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  1. Our last trip we got the Beach Lounger for 2 for around $50. We are considering the Full Day beach bed rental for $160 per package. I see it comes with a beach float, what else, and it is worth the extra $100?
  2. Thanks for your replies. This is our first Oasis ship, been on Navigator and Independence so far. Loved Navigator.
  3. Booked 4 night to labadee on Oasis on Nov 2 2022. I know 4 nights is short but we have missed our last 2 because of Covid. Any thing that are can’t miss on Oasis?
  4. It will all be put back on our credit card.
  5. We were thinking $50 for the 2 if the buyer pays shipping. They expire 11/06/22 I can send pics if you decide you want them. Don't think we will be planning you before then.
  6. Wife tested positive on Friday morning so we got a full refund. Drink packages should take 10 days, cruise 30-45 days. It was a hard Sunday morning but now the the ship will be back on Saturday morning kinda liking the savings account we didn't know we had LOL.
  7. Since we did not get to cruise because of this covid crap, we have 2 test exp 11/22 that we have no need for. Can I sell them at a reduced price on EBay or elsewhere?
  8. Who knows Ed, it seems to vary. I had no idea it would win but I figured with lower occupancy it might work.
  9. Thanks, Anyone know how long it takes before I can download new luggage tags? Got the set sail pass already.
  10. Upgraded from Ocean View Balcony to Junior suite for Sunday cruise on Allure for only $300 total. Did not expect to win but glad we did. Now if we just test negative as the wife came down with a cold this week lol. Wish others luck if you try!!
  11. Can you still bring on plastic bottles?
  12. For those who have cruised during this pandemic. I most times have sinus issues, my question is if I were to sneeze in a public area will people scatter and security come grab me (just kidding). I assume you still hear the occasional sneeze?
  13. Wife and I are looking at possible spa treatments. They are on sale now but a lot of the times are taken for the lower prices. Have any of you ever caught a good deal on treatments after cruise has started?
  14. During check in I noticed my Vac card has final does date on back of card, however my wife does not even though she has had both and it is on front of card. Anyone experienced this and had any problems boarding?
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