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  1. They tried to tell me to look it up in the app! It’s very frustrating when they don’t know what they are talking about. they also said “just use your card snd the discount will come off”. Also not a true statement. 1) you need to know what the discount is! 2) you must ask for it as it doesn’t always come off.
  2. There was no sheet in my room on Adventure. I had to go to Guest Services to get one. I was surprised at their attitude when I inquired, but I got it.
  3. I recommend people go through the CVS (or whatever website) to see how scheduling works. Click EVERYTHING. I found my local CVS will do antigen and PCR tests but only for SICK visits and you can’t schedule sick visits 2 weeks ahead of time (makes sense) if I click on Travel on the CVS site I have many locations show up but when I attempt to book it shows “no appointments available”. Now imagine thinking “I’ve got this I can book easily”, only to go into panic mode when finding out the 30 stores surrounding me don’t offer travel tests! There is ONE CVS 45 minutes away that allows me to book a travel appointment 2weeks ahead. So please, whoever is using any pharmacy, etc please understand WHEN appointments open, and do they meet your needs.
  4. You might get a better feel about dragging your luggage when you have to walk the terminal, escalators etc getting on the ship. Just picture doing that while dragging your luggage
  5. Everyone is pretty much off the ship by 9:00. It’s not been full capacity so you aren’t fighting the crowds in order to get off the ship and to your car. You can go and get breakfast while you wait on your departure time. If you feel like dragging luggage around, why not? If you’d prefer not to, put it out the night before. Or compromise and keep one bag to throw the dirty clothes into from the night before.
  6. I was on Adventure in August out of the Bahamas-my 18 and 20 year old loved it because they could drink with their older siblings. Then I was on Oasis the end of September alone. Loved both cruises. No crowds, no wait for elevators, no lines to get into the dining room, photos-short lines, etc. it’s been so stress free without the crowds.
  7. Maybe try the Facebook group for this sailing?
  8. Aruba became a level 4 the week after I was there. Their numbers had been way down and my small town had a higher percentage, as did most of the US. People would be amazed if they followed the stats.
  9. The CDC changed pretty much every country that was a level 3 to a level 4 , with no changes in the Covid numbers when it was done. Personally I believe it was to discourage travel.
  10. I'm hoping to hit that later this year.....does the DP340 save you on the JS category too?
  11. Perhaps just purchase every cruise for June/July, is CWC still going on? LOL
  12. Yes, the person who purchases the package is the "owner of the code".....and you can share that code-you will make a username and password and it is the same for ALL of the devices anyone logs into. Only 4 devices can be logged on at any time....if someone logs into a 5th device, and there are no "openings" because 4 people are already logged in it will log off the person who was on the internet the longest (call them person #1)-note it does give a warning to the effect "by logging in you will be logging someone else off, do you want to proceed". In theory, if you log off your device as user # 1-4, then you should then be able to log into your other device without logging anyone else off.
  13. I had a JS booked on Adventure and did the Royal up to an owners suite. Mistake! Look at the deck plans. A lot of them are under the pool deck. There were loud dragging snd thumping after midnight and early morning. the benefit of the owners suite was the concierge lounge-free drinks/appetizers from 4:30 (says 5 but they open early) til 8. I don’t think there were other advantages I used. My kids were total up from Balcony to JS and their room had a walk in closet! Decent size room. The owners suite was very large, very nice, the only downside, aside from the noise, the closets were practically on top of the bed and it was difficult to access the safe. the sailing I had was early August, maybe some of the benefits have come back now? (We did have a window for check in-couldn’t use it if I wanted to with the kids)
  14. For spouses/kids under 18. if I’m the first to earn my 140 points….and hubby/under 17 is not on that sailing….do they get a block on their next sailing? Or do they only get a block when they actually earn those 140 points in their own account?
  15. Big price drop on my daughters solo sailing on Anthem feb 27. Small price drop on my May 1 solo sailing have had a few price drops on the May double occupancy, I think it’s totaled to about $500 overall.
  16. Glad you were able to get something from them! word of warning: I had added an old cruise from AGES ago-lots of struggle since they hadn’t maintained records. Flash forward a few years, and I’m trying to add a current cruise they failed to give me credit for and the agent REMOVED that 7 night cruise credit saying it shouldn’t be there.
  17. Continue to check your available check in times for changes. When I paid for my cruises (within 45 -70 days of sailing) only 3:00 times were available. I continue to check and am also in the FB groups for my sailings as well as the roll call section on these message boards snd learned that new check in times were added. I never received any notification from Royal in regards to additional check in times
  18. I’d like to see ALL available cabins on a deck, then be able to hover over them to see pricing, and be able to click and throw them into my cart. It’s not easy booking multiple rooms for family, this would be a big help. also the ability to toggle between decks. It’s tiring to open a tab to look at deck plans for above and below the cabin you might want.
  19. My understanding is Learn and play can be attended without booking in the cruise planner. As it shows up in the cruise compass without a $ next to it. I was on Adventure and Oasis and pre purchased this in the cruise planner. The dealers had no idea I had purchased it. At the end of the lesson session go to the cashier and tell them you attended and get your $25 back in slot money or chips, mine also included 2 free drink vouchers valid at the casino bar. I’m not sure if this is how it works on other ships. btw, my last sailing the lessons were on Day 1,3,5 and we had no idea ahead of time. They also adjusted the time of the lesson on day one, our ship left early, so I arrived the last 5 minutes, no one checked to see if I was there the whole time, I just made my way to the cashier, forked over my sea pass card and asked for my chips and drink vouchers.
  20. You should be regularly checking your cruise planner and cruise prices. cruuse planner-if you see a better price you can cancel what you’ve already purchased (look at your order history in cruise planner) and immediately repurchase. Cruise price checking happens by doing a mock booking for your cruise on the Royal website. If there is a price drop contact your travel agent, or if you booked directly with Royal call Royal , snd ask for a price adjustment and an updated Guest Booking Confirmation so you’ll know what you last paid, as well as you can check for accuracy. Note:a lot of people have been finding discounts these past few months. Black Friday-I’ve found deals can start as early as Wednesday…..but I still check daily through Thanksgiving, Friday, that weekend, Cyber Monday and Tuesday-can you tell I hate to miss a deal? I’ve found not every sailing will get better discounts. I’m guessing there are factors I’m unaware of that go into how Royal decides which cruise gets which discounts.
  21. It’s ridiculously small on my phone. glad to be of help
  22. Try this you can enter your name snd C&A number to see if you have offers in the drop down menu there a “not getting my offers”….that might help https://www.clubroyaleoffers.com
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