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  1. It wasnt by any means to blame cruising, this is our first time, and I think, because it says Venice, you think ahh yeah that would probably be 20/30 minutes to port, but its 2 hours. So I just kinda was thinking from that perspective. The other 'simples' i talk about, are the upsells of foods and drinks etc, it took a while to figure out for us that you dont HAVE to do this, you can Pay as You go etc.
  2. Oh this is a good idea, do you know is there much difference with Milan, Ryan Air offer direct flights to Milan, Venice or Bologna are definite connecting flights for us. Also, I couldnt find any infomation anywhere regarding transfers to/from airports, maybe that will come in time?
  3. They dont seem to do airfare from Belfast I will check Dublin.
  4. I am totally in a flap about this, we don't even go until July 2023, these costs for transfers by any of the ways mentioned are astronomical. Ravenna appears to be the most out of the way port I have ever seen, with no airports nearby at all. It is so unfortunate that cruising is not as simple as it first appears. Is not as cost effective as it first appears and its making me totally anxiety ridden at the thoughts. EEEEEPPPPP
  5. Any recommendations for the following locations? KOTOR, MONTENEGRO CORFU, GREECE ATHENS (PIRAEUS), GREECE MYKONOS, GREECE ARGOSTOLI, GREECE We have never been to any of these places, should we self explore, shore excursion, stay on the boat etc?
  6. Yeah we are Ravenna > Kotor > Corfu > Athens > Mykonos > Argostoli > Ravenna
  7. Does cash have to be in dollars? Awesome, thank you so much. I think we will book a 'RC Excusrion' for Athens, as it is further away than the port, but i think everywhere else stops in a little town, or near to one.
  8. Thanks all, I just don't think any of the cruise lines make it overly clear what you get when you book, then suddenly there were all these additional options We have been talking about a cruise for years, so now we are on the countdown to one :D
  9. Hey, Thanks for this awesome blog and boards, I am sure they are going to be very helpful for us in these coming months. Even when booking the cruise I was so confused about what was included, what was not, and now I have all these dining options and drinking options to choose from. 1. I chose the my time dining, do I still need to choose a time every night (paid gratuities in advance, but will of course give more at the time if the service is good). Do we have to take additional dining and drinks, or is there enough 'complimentary' items to keep you alive? Haven't really been able to find a concise list of what is included and what is not. 2. Are you allowed to bring drinks and snacks on board from the ports 3. Do you have to get off at every port, or can you stay on the boat, follow up, when you get off, do you have to do a shore excursion 4. Does it cost extra to go to the onboard shows and movie screenings 5. If you don't opt for a drinks package, are drinks very expensive, same kinda question, if you dont opt for a dining package and do fancy somewhere some night, is it terribly expensive? Explorer of the Seas in July 2023 is when we are going if that holds any relevance/information J. x
  10. First Timers!! Can't wait for our first cruise, I have loads of Questions, so will post them accordingly J.
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