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  1. You can definitely do 4 people in a room if it's just 2 adults and 2 kids. Unless your kids are extremely crazy and all you guys do is stay in the room then maybe it's not a good option. So I wouldn't let anything scare you from booking 4 people in a room. With that said you can easily pay the same price and just get a room next door. The question with that is are your kids old enough to be in a room next door by themselves with you being comfortable or is mommy and daddy going to sleep separately and have one stay with each kid. For my sake, kids are sleeping in their own room just like they do at home lol. Life is easy with just 1 kid, but once you start adding more (like me) things get more complicated smh.
  2. The best is Oasis class. All of them are the same. We first went on Oasis years back before it was amplified with slides. It's different an experience to go on a big ship with the neighborhoods. Look into ANY of the Oasis ships, find the best pricing and book it. There's only very small details different between the ships in that class, and since it'll be your first in the class the only thing important is which one is cheapest for your dates.
  3. I am not sailing on Oasis, but rather Allure in 2021. But curious if anyone knows if the room decor has been updated for Oasis of Seas? I know the rooms have new door locks, but I am talking more about the inside. I went on Oasis maybe 5 years ago, and sailed Symphony earlier this year and did like the inside of Symphony much better. Not that it matters that much, just curious if they upgrade rooms too 🙂
  4. Thank you. Everyone who would come would pay full cost upfront. That breakdown is perfect. Do the refundable cruise which is typically more money you get 100% refund, do the nonrefundable (which I always do and is cheaper) then you risk losing $100 per person if you cancel. Great job explaining!
  5. I will be booking a cruise in summer of 2021. I have no intentions on cancelling but there are some family members who said they want to come. Since the cruise is so far ahead if we booked in January of 2020, what is the cancellation period to get 100% refund. So if we paid $4,502 with taxes, that the entire amount is refunded. Is it 3 months from sailing date? We will be booking most likely not direct with Royal as I've never been on a cruise where booking direct gave you the cheapest rates. This way I can let the interested parties know they can lock in good rates and have until x day to cancel to get ALL of their money back, not even a dollar missing.
  6. I mentioned Odyseey with the Oasis because it's the newest ship so it should be more in direct comparison to the Oasis class for popularity vs. the older class ships. So was looking for feedback from people who have sailed on Oasis class ships for the holiday. The pricing is not of concern, I honestly think $1000 is pretty cheap really for new ship on holiday week.
  7. I am considering doing my first holiday cruise as it'll be the only opportunity to catch the Odyssey of the Seas. Are Thanksgiving sailings typically very popular dates for Oasis class? The price is pretty cheap at $1,088 right now and the ports seem pretty incredible. Anyone knows if occupancy is normally full for this week of sailing?
  8. haha, to be fair I didn't actually dine at any respectable NY pizza spot. Just wanted to take a dig at NY since my wife is from Jersey. I had one of those cheap slices off the tourist area. But to be fair when most people talk about having a NY pizza who are not from the area they are generally talking about from the times square area or at least the dozen+ people I've spoken to were.
  9. Definitely don't forget to post your thoughts in this thread! I'll eat any pizza, I'm just too addicted to it. I think the taste was just a downgrade from before so mentally I shut off and prevented myself from eating there. I tried to force myself one late night to give it a second chance and regretted it. With the old recipe I could grab a slice every night and never complain. Jersey has some decent pizza. The best I've ever had is in Wisconsin (racine to be specific). I've had amazing pizza also in St Louis. Wasn't too thrilled about NY pizza, I think NJ has them beat. Now mind you my favorite is just your basic pep and cheese.
  10. I was on Symphony of Seas. Friend was on Allure of Seas. I'm not a picky person. I understand the quality of food for cruises vs. nationwide chain (applebees, red lobster, etc) vs. mom/pop vs. fine dining in major city. I don't mistreat cruise food for fine dining, or compare local restaurant to nationwide chain. You have to know what to expect on each level. My taste buds generally line up with other people, friends and strangers when discussing dishes. It was the best pizza to begin with but it was something you can enjoy real quick. It was a step above Cici/Stevie Bs initially, then the remake brought it below their level. And when your mentioning Cici/Stevie B's as your competition your already at the bottom of the totem pole lol. Have you experience it at all yet?
  11. Not sure what everyone else thinks but I have no idea how the new pizza recipe are getting good reviews compared to the last one. I am a big pizza lover, and although cruise ships pizzas are nothing to talk about...at least the last recipe before it was changed you could actually eat. This new recipe is like cardboard now. For me to turn down pizza there has to be something SERIOUSLY wrong. It was difficult to finish a slice and trust me there's not one food that comes close to pizza for me. So I thought maybe it's all in my head since I knew they changed the recipe. Nope, my friend just came back from his first cruise 2 weeks ago and it said it was the worst pizza he's had. It's below Stevie B's and CiCi's pziza to me. This guy is not a picky eater either and will eat up some free food (especially late at night after drinking) and he avoided the pizza. Lets hope in a year or two we get another revamp recipe. Something just doesn't taste right with the toppings and crust this time around.
  12. Curious what the gameplan is considering you want to eat breakfast and catch a flight at 12:30 in ft lauderdale when your at the miami port. When's the latest a person should start to attempt to get off the boat? Carry own luggage or have royal take care of it? All the other flights are around 5:30 which leaves a lot of time with suitcases and no room.
  13. Completely forgot the website exists LOL. Pulled it up and it definitely works. I hate it when these large companies release apps and it doesn't work fully. They pay so much money, like 100k+. I could've built it for 40k (or 20k if I'm not greedy) and it would've been fully functioning lol.
  14. Cruise planner I assume is the middle icon at the top. Where if you click it the screen will show Day 1. The first thing it shows is 6AM "We're finalizing activities schedules". Is that way there's no option? I can scroll down to 8PM, will see show 1977 in Studio B, click it and the Reserve now button is grayed out. Says below, "for reservations, please call" I'm not in a rush, just curious if its just me. On oasis of seas I didn't do the shows until day 1 when we entered the cabin and did it from their tv.
  15. How do you book reservations for the shows in advance? I'm sailing on June 8 for symphony and I don't see the option to do the shows. Someone have a screenshot perhaps of what theirs looks like?
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