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  1. Curious what the gameplan is considering you want to eat breakfast and catch a flight at 12:30 in ft lauderdale when your at the miami port. When's the latest a person should start to attempt to get off the boat? Carry own luggage or have royal take care of it? All the other flights are around 5:30 which leaves a lot of time with suitcases and no room.
  2. Completely forgot the website exists LOL. Pulled it up and it definitely works. I hate it when these large companies release apps and it doesn't work fully. They pay so much money, like 100k+. I could've built it for 40k (or 20k if I'm not greedy) and it would've been fully functioning lol.
  3. Cruise planner I assume is the middle icon at the top. Where if you click it the screen will show Day 1. The first thing it shows is 6AM "We're finalizing activities schedules". Is that way there's no option? I can scroll down to 8PM, will see show 1977 in Studio B, click it and the Reserve now button is grayed out. Says below, "for reservations, please call" I'm not in a rush, just curious if its just me. On oasis of seas I didn't do the shows until day 1 when we entered the cabin and did it from their tv.
  4. How do you book reservations for the shows in advance? I'm sailing on June 8 for symphony and I don't see the option to do the shows. Someone have a screenshot perhaps of what theirs looks like?
  5. Anyone happen to know the differences between 4I, 2I, 1I boardwalk balconies on symphony of seas?
  6. Ok, just trying to give him as much information as possible. He's a night owl and although he's a fun person individually, depending on your personality you still want to have some sort of energy around the ship at night. I know there was in the summer months because that's the only time I've cruised and I've also read in the off season it attracts an older crowd. When we sail we get all the age groups but perhaps most of it is late 30s to 40s with children, then sprinkle in some 50+ who is cruising with their with family (like my parents did). For all the events, rather its the game shows, comedy, karaoke, motown singing, there was always a lot of energy as we are from a big city so it feels like home to us lol. Side note, I didn't really notice a ridiculous amount of children when we sailed. There were kids around, but the ship is so large that I noticed more adults than kids. Perhaps it's because I'm a parent and I don't notice it that much or probably its perhaps I don't pay attention to people at all.
  7. I've only cruised in the summer months (June-July). Oasis of Seas was pretty fun and the atmosphere was great when we sailed. We did all the events at night and people were enjoying themselves having fun. How is the atmosphere in September for Oasis class (allure specifically 8th september)? Is it a much older audience like 65+? My wife and I were 30 when we last sailed Oasis of Seas, and we had our daughter with us. I'm asking for a friend who is in his 30s that wants to go on his first cruise with his girlfriend. He likes a good atmosphere and energy.
  8. Curious if I booked a cruise today for June 2019, and a few days later or within next few weeks the price drops on Priceline by $50-150, will they still do a price adjustment or is it too close to the sailing date to do that? Anyone with experience?
  9. Is there a family inside cabin on symphony of seas? If so, which room numbers would they be? I can't seem to find it on the deck plans.
  10. Oh ok. Was thinking it would be like when we went to Philipsburg, St. Maarten and there's a complimentary ferry that'll take you to the beach. Does RCI have a designated area at those ports for complimentary food or is this completely different?
  11. Has anyone been to RCI ports in Charlotte Amalie and Basseterre? If so how are the nearby beaches? Is it swimmable? Water clear? Are there beautiful fishes to see if we decide to snorkel off the beach? We like to just relax at the beach and stay in the water the entire time. So curious how the beaches are there without having to take a taxi to drive a hour or two away from the port. Thanks.
  12. Anyone with experience on Royal Caribbean during the off season? We are in our 30s with a 11 year old. I know in the summer the boats are filled with children around my daughters age. I'm curious how ships are in March, April and September. Those happen to be the kids sail free months. Is it a completely different vibe on the boats when your not sailing in the summer or is it about the same?
  13. Interior on Harmony, oceanview Symphony. Though honestly we are never in our rooms. We had balcony last go around and only used it when we were near the port. The big difference this go around is we'll have our newest addition who will be 1.5 by the time we sail. Our oldest will be in a different room with my mom. So my fear is size of room if they have to bring in bassinet.
  14. I would choose Symphony simply because that's the one I'm looking at going in June too. My 2nd choice would be celebrity edge. The only thing holding me back from Celebrity is I don't know how many kids are on that ship. My daughter is 11 so it'll be nice if she can make some friends like she does on RCL, which RCL seems more geared to families and for some reason I feel like celebrity is geared towards couples. Plus I haven't read in to Celebrity Edge's entertainment value with the shows (non-musical). RCL shows were very very good to us.
  15. Curious if anyone here has sailed on both of RCL largest ships? Which one did you like better and why? I've only been on Oasis, and there's a $600 difference between Symphony and Harmony for 2019. I know they're pretty similar, boardwalk slightly revamp with sports bar + larger candy store? Decor I'm assuming is slightly different. Not sure if Central Park is 100% indentical outside of different looking bushes/flowers. Main show is obviously going to be different. I'm not sure which one I should choose. Smart choice finanically is save the $600, but you know newer things pull you in. Both go to the same islands. So wondering what the cruise experts thoughts are between sailing on both ships.
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