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  1. Following along - we will be on Radiance July 5 (southbound). I think you will visit some of the same ports we will be in, so looking forward to your comments! Congratulations on your anniversary!
  2. I'm trying to figure out our upcoming trip and it appears that Radiance does not have a digital photo package option. Is that correct?
  3. We used Cortrans October 2018 and highly recommend! https://www.cortrans-shuttle.com/
  4. We are July 5 Radiance and I can help you with a couple: Juneau Fly-out Fishing is listed at $459; We have same issue with Icy Strait Point Stream Fishing ; Ketchikan Knudson Cove Salmon Fishing is listed at $210; Can anyone see Ketchikan Halibut Hunt - we also already purchased and can't see current price.
  5. We recently paid $44 on Radiance for our July 2019 Alaska cruise. Even with that "bargain" price, we are actually considering cancelling it after re-evaluating how much time we will spend off the ship with this itinerary. Can't wait to explore all the wonders in this great state!
  6. Wow- just did a price check on our bookings for 2 balcony rooms on July Radiance of the Seas booking - saved a total of $900 after I had my travel agent pounce on it immediately!
  7. What travel insurance did you use? My travel agent is pushing Travel Guard - anyone have any experience with them? Thanks!
  8. Thanks all - glad I asked! Didn't need that big surprise closer to the trip!
  9. If you have an existing room reservation for 2 people and decide to later add a 3rd person to that same room, will RC allow you to do that with only the 3rd person additional charge? The room already has a sofa bed in it so it is designed to hold a 3rd person. We have a person due to job restrictions won't know until closer to the sail date if they can go. Thanks for sharing any experiences you have had with that scenario!
  10. I'm having the same issue on multiple browsers, different ship.
  11. So it's been a long time coming and our family has finally decided to take a cruise to Alaska next summer. Our growing family may have waited too long for this trip because now there is toddler in the mix! She'll be 2 1/2 at the time and since her mom and dad plan on going with all of their trusted family members, there are no real good options on leaving her behind. Some feel this is going to put a real damper on the trip. I'm interested in what everyone's honest opinion is on taking her with us. Will she be able to handle the shore excursions? I don't know if there is a kids' club for
  12. I thank you also for the wonderful posts....we have a lot to look forward to in just 19 days! We are not late night people so I'm not sure how much of the night life we'll see.....but I'm now intrigued to at least try!
  13. Thanks whitsmom for confirming what I remembered. I went back and found the flier. Guessing this special isn’t around any longer.
  14. Has anyone on a recent cruise seen a significant digital photo special the first few days on-board? Last time we sailed it paid to wait and get the nearly $100 discount on-board during the special, but that was over a year ago on Liberty. The packages are pricey but is was certainly nice to come home with quite a few great pictures we never seem to be able to take ourselves. We sail on Oasis next month. Thanks for any news you can share!
  15. We are on this exact itinerary departing on Oasis October 14 and loving the sneak peek you are offering. Enjoy the rest of your cruise!
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