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  1. Thank you for your reply and I actually mean go to my home in long island.
  2. Hi Everyone, Just a quick question. Has anyone used Lyft out of Cape Liberty N.J. Cruise Port to go home? If you have please let me know your experience. Just trying to figure out a good way to get a cab home. Thank you Stuart
  3. Hi everyone. My wife and I are going on the November 25th cruise to the Caribbean on Anthem and she has a question about the pool chairs. She has arthritis and has a hard time getting up from low chairs. Do they have regular sitting chairs rather than the lounge chairs? From any pictures I've seen all I see are lounge chairs. I also have a question about using the towels for shore excursions. I know you can get towels but is there a time limit to return before they charge you the $25.00. Can I keep them for as long as I need them so long as I return them within the same day? Thank you for any advise you can give me. Stuart
  4. Hi everyone, Just a question about using your sea pass to keep the power on in your stateroom. What is the consensus whether to leave the power on or remove the sea pass when leaving the stateroom? I'm not sure what to do. This is my first cruise with Royal. Thanks for any advise. Stuart
  5. Hi everyone, I have a question about water excursions and your valuables. I'm going to St. Kitts in November and we are doing the dolphin experience. Has anyone done this excursion? Do they have lockers for your valuables and a place to change out of your bathing suit? We want to stay off the ship and walk around St. Kitts and not be in our wet bathing suits. Interested in your experiences with the dolphins.
  6. Hi Matt, Thank you for your reply to my post. My plan is to set up the car service before I leave and to confirm either the day before we get back to port or after we dock back in Bayonne. I'm just concerned about the cell service. I really not sure if I need the ships internet or not for wifi service. If the port has good cell service i'm fine. Stuart
  7. Hi, my name is Stuart and I just joined the forum. I live in Long Island and I'm taking my first Royal Caribbean cruise in November. I went on my first and only cruise in 2013 with another cruise line and it left from Manhattan. My concern about leaving from Bayonne is the cellphone service including WIFI. When I get back I will need to call my car service to confirm my pickup. Is the service any good and does the cruise port have WIFI? Looking forward to asking more questions and maybe helping others.
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