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  1. Click on the health button in the Royal app to see about Testing
  2. Agree, this is an outdated email, royal emails have been behind their announced protocol/website updates by about 3 /4 weeks. I guess the guy responsible for email updates is asleep. click on the health button in the Royal app and be guided by that. It should be current, I know it is current gif my cruise To Canada in 2 weeks.
  3. If Royal is not asking for it to board you would not need it to get off the ship. Any info pertaining to your sailing will be in "health" button on the Royal app so you can double check.
  4. I was on Adenvture and they ran the solo meet up at 7:00pm, in the Schooner bar, at the exact time they ran trivia, bar songs, etc.....so it was impossible to tell who was who due to the crowds. So long story short, yes, it's back. Best bet is to try and arrange a solo meet on the first day before sail away. You can look for a FB group for your sailing and create an event, if one is not already created. Fair warning, my daughter set up such an event, asking for 18-25 or so and was chastised by some irate mother of a 16 year old that they should be open to meeting people of all ages, blah, blah, blah. My daughter didn't even go to her own meet up she was so turned off by that woman.
  5. repricing does not impact your OBC
  6. I saw others had shown pics. Just letting you know about your wheelchair . Enjoy your cruise!
  7. There is a discount onboard It is for D+/Pinnacle. Irecall a fellow passenger asking for the discounted rate when she was at the bar on embarkation day and receiving it. The bartender had a “cheat sheet” that showed the various discounts, and total cost. when I started this response I thought it was for Diamond on up, but I did find it in my photos, and modified my post. Keep in mind this was a price list from last fall.
  8. I don’t think you can expect to get a wheelchair, folded up or not, into a shower. Their showers are quite tight. Depending on your comfort level and the hallway location you might consider leaving it folded in the hallway if you cannot find a spot for it in the cabin.
  9. I see 2 different issues above to clarify: can you see the set sail pass in the app? If so, you do not need to print it. You can show the app when you get to port. If you are set on printing it and you can’t print it from the app you can screen shot it and print the photo. if you are not seeing it in the app can you see it when you log into the website? If you can you can print your screen….Ctrl P ….and then make the margins smaller for printing to get it to print on one page. The set sail printing is no longer an option to “click to print”. I think it’s because they want everyone using the app.
  10. On Oasis last week of August there were 2k kids out of 6k+ Passengers -NY Schools we’re not in session on Adventure on Sept 15 and there were 30 kids….I think I saw 4. New England/Canada on an older ship. Not really a kid itinerary
  11. Royal Caribbean made it official as if so they 1st! woo hoo!!
  12. Book your airfare as early as possible. We did ours with the cruise line and were able to adjust it up until final payment….be sure they still allow that if you are looking for that. Stay on top of your flight info, being sure they aren’t cancelled. Also, be sure if you have connecting flights that you have ample time to catch the next flight. They might offer flights that they feel are good enough but if you miss a connecting flight for lack of processing time to get from gate to gate it’s on you. If you miss the connecting flight due to a flight delay they’ll get you on another flight.
  13. It makes sense to be able to use them prior to your official disembarkation since you still have your 1st week seapass card, as in not yet checked in and given your 2nd cruise seapass card. The 2 different seapass cards are not linked to each other they close out week one and you get your email of your final bill. After you receive your second seapass card you scan into the system beginning your second “new” cruise.
  14. Don’t forget to do your muster drill again on the second half of your B2B
  15. Wow. Just got off of Adventure and had a slightly different experience for a few things. We received an envelope on Day 1, when I went to drop off my carryon. When asked if I had anything of value she said they stack the luggage for delivery. (This is not how I saw it to appear to be on oasis, a person took your bags immediately, maybe I just surmised it was a single drop off?) So I kept my roll on carry on because it had my good camera which I did not need squished by other luggage. I had to go back for the lunch since It didn’t start until after 12… I had embarked earlier. There was no line at embarkation so no need to mention the Key to bypass the line. there were no reminders about anything-even to drop off the luggage, and when I received the envelope no “make sure to come back for lunch”. I entered for the ice show and it was a free for all, no special seating set aside at all. In the theater they did have the roped off section on the second level of the theater for suites, C&A status and the Key. breakfast, no reminder other than the letter received on Day 1. Glad I saved that letter to refer to so I knew where to go. we did have free room service all day, per the letter. I never tried to use it. I received a key luggage tag on the bed with a key letter to disembark whenever you wanted to. I did not get any info at all regarding disembarkation times…..and our sailing was delayed back to NJ due to the weather. I chose to stay onboard til last call since I had overheard someone say the ship was disembarking through 10:15 and told hubby to pick me up at 10. Turns out “last call” to disembark was about 9:40. my luggage was in a separate area labeled “key” as opposed to the numbered section. I did pay only $1 more per day than the Voom package and felt it was worth it for the Surf snd Stream as well as the lunch. On the last day the breakfast was more upscale than the regular MDR breakfast with 3 added items, steak n eggs, egg Benedict over crab cakes and a third I do not recall, and then the standard MDR breakfast. Had I had a balcony room I might have taken advantage of the free room service for lunch. I’m D+ so did not need the key for the special seating. Had I been in a crowd upon arrival to the ship it would have been nice to bypass the lines. I have found at NJ the special line/handicapped for security tends to take longer to get through. Even for this smaller ship sailing the woman told me I was better off on the regular security line….and she was 1000% correct. Over 10 people on the “special” security line and the others had 3.
  16. Take all important items-medicines, ID and medical equipment in your carry on. Add a day or two of clothing just in case. it amazes me when I read of lost bags and the owner complaining their meds or documents were in there. I even have a foldable recycling bag in the outer pocket of my carryon. If they tell me there’s no room for my carryon I’ll unpack half that stuff from the carryon into my recyclable bag so I still have my most important items in my possession.
  17. Fingers crossed. The only “issue” I see in the Northeast is if those sailings face a diversion to Bermuda which still requires testing. There’s only a few sailings left to Canada for this season, it’ll be interesting to see if Royal dumps the proctored test
  18. Would it be included in the gratuities? Should I tip above that?
  19. I’m by no means healthy but I do try to get to the gym to do my elliptical. I’m lucky if I make it there 3 of 7 days, but pack for 7…so I hope it counts! Lol when I leave the gym I’ll take the elevator in whichever direction I need, as many floors (even 1) in either direction. I’ve a bad knee that gets greatly aggravated by stairs, but not typically by elliptical machines. Please don’t judge/confuse my often disheveled, sweaty appearance for one of those real fitness people who are fully committed and spend more than 30 minutes in the gym and actually enjoy it. The elevator is what stands between me and being laid out at the bottom of a staircase.
  20. I'm sorry to pester you. I did attempt to look for this weeks flyer. I removed the ".pdf" thinking that might help but I still get the Sept 21-22 flyer. Am I doing something wrong or is it not out yet? Thank you for any assistance.
  21. I’ve not been offered such a pleasure for my breast biopsies. My hospital doesn’t have one. This is a special kind of hell, face down and viced. I’m glad they updated their machine and got rid of the periscope feature where you can see the room,from face down. Very disorienting. However the new machine is apparently for shorter people, nearly squished my toes when they pulled me out. Ever try to move your legs while face down in a vice screaming “my feet, my feet” and trying to free them? Xanax is my friend now for this special hades. They want me back and I’m ready to ask for anesthesia, which I know they won’t do.
  22. The Main Dining Room has 3 sections on the menu the rotating menu, new each night-appetizers, main course, desserts the classics, available every night-appetizers, main course, desserts the premium section, items that you can do a room charge to get. Those are the main courses you posted.
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