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  1. Got it link below, if you compare it to Moby Dick's post on July 2, it seems to have changed https://www.royalcaribbean.com/sgp/en/faq/questions/is-there-a-telemedicine-option-for-pre-cruise-covid-19-test Can I take a telehealth test at home to satisfy my pre-cruise COVID-19 test requirement? Can I bring a test kit with me on my cruise to satisfy any additional entry or re-entry testing requirements? Telehealth Testing for Cruises Departing from U.S. Ports, Puerto Rico and Canada For fully vaccinated guests as young as 5, we accept self-administered COVID-19 tests taken under live video supervision. Telehealth self-tests taken at home must meet these requirements: Per U.S. CDC guidance, only vaccinated guests may present self-administered telehealth COVID-19 test results at the terminal to satisfy the pre-cruise testing requirement. The self-test process must happen under live supervision on a video call with a telehealth representative. The telehealth provider must issue you a result document that includes all the necessary information
  2. has the telemedicine testing protocol changed to exclude requirement of FDA EUA test kits? I no longer see them on RC's FAQ I can probably do the rapid test with an overseas test provider?
  3. my room finally showed up. any advise if its easier to change the room by calling or at Guest Services immediately after boarding?
  4. great to know that they serve fresh oysters! so for Playmakers and Johnny Rocket, its going to be a certain credit amount given? What about Izumi?
  5. Hi all! Are there any exclusions for UDP on Navigtor? Aside from that are they oysters at Hooked fresh or frozen?
  6. Thats the exact thing I'm avoiding. Deck 3 on Navigator! Probably the worst one available. Anyway how late would they confirm the room? I mean I'm only 20 days from the cruise, seems rather late
  7. I've gotten my room number through the set sail pass hack. Anyone knows if its possible to request a change before the room number appears on the booking itself? Any chances of it changing before it appears? Its 21 days to the embarkation day. The location and deck given is quite bad in my honest opinion
  8. Thank you for all of the responses, I'll probably need to check if the test kits I purchased from Singapore are also FDA approved. If it isn't, are self test kits convenient available around LA? what are the prices like? Came across https://rapidtestandtrace.com/product/observed-test-for-travel/ that I would likely use if my test kits from Singapore aren't FDA approved.
  9. Thanks for the reply Matt! Nah I wont have an at-home test from US but would be taking a tele rapid test from Singapore prior to departure to US (within 2 days of my sailing on Navigator from LA), the Singapore lab would issue the report which should date within 2 days of my cruise. Would this likely cause any issue at boarding?
  10. Is it mandatory for test to be done in the country or can results from overseas be used? Asking as I'll be travelling to US and will be doing a cover test before the flight, hence wondering if the same test can be used for cruise requirements
  11. thanks for the info csrsue! planning to cruise 5D4N Catalina & Ensenada on early August during a trip to LA from Asia. Good to know the packages are still available, would probably book the cruise soon
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