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  1. Made reservation for Allure for February 2022 last week. Just called the new sale they currently have saved us $122 dollars. Might be worth checking!!
  2. Just me and wife, never been on Oasis size ship, but also never been to CoCo Key.
  3. We are looking at 2 cruises. Mariner of the seas with better ports, or Alure of the seas bigger ship not as good ports. Of those who have been on both types of ships, which would you do?
  4. Allure of the seas 24 hr hold for November 2021. Currently in cabin 12725 which is interior Central Park view very close to Aqua Theater. My questions are, nose level bad, rougher ride that far back, and have you ever stayed in one of these and would you again? Thanks for any help, we have till tomorrow at 7pm to change the cabin.
  5. Finally, we are looking to book for Oct 21. Possibly Brilliance of the seas with a stop in Key West port. My questions are is Brilliance a nice ship and what to do in key west port?
  6. Looking at Oasis for April or May of 21. There is a $500 difference in the balcony price if I pick cabin or get guaranteed cabin. Anyone ever had great results or horror stories using guaranteed?
  7. We just finished our 5 night cruise to Labadee and Falmouth on Indy. It was great except one night in the Doc's office. Would be glad to answer any questions you might have. Quick notes... Embarkation- Went well got to the port around 10:45am and we were on the ship by 11:30. Rooms were ready right at 1:00 pm and got luggage around 3:00. Food- Was great we usually don't eat in the main dinning room but this time we did 3 times. Had the same server crew every night and they were excellent. Did eat at Izumi one night, it was good but that was the night I didn't feel well but overall
  8. So it’s not difficult to get in and out. I assume just have our documents ready to show?
  9. May rent a car this Friday for one day. Pickup at airport and return to location outside Port Everglades. Problem, wife hates the idea of me leaving her with luggage and returning the car and shuttle back. So question is can we return the car with our luggage with us, is there room on the shuttle for it?
  10. It was not there so I deleted app and reinstalled and now got it. Thanks
  11. We are boarding Indy this coming Saturday. We have downloaded the app of which I understood we would be able to view our set sail pass. I have not found a way to view it yet, or is it only available closer to the sail date?
  12. We are going next weekend and the rates just keep coming down, Avis has standard SUV for $49, which is less than the 3 Lyft rides we will need. Anyone who has used it for drop-off before cruise, is it easy?
  13. Does anyone know which terminal Indy leaves from in Port Everglades , or is it not always the same?
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