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  1. Does that include kids?? We have 5 of us in a suite. (2 adults 3 kids)
  2. How much are the gratuities for the dining staff staff room steward etc? Is it a set rate like 18% for drinks or depends on what you pay for the cruise?
  3. Are kids allowed in solarium bistro? Is this place good for dinner? Is there a kids menu? I didn't see any on the planner. Thanks
  4. If my kids are in the kids club for the day will they get lunch and everything there or do we have to pick them up for lunch?
  5. If I have made a reservation for 8pm for the first night on my cruise planner which places can I eat at?? Is it just the MDR?? Or are there any other options like windjammer?? Also if we dont have reservations at all (for our family of 5) can we just show up anytime and hope to get a table even with a bit of a wait?
  6. Interested as well...also can we order more then one drink at a time??
  7. Going on our first cruise on feb 23rd, the shows all say “online reservations not available please check on-board” does this mean they’re sold out?? Or just not taking bookings
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