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  1. Hi Folks, We recently booked a retirement/birthday cruise for B2B sailings on Symphony starting April 6, 2024. I've heard Matt say "book early and re-price often" many times. How often should I be checking for price drops? When RCL has a fare sale, how long does the sale last? For example, if the fare sales run for 72 hours, then checking prices every other day would be sure to catch the sale price. Thanks in advance for your input, Tom
  2. Hi again folks, 23 days until our first cruise (Harmony May 26). This site has been an absolutely amazing source of info in the planning process. We have airline tickets, hotel and car for 2 days pre-cruise, dining, drinks, shows, and excursions bought/scheduled. Just wanted to ask for any last minute tips for first timers.. Anything you've packed and never needed? Anything you consider indispensable? Thanks in advance.. Jane
  3. Hi again folks, What are your top picks for specialty dining? Any input will be great...maybe rank venues from best to worst (although it sounds like Sorrento's has a lock on that). Also would like to hear about that favorite dish you absolutely must have when on board. Thanks, Jane
  4. One more question from a first time cruiser regarding Harmony of the Seas. Does the ship's comedy club offer any shows that would be appropriate for teens? Show reservations for our May 2018 cruise just became available, but the RCCL website will not allow us to include our teenage children on the reservations. Thanks for your input. Jane
  5. Thanks to all for the input. Tony, I think you just added a day to our trip with that Garlic Crab suggestion.
  6. Hi folks, Looking for advice on a pre-cruise hotel in Fort Lauderdale for a May 2018 sailing on Harmony. Any input on quality of rooms, restaurants, pool, beach access, shuttle service to port, etc. would be helpful. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, Taking our first cruise ever on Harmony in May 2018. This site has been a great source of info for the thousand questions we have had, but I haven't seen this topic covered. Does each family member have to have their own specialty dining package or would we be allowed to buy two 4-night packages so that our family of 4 could have 2 specialty dinners? Thanks in advance for your input.
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