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  1. Ohhhhhh this sounds very relevant to my brunch loving mom's interests. We are going on Grandeur in November and I'll have to keep an eye out for this! Where did you see this advertised?
  2. There are a couple of items that have an upcharge associated with them. Perhaps that is what they were referring to? But it's similar to how it is in the MDR and the extra cost items are clearly marked.
  3. Yep, you definitely can walk in if it has a Vitality Cafe! I am obsessed with the smoothies there and I also advise you to check out some of the juices too because they can be wonderfully refreshing and are super fresh as they make them in front of you. There is one with apple, mint and ginger that was my personal favorite. Also one thing to know for smoothies that I didn't see on any signs is that besides the fruit, you can pick between water, milk or orange juice for the splash of liquid in there.
  4. I don’t think this is as crazy as it sounds on the surface, and even if it is I think you will likely find yourself in good company here! I’ve been debating on doing this before my Thanksgiving cruise as I’m not sure if I have enough packing cubes and how much they will fit.
  5. One of the things that I learned early on from these boards is that you can't pay attention to the percentage off or sale they are claiming there is on a certain item. Just track the displayed price and buy it when you like the price and cancel/rebuy if the price ever drops. I fully accept that I am not an example of normal shopping/cruisers, but I generally will check the pricing of various items in the Cruise Planner daily to see if there are any random price drops. I feel like I've noticed that excursions in particular will sometimes randomly drop in price in the middle of the week for no reason. There's no sale going on, but they are suddenly cheaper. That's when I swoop in and grab something just to lock in a price. It helps matters that I view getting the best price as a sort of game so I have fun checking on various items that I'm interested in.
  6. These prices are just for the cabanas. There are a ton of free things to do on CocoCay still Matt has a good article here with pricing: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/04/12/perfect-day-cococay-prices-and-costs
  7. Does anyone know if they have any non-alcoholic wine options to pair with? I know it's a long-shot but thought it worth asking.
  8. Semi-related question to this. I know the drink package works on the island, but does it work for that self-serve beer station I have heard about (I think at Chill Grill)? Or only the human staffed bars?
  9. It's not listed in the description, but all reports I've been seeing say that the snorkel equipment and floating mats are still included. Though you need to get the snorkel gear from the equipment shack.
  10. I’m really glad to hear this as it’s exactly what my mom and I have for our Anthem girls trip. #7636. Now I’m EXTRA excited!
  11. Does the Solarium Bistro fill up quickly reservation wise for dinner? It would be on Harmony if that makes a difference.
  12. Great blog so far! I'm eagerly looking forward to finding out what in the world this is. If this becomes fleet wide, it will made the increased Key price on Oasis/Quantum class ships much easier to swallow.
  13. I find this to be an interesting takeaway from @KJ1231’s post. I personally read his post as saying that you should treat EVERYONE like they are human beings and not just a job or an economic status. So treating homeless people like human beings, treating cruise staff like human beings, etc. I’m curious where you got the “to be pitied” from his post.
  14. I would say my kindle in case I want to get right down to relaxing and reading in the solarium! But overall I have in my carryon, besides the essentials, my kindle, Bluetooth headphones, portable charger, flip flops, sunglasses, and sunscreen. It would be hazardous for me to go ANYWHERE without sunscreen. I’ve gotten bad sunburn in as quickly as 15-20 mins when I’ve forgotten to put any on before.
  15. This might be a bit too late for ordering and I don't know if she has any interest in these, but if the issue is comfort I am obsessed and SWEAR by these dress yoga pants. They are incredibly comfortable, look nice and dressy, and a decent number of them come with pockets too. They may be something your daughter is willing to wear going forward for dressier things. They are seriously the only thing I wear to work since discovering them. https://www.betabrand.com/womens/pants/dress-pant-yoga-pants-collection
  16. @Yo2slick these are the kind a lot of people here buy: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074T36FS1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_0GhnDbQNF4C1G
  17. Another great use for the tag holders is to label your bag with your name/address if you forgot to bring a tag with that info on it for checked bags when flying. We have used them for this purpose multiple times for last minute realizations. Just write the info on either the back of another piece of paper and fold it or on a blank paper. Works super well.
  18. It must include tables in some way because when I inserted my card on the most recent cruise I was on there was a number shown for casino points. I have never played any slots on the ships. I'm a table only player.
  19. Oh YIKES. I hate that set up
  20. I think I've seen @AnnetteJackson able to help here before with situations like this. I hope you get this figured out and find someone you are happy with!
  21. I love this idea of cubes going there and compression coming back for souvenir space. I just found some compression cubes that can be used as normal ones or compressed depending on how you close them so this post made me pull the trigger on grabbing those. I’ll have them expanded going there and compressed coming back!
  22. That's the reason more than cookies not working that I almost always visit the royal site in incognito mode to price things out. I don't need 5 follow up emails to remind me that I looked at something but didn't book it.
  23. Yeesh. It’s making me extra grateful I was able to snag a Chill Island one for $320 before the price jumps. I thought it was just because it was a Vision class ship, but it looks like it’s not just the mega ships that prices are crazy for.
  24. Good lord. @twangster which ship are you on that they are charging $1300 for chill island/oasis lagoon cabanas??? I assume Oasis class of some sort?
  25. I was recently on Allure (this May) in a Sea class room. I can’t address lunch in CK, but I do want to ease your mind about the locked doors before you have your proper cards that will open the lock. You may have some issues getting into the suite lounge without a key, but the Coastal Kitchen door is a glass door that the host can see you through and we never had to bang on the door or wait to ride someone’s coattails in. The host always saw us coming and buzzed us in without issue. I think that as long as it’s during lunch service (which I believe normally starts at 11:30 but was delayed on our sailing to noon due to a health inspection) then you should be fine to go up before rooms open. Also, you absolutely don’t need to insert a key in the elevator or anything to reach deck 17. It’s just like any other elevator button in there. If I were you, I would get to Port Everglades early if only because you can spend every moment possible on the ship and the suite waiting area is actually rather comfortable.
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