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  1. Sailing on Harmony this week, and purchased the 3 night dining package. I know I cannot make reservations before boarding, so my question is where can I make reservations once on board the ship? Do I need to go to each restaurant, or is there a central location(s) where I can make all the reservations at once? Thanks, Trevor
  2. I don't plan on cancelling. While I would have preferred a more secluded area, I feel that my family having that dedicated space and shade is too important for our day at the beach. Besides, I see the bungalows are currently going for $399 for this cruise, and I was able to get for $219, so I still think I'm getting a pretty good deal.
  3. I have a Bungalow for probably the same sailing (7/21 Embark), and was wondering the same thing. The current pics of Chill Island show a LOT of loungers around, and while I'm sure some were moved, I wonder just how cramped the bungalows will be, compared to how they were before.
  4. My family an I will be sailing in Alaska on Ovation of the Seas in late May 2020. We also have a Caribbean cruise this summer on Harmony of the Seas. For the Harmony cruise, we purchased the Deluxe Drink Package for $52/per person per day. I checked the cruise planner for the Alaska cruise, and found the drink package available for $50/per person per day (a little odd it's even available over 1 year out). My question is, does anyone know if the $50/pp pd for the Deluxe package is a good deal, or is it typical for the Alaska cruises? Thanks, Trevor in Orlando
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