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  1. We are sailing on the Mariner on Monday. My husband is thinking that he won't bring his laptop but wants to know if there is a place he could use a computer if he needs to log in for work to a web-based email system. We both have a VOOM package so assume we could use that and not have to pay extra. Sorry if this is a stupid question.
  2. Thanks. My husband has decided to wear shorts/polo or button down shirts and will have a couple of pairs of pants with him for the dress your best night and if there is any issue with his shorts! He's always warmer than everyone else so that's the only reason he prefers shorts. Packing on Sunday!!!
  3. Thank you Matt. That is what I will do. Trust me, if anyone in our group shows up in gym shorts or anything else that I don't feel is appropriate, I will personally send them back to their cabin!
  4. I will preface this post by telling you that we have done 10+ cruises but not in about 10 years. We were used to the old style of cruising when men had to wear long pants in the dining room (or be turned away) and on formal nights, a suit and tie and I wore a fancy dress. From what I have been reading from recent reviews and posts on this board for the Mariner, it seems that men can now wear shorts at dinner and won't be turned away at the door. And when I say shorts, I mean nice dress shorts with a collared shirt, not gym shorts and a t-shirt! However, if this is not correct, please do te
  5. I think that's what we will plan to do. In fact, I will probably stay with my in-laws and all of the bags and have my husband park the car. This way I can keep an eye on them!
  6. That's excellent news. My FIL is having some medical issues right now so anything that makes our check in a little easier, will be great!
  7. Our family is on the Mariner departing Miami on Nov. 19th. We will be driving from West Palm Beach on the morning of the cruise and plan to park at the parking lot at the port. Are there usually any issues finding parking spots? Someone just told one of our traveling companions that it's a mess but I'm not really sure if they've actually experienced it themselves. We would be arriving at around 11am or possibly a little earlier. TIA!
  8. Thank you for your response. This gives me some hope that if we do have to cancel my in-laws may get their money back for our cabin as well. Still hoping he will feel ok by the time of the cruise and will be able to go. Finger's crossed as we would like for them to be able to enjoy their anniversary vacation.
  9. Thanks. I was just trying to see if anyone has had a similar experience. Will reach out to the insurance company once I know what's going to happen. If my in-laws can't go we won't be going without them. The cruise is to celebrate their 50th anniversary.
  10. Our entire family is booked on a cruise in a few weeks. My in-laws have paid for 3 cabins and the travel insurance for each (theirs, ours and my brother-in-law's family). We are also a group booking of 8 cabins (of other family members/friends). My father-in-law went to the hospital last Sunday due to extremely bad pain in his back and leg. Without boring you with all the details, he is still in pain and having trouble walking/getting around and we are awaiting the diagnosis after an MRI on Friday afternoon. What I am trying to figure out is IF he has to cancel the cruise due to his medic
  11. Does a normal hotel keycard work in this slot? We always hot so I would like to bring something that I can put in that slot.
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