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  1. I'm schedule to go on FoS in Aug 2020.. If Sabor really is going away as everyone assumes, you'd think they wouldn't still be selling Sabor on our Cruise Planners. If you know it's going away, why leave it in the planner and have folks disappointed when it gets cancelled? Just like they don't add the key into our planner until a specific time, they should be able to remove / add the correct specialty dining. at least I'd think they would.
  2. You're amazing.. If I'm browsing through and see you've posted something it's a must view item.. Always positive.. Always beautiful pictures.. We're very fortunate you're a part of this group. Thanks for your amazing talents and reviews. My first Royal cruise was on the Monarch,Majesty's sister ship, for my honeymoon.. still love the old Viking Crown Lounge of the old style.. when everyone else would head for the Windjammer my wife and I headed there. We sailed on the Majesty a year after honeymoon.. maybe the wife and I will again.
  3. Hey y'all... I'm booked on FoS with the ABC itinerary.. My question for you... Has anyone ever gotten the $10 daily bus pass in Aruba? I'm looking at taking the bus up to Arashi Beach.. maybe walk over to the lighthouse then take bus back down to Palm Beach.. Heck, maybe hit one of the southeast beach. Maybe finish watching sunset at Eagle Beach. How was your experience on the bus? Looking at the schedule for the island looks like I'll be able to go to many places. I usually rent cars but this lets me look about the island too. Thanks for any / all replies.
  4. I've rented a jeep / car the few times I've been to St Martin... it's only 26 miles around the island. Gives you flexibility.. go see that airplane beach.. pop over to Marigot for pastries that Matt loves... continue on around you'll be at Orient Beach.. if you find something you like stay longer ... if you don't like continue on.. granted you won't learn the history of the island if you get a good taxi driver..
  5. I picked up one of these.. recommended on some other cruise sites. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MLXW6QS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Here's what was posted on the Freedom FB page: (if not appropriate, I apologize and please delete): Cheryl Knipe Brinson 18 hrs This is a copy of Louise Calder’s post that was sent to the Today show. You can share from here. If you have an opinion to express send it along to the show. This is a very long post but wanted feedback suggestions of any changes in this email I plan to send to the TODAY Show. I will wait a couple of hours before I send it in case someone sees a change or addition I should consider. Thanks for your input.: Dear TODAY SHOW- I am very saddened by the news that Monday you will be interviewing the parents of the 18 month old child that tragically fell from the Freedom of the Seas. While my heart goes out to these poor parents for the loss of their child, I'm disappointed that you are doing this interview on the Today Show before we truly know how this accident happened. The police investigation has not been completed and all facts have not yet been released to the public. Trying to present an unbiased report would seem to be an impossible task at this time since others involved in this story are unable or unwilling to talk to you until all the facts are available. Since the entire show was taped on board her the day I Christened her in 2006, I know that the TODAY show has spent time on the Freedom of the Seas. You should already be aware that the "children's play area" is NOT "right next" to the wall of windows. And if you check some of that footage you will also notice that the only windows that open are above an adults waist, and tinted making it quite clear that some are closed and some are open in order to keep the pool humidity controlled on that deck. No child could have reached those upper windows, open or closed, without someone holding the child up to them or somehow allowing the child to climb up to them. It is ALWAYS the adult's responsibility to monitor their young child whether it be near an open window , a pool, a fire, or any other potential danger. Whether on vacation or at home the responsibility belongs to the adult that has accepted the duty of watching that child. As a grandparent myself I understand that this must be a heartbreaking experience that will haunt this grandfather for the rest of his life. It is hard to accept that one little mistake can result in such a catastrophic tragedy. However trying to place the blame elsewhere, while a very human self-protection, will never absolve him of the responsibility that was his and his alone. I believe when this investigation is finished we will find that this was a truly awful ACCIDENT but one that resulted from an error on his part. And who of us is not human enough to commit an error. If this were truly a fault in the design of cruise ships we would certainly be hearing of children falling from windows all the time. It is unfair to interpret this accident as an example of how "dangerous" cruising is. ANYTHING can be dangerous if normal precautions aren't taken. To my knowledge, I know of no other time in the Freedom of the Seas 13 years of sailing that ANYTHING like this has ever occurred aboard her and I'm sure you can imagine that I keep a close eye on what happens on her, Katherine Louise Calder Godmother for the Freedom of the Seas
  7. For those looking for packing cubes.. Amazon has a few different ones on sale if you're a Prime member.. just an FYI
  8. 160 days before sailing is the farthest out I've heard.. What's the earliest someone has bought the Key? Thanks for all answers
  9. The beauty of the Bonaire snorkel is that it's a DRIFT snorkel. You'll have a life vest .. they'll drop you off at point A , pick you up at point B farther along. Don't have to swim but float. Reading all the comments, they'll have guides with you and will point out fish and creatures you may have missed in the coral. The boat floats along not far from swimmers. Least that's what the various reviews have said. There is a ferry that can take you to the same island, Klein Bonaire, just drops ya and you get ride back. The one beauty of a non-RCL tour, much smaller group.
  10. Just an FYI - in Bonaire alot of folks on these boards have recommended WoodwindBonaire for a snorkeling tour. Know you're concerned about getting back to ship.. They happen to have 2 tours a day.. a morning tour of 3 hours.. or afternoon tour of 4 hours. Do a search in these forums or on tripadvisor.. lot of positives.. Folks here have also suggested just taking a taxi in Aruba to a beach.. safe and simple and economical.. I'm taking your same cruise in August of 2020.. so I've been seriously researching the ABC's and St Marteen.. I've rented a car in Aruba and St Marteen previously.. both were easy and gave me flexibility on where and WHEN we could go. Just something to think about. So many options.. I'm still struggling but I did book the afternoon Woodwind tour.. they guarantee you getting back..
  11. I picked up these.. have worked from beach to on deck.. I'm like you.. prefer to protect my feet. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07N1JTB7W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  12. First cruise was on Carnival's Festivale in 1987.. Still remember being in port in Martinique with the original LOVE BOAT docked next to us.. Yep, the Pacific Princess.. couldn't help humming the song.. First Royal Caribbean cruise, on the Monarch of the Seas in 1995.. Smallest Cruise Ship: MS Caribe , 21,000 tons.. 1988.. Be interested in hearing folks smallest ship too.. especially with all the large ships today.. Interesting on Caribe.. it was setup as an old ocean liner with separation of classes.. Had to go down and back before going up to get to many places.
  13. I called and asked them.. You can call 330 days in advance of your return date.
  14. Enjoyed reading your great trip.. Will be on Freedom in a year.. Wife wanted to try a room on same deck you went on.. My question, How much movement did you feel while sleeping and enjoying the views in your room while sailing? Thanks and sorry your Cuba trip's been changed.. hope you find the right one for you.
  15. The Kon tiki party boat has been around for over 30 years.. Remember folks from a cruise in the 80's coming back from that tour and all had fun. Figure if it's been around that long they must be doing something right.
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