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  1. We just finished our 5 night cruise to Labadee and Falmouth on Indy. It was great except one night in the Doc's office. Would be glad to answer any questions you might have. Quick notes... Embarkation- Went well got to the port around 10:45am and we were on the ship by 11:30. Rooms were ready right at 1:00 pm and got luggage around 3:00. Food- Was great we usually don't eat in the main dinning room but this time we did 3 times. Had the same server crew every night and they were excellent. Did eat at Izumi one night, it was good but that was the night I didn't feel well but overall very good. Ports- Labadee was awesome first time for us and we loved it. We rented the umbrella for 2 lounge chair, had perfect weather and temps in the 80"s. Service was great food was good during the cookout. Falmouth- Ummmm not our thing we enjoy the beach, got off the ship for an hour or so but then made the rest a ship day. Service- Was good all around we did find the staff on Navigator to be a little nicer overall but it was fine. However as mentioned earlier our dinning room crew headed by LeClean were above and beyond what would be expected. Solarium- We used this area the most we loved the 2 over hanging hot-tubs on each side. Room- We had an interior cabin (first time) and we liked it overall, slept like babies and nice and quiet with room being a little more aft than usual. Also may have been a little more motion than mid ship but we loved it. Debarkation- A little less organized than embarkation was. Had different people telling us different directions and orders. We used the RC shuttle back to FLL airport, it took a little longer than expected as one of the shuttle buses had a flat tire and could not be used. We left the ship at 8:10am and arrived at airport around 9:15am.
  2. So it’s not difficult to get in and out. I assume just have our documents ready to show?
  3. May rent a car this Friday for one day. Pickup at airport and return to location outside Port Everglades. Problem, wife hates the idea of me leaving her with luggage and returning the car and shuttle back. So question is can we return the car with our luggage with us, is there room on the shuttle for it?
  4. It was not there so I deleted app and reinstalled and now got it. Thanks
  5. We are boarding Indy this coming Saturday. We have downloaded the app of which I understood we would be able to view our set sail pass. I have not found a way to view it yet, or is it only available closer to the sail date?
  6. We are going next weekend and the rates just keep coming down, Avis has standard SUV for $49, which is less than the 3 Lyft rides we will need. Anyone who has used it for drop-off before cruise, is it easy?
  7. Does anyone know which terminal Indy leaves from in Port Everglades , or is it not always the same?
  8. Does anyone know if you can bring a 24oz refillable bottle on board for water, soda or drinks?
  9. Thanks I am looking at the usb storage devices.
  10. Can you use the business center to transfer photos from phone to micro sd cards? We like to disconnect from everything so we don't want the wifi package! If they can be used for this reason does anyone know the cost?
  11. That is what I'm looking at. Thanks Matt.
  12. I know with the 3 night you can use $35 credit at Izumi, can you also do that with the 2 night?
  13. This was our second one, we got the first about 2 months ago maybe shorter. Got the last one last week and bid, however I just checked the RC site and all balconies are sold out so it ain't gonna happen for us. We sail on 2-9-19.
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