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  1. Weird I tried doing that but it kept saying I was maxed out on my devices and it didn’t boot me off.
  2. If I had bought a two device package for my husband and me, can I use my phone and then switch it out with my iPad at night? I wanted to do that with the last cruise but didn’t know how or if I could do it so we ended up carrying our iPads for nothing.
  3. Been debating back and forth on which one to go to. We just tried out Nachi Cocom last week which we enjoyed the pool but not the ocean bc the tides were a little rough. We have a 5 year old as well. I like the all inclusive idea of Mr. Sanchos but I know Paradise beach has the same option now but a little more expensive. Only thing I kept look on at on Mr Sanchos was they seem to not have umbrellas where the lounge chairs are at on the beach, is that true? For PB, how deep is the big pool? Any input and thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  4. We went to YaYa beach and didn’t get to enjoy the water because it was all sectioned off maybe due to the seaweed. It was not attractive to look at. Only good thing was their fresh whole red snapper fried.
  5. Usually at what time is everyone off the ship? And how chaotic is it to get a taxi or an Uber? Just wanted to know the time since our flight doesn’t leave until 7:20pm and wanted to see if it’s worth getting a hotel room just to relax if it’s going to be more than 6 hours of waiting around. Thanks!
  6. Has anyone used Uber or a taxi to get from the airport to Port Canaveral area? If so, how much did it cost? We are a family of 3.
  7. Are they strict about having 3 oz fluids in your carryon like on a plane? I just want to put our big bottles of sunscreen in my bag when we are aboard.
  8. I have seen a lot on YouTube about how your checked bags will get delivered to your room and you should hold on to a carry on with your important documents and maybe stuff for the pool. So are you able to go into your room immediately once you have your pass? Can you bring your own luggage to your room or do you have to check it in because the room won’t be ready?
  9. Can someone recommend some good all inclusive beach clubs that are around $40 to $55 a person that includes lunch (buffet) and open bar? I’ve seen a few that might interest me but maybe there are some hidden gems I don’t know about. Thank you!
  10. @hayley_bopp Thank you! Good information!
  11. I’m trying to pre-book the 3 night specialty dining. It tells me to pick day one or two and the time I want. But how does it know which restaurant I’m choosing at that time and what if I don’t want to go the first two days? Confused! Help!
  12. Has anyone tried the Wonderland restaurant? My husband wanted to try it because it seems like a whimsical atmosphere but I looked at the menu and thought, I probably couldn’t eat any of it much less pronounce some of these dishes. Do they have any other alternate menus? And what would the kids’ menu look like?
  13. Do you have to reserve for the My Time Dining? I see it on my cruise planner but it’s late times like after 8pm. I thought you could come whenever and risk the waiting time?
  14. In regards to the kids club, do we have to register our kid right when we get on the boat? Is there ever a time when the club is too full that they won’t accept any kids? In case there was an emergency, how would they get a hold of the parents? Since my kid is 5, would she need to wear her sea pass card or she’s too young?
  15. A friend told me they went on harmony of the seas last year and were offered the specialty dining package 4 restaurants for 100 dollars. She told me not to purchase in advance and to wait to get on the boat. But I only see it’s 3 restaurants for 99 dollars. So will it be the same when I get on the boat or is there a 4 restaurant deal that still exists?
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