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  1. Loving this skiing blog. Thank you. No one in my family has ever skied before and we are curious (especially since we are stuck at home in The Bronx in NYC) to learn more. My 3 yr old saw the periscope yesterday and today, got my wife interested, and it grew from there.
  2. With the hope that I can cruise by the end of the year, what hotel would you recommend for someone to book the night before a cruise in Baltimore. I have a cruise in December for my wife, my daughter, and myself, but I have no idea what hotel to book or where to go. Any recommendations for hotel, places to see?
  3. I was doing a mock booking for Oasis OTS for June 7th when I saw the fare for the 3 guest higher than the first 2. I was booking a guaranteed JS and always assumed the the 3rd and 4th guest are always lower. My wife and I and my 2 yr old daughter (3rd guest) we on this mock booking. Is this unusual? I attached the pic also.
  4. @Matt it was for the best since the Hurricane wants to spend a few days in Florida. I was checking Periscope for a few hours thinking I was missing your scopes, before I though of checking the message boards. You’ll be on another cruise soon enough.
  5. @Lovetocruise2002 Are you live blogging your next cruise in a couple of weeks?
  6. I have a Majesty cruise going to Costa Maya on Friday August 2nd (It was originally Havana but that’s not the case anymore). I tried to book Maya Chan as soon as I got the new itinerary but they were already booked up. In my party there are 5 adults, my nephew (12 years old) and my infant daughter ( 1 years old). I feel like I am scrambling since I book my excursions way in advance. I need any and all recommendations from the RCBlog family.
  7. I need help in choosing a resort, (3 people - my wife, my 1 yr old child, and myself) and wanted to get some suggestions. I want to go to a resort in Cozumel during the Symphony GC and wanted to know if there are any resorts that you would recommend me. I read some resorts on Cozumel on the blog, but I am having trouble deciding. I am leaning toward Iberostar Cozumel, but I am open to suggestions. Please help.
  8. I am curious to know if there is a way to use my Amazon Fire TV in my stateroom for my Freedom cruise next weekend, if possible. Hoping my Blog peeps can help me figure this one out.
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