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  1. Crazy. Back in the beginning of this hell the US (or at least the county I live in in NY) had a reset policy based on the last positive in the home…..what a nightmare. Makes NO SENSE. Im sorry this has happened to you and your family. I bet there’s no room on the ship for additional quarantine for close contacts I hope your nightmare ends soon
  2. I’m currently on Oasis bavk to back and last week Surf snd stream was pretty good. Still knocked off of it large amount of times. This week I have surf only. I feel like I should communicate with flags. It’s awful. On 3 minutes on and I get bounced and this is only Day 3. Constantly needing to reconnect. The only good thing is we can text via the connection to WiFi through the app. (Not the paid texting plan) In fact I tried posting this , and it didn’t post. I went to the Voom desk after dinner tonight, to complain that yet again I am continually booted and the 2 calls I was on (one in the Diamond lounge, one from my cabin) were spotty and disconnected. There was no legitimate answer from her. I was offered an upgrade for $5 a day or a refund of my Voom package to which I inquired of getting a free upgrade “no I am not authorized god that”. She then suggested I just share my 2 Diamond plus days with hubby’s and ditch the package for a refund. Well that wouldn’t solve the crap service! So now I’m paying $15 to upgrade for the remainder of the cruise. I told Winnie from Voom that service on Surf was good on all my sailings since August, the reply “with the bookings being near full capacity service has slowed”. She had no explanation as to why the continuous boot Or the inability of a WiFi call to stay connected or texts to go through (apple) Why even sell Voom….I’m looking forward to any improvement
  3. The crew member I spoke with is not up to date. Maybe it’s happened between my May 1 sailing and now
  4. Click on “message boards” then Roll Calls and you may find a page for this sailing
  5. Crew had been testing weekly. (At least since January when I started inquiring) Apparently now it is every 2 weeks.
  6. I spoke with a staff member on Oasis, apparently booster shots are now required to renew contracts. The member is not happy since wanting to start a family and the unknowns with long term effects. when staffing numbers has been difficult to get back to normal, as well as other factors, it’s a-shame this is a mandate.
  7. I’ve done a dozen cruises, no Covid, yet.
  8. Belvedere has been a hit and miss on Oasis (multiple sailings) and Adventure ( one sailing). Oasis had run out (could be bar specific) and when they dock in Orlando they resupply. it amazes me that some bars have it, others don’t or there’s none to be found. My second choice is Grey Goose, and Tito’s. Those can be a hit or miss as well.
  9. Currently there are multiple ships out of Bayonne, Celebrity, Adventure and Oasis. I’ve sailed on Oasis and Adventure in May and June the garage was available for handicapped only. Those who arrived early to the port had to wait for the outdoor lots to be unlocked to be processed to park. So in answer to your question, if they are not expecting to use the overflow lot it will be locked and not available to use. Based on my inability to park indoors for both the Adventure sailing and oasis it appears the Celebrity ship gets the garage your experience may vary
  10. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/will-i-have-to-take-a-test-before-i-cruise#barcelona
  11. Be careful, they limited my son to one withdrawal of funds. Cash can be used in the machines.
  12. If you booked with Royal direct I would call and inquire. If you used a travel agent I would ask them.
  13. That does not look like a royal Caribbean website. if you have the app installed click on “health”. It should have the answers you seek embedded in there. or google “Royal Caribbean Barcelona Covid test requirements “…something like that… as for kids, if the policy isn’t updated yet I imagine it will be soon
  14. If you are going to purchase the internet package it is best to do it via the cruise planner. It costs more per day onboard. If you are purchasing for more than one person it’s cheaper to purchase a 2 device, 3 device or 4 device package as opposed to separate individual packages. Any package can be shared, you are just limited to the number of devices that can be active simultaneously based on the # of device package you purchased. So if you purchase 3 device package and there are 4 of you, when #4 signs in they’ll knock someone off. You can make calls using your internet package, be sure wifi calling is turned on. Avoid phone charges by putting your phone in airplane mode. im not sure of pool hours. Most close, the solarium (adult only) may be open longer. There’s a section called Cruise Compasses, see the top of the page, you should be able to find Oasis compasses, listing everything happening each day my hint for Oasis, visit Central Park and order the roast beef sandwich at the Park Cafe. Also, it’s the only place you can get a bag of chips, but you need to ask (at the roast beef station). Oh, Port Side BBQ has good food, it’s extra $ but inexpensive. Worth it!
  15. Sharing an experience, but not this ship or itinerary. my mom needed a wheelchair for her dream European cruise. I purchased a lightweight portable travel wheelchair to use. I already had a regular heavy duty wheelchair to push her around and it killed my back. The hardest part pushing the chair was on the carpeted hallways, so having a cabin near the elevator is good we did not have a handicap room, she was able to do the step up for the bathroom. Also disembarkation, if I remember they may have assisted. I had brought along my 16 year old son to push my moms wheelchair-there was no way I could push her all over the ship and Europe. I also had a collapsible shower chair, because she would not have been able to stand long for a shower. Of course if your husband already has a wheelchair he can power himself then ignore my input.
  16. They are treated separately, otherwise you could bid high on one, low on the other and they’d lose $$.another factor is the availability of the exact same cabin for the 2 weeks. Even if you did a max bid for the same category for each sailing it doesn’t mean the exact cabin is available both weeks.
  17. Ask the hotel you are staying at if they have a recommendation. My plan was to bring the Emed.com test kits. I’ve since changed my flights to be able to test at home before I fly.
  18. You have to show a statement that has your name and 100 shares. I’d imagine if your name shows 100 shares it’s fine…can’t hurt to try
  19. You can ask my kids, who are now adults, I’m sure they still remember!
  20. Depending on the ports for your sailing, if you don’t have a documented test get a documented positive now, then a letter of recovery. You can use the 2 together to meet the requirements to sail. click on “health” in the app for your sailing to see this info.
  21. Technically cabins with minors must be in view of the adult/guardian. So either directly next door or directly across the hall. if you choose to change keys and leave minors in a cabin “out of sight”(something I’ve done) be aware misbehavior by the unsupervised minors in the cabin can lead to trouble for you.
  22. Hmmm, I did this tour a few years back snd cannot recall how we booked them. Contact Royal or your travel agent and inquire if you don’t get any answers here. You don’t want to miss out!
  23. I’m onboard Oasis too and my servers are amazing. My water glass is constantly refilled. (Unlike in May where I was parched nightly). Speak to your Head guy, mine has stopped by each night to inquire about the service. They should address it immediately. (I never spoke up about my lack of water when I was sailing in May, my mistake!)
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