cruise in 1998 We went to the Caribbean on Monarch of the Seas a week after we said "I do".
  4. Is it difficult to get another cab back to the ship?
  5. We have some restrictions when we do excursions. I have 2 Autistic teens who just can't handle really long tours or a lot of waiting around. Initially we had only booked the tram in Juneau but I'd really like to see Mendenhall Glacier. Does anyone know if its possible to take a cab to/from the national park so that we can see the glacier on our own? I know we won't stay there very long so I'm not worried about missing the ship but I am concerned about taking a cab to the park and then not being able to find another cab to take us back. Has anyone just gone to Mendenhall on their own and
  6. How exciting! Maybe we will run into each other I just can't wait for vacation to start.
  7. That is the perfect amount of 4th of July for us! We are traveling with 2 Autistic teens and part of the reason we chose our sail dates was to avoid the crowds and chaos that sometimes comes hand in hand with the holiday. The boys will be excited to see decorations and have cake, we will be wearing our Red, White and Blue and thats just about the perfect level of holiday for us.
  8. Thanks for the reply, we are cruising in and out of Seattle and headed to Alaska. I'm having a hard enough time packing for all the different weather possibilities, I wish they would send out a list of theme parties or events we may want to bring something special for to make it a bit easier. Oh well, I'll just guess and bring something Red, White and Blue
  9. Does Royal Caribbean do anything special for the July 4th holiday? We'll be on Ovation and I just want to make sure I pack whatever is needed if there is a party.
  10. Yep. I've got it on my tablet but I'll load it on all the other devices now.
  11. OK thanks! I'll be able to let you know for sure next week (YAY!!!)
  12. I don't see Ovation... am I missing it?
  13. We rented a minivan for when we arrive back to Seattle. I read that there is a kiosk at the port but I haven't read anything about a shuttle to pick up the van. Is there a shuttle? Do we use Uber/Cab/Lyft? How do we get to our rental? Help!
  14. Thank goodness for excellent teachers!!! Have a wonderful summer!!!
  15. (If this thread already exists, please let me know or delete) Has anyone every found a lost connection from a prior cruise a long time ago? My husband and I cruised on Monarch of the Seas in August 1998 and we were seated in the Honeymoon dining room with other newly married couples. There was a couple from New York City that we really got along well with and meant to keep in touch afterwards. Of course this was prior to social media and email wasn't that popular so we lost touch. Now 20 years later we don't even remember their names but occasionally remember them and wish we had kept in
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