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  1. Interesting. I have checked pricing on cruises for Royal and when I did so and did it without my C&A # and then with the C&A # I noticed a price increase. (happened twice to different sailings) Almost like they are screwing you for being loyal to Royal! So I told my travel agent to be sure to do the booking without the C&A number and add it later. Sounds like the app has a way to screw those loyal to Royal too. Glad you got it resolved, I'm sure that was a pain!
  2. I bring my own corkscrew too though the screw top bottles are becoming more popular! You can ask the cabin steward for glasses or a bar. I also have poured wine into my Yeti and carried that around. No one says anything, you can probably drink from the bottle and no one would say anything (though they might stare! LOL)
  3. Did they offer results in an app? They will need proof of a negative test that matches their ID. Well I guess that's a dumb question seeing as Broadway would need to match the result to the ID. Cost? and were you a US citizen or out of country resident?
  4. Don't' read into it. The sailings have been sailing. They closed booking to keep capacity down since the Omicron spike. This way they can keep the appropriate staff to passenger ratios to ensure your cruising pleasure. If a lot of cancellations happen they could reopen booking. I had seen someone say one of my closed February sailings showed up on the RC site available to book one day and was gone the next. So your friends should keep checking. you can go to the discussion boards to make a post inquiring about the entertainment recently on Anthem....but that will have little impact on our February sailing as so many things can change. A few weeks ago it was commented how some of the shows did not go off, but I've not seen anyone speak of that recently. Personally I feel if so many of the staff has had Covid that things will be "better" for the future of sailing as they won't have to worry about staffing shortages as when the Omicron first hit. as for booking entertainment. I've been on 5 sailings since August. All activity is now booked when onboard, utilizing the app. Typically you can only book one show once, so that others can have the opportunity to book the show. Absolute worst case, if you are not happy after final payment you can always cancel under Cruise with Confidence. It will take some time for RC to process that. Air2Sea will show flights for sailings you are able to book, it's in a preview feature if you do not have a reservation. Those with reservations can contact Air2Sea directly to book flights. Hope this helps
  5. December of 2022 Test was ordered in December of 2021.
  6. I agree. I did it on my September sailing because it was dirt cheap and I was a solo traveling without my family. I figured it was a perfect time to check it out. It really was not my thing. Could be because I was a solo? I did meet up with 2 people I befriended on the cruise. I think the mats are nice, but so hard to get on/off-I usually pack my own hammock style pool float but didn't because of the mats. I felt the lunch was nice, the experience was ok. I definitely don't have the type of money that would allow me to take my whole family at regular price.
  7. It appeared all tables were open on Freedom a few weeks ago. I was talking with the bartender and he pointed out a door the passengers could exit and go smoke outside. People were still seated at the bar. Masks were worn by most gamblers. No social distancing expected.
  8. I am a NYer. I get seasick/motion sick. I was on Oasis out of NJ in the end of Sept and end of Oct and Anthem in mid Nov. The few nights it "started to rock" so I took 1/2 a dramamine-knowing I could take the other half if needed. the 1/2 was fine. The Nov sailing was very chilly out (now mind you I don't mind the cold-I wear a tshirt, thin sweater and perhaps a heavy sweater as a top layer in winter. It needs to be near 0 for me to put on a heavier coat and consider zipping it. I enjoy the ease of driving and the savings on airfare. I did fly to Florida earlier this month. I had to find somewhere to stay (lucky to have a friend nearer to the airport) because we were having ice overnight into the late morning and would not have been able to make the flight. Lucky for us NY was not impacted (and we did book a day early, so we spent a night in Miami, just because of the fears of weather. We hit some "rocky" water on our freedom sailing-and again I took 1/2 a dramamine and was fine. I prefer the NJ pier because I can save on airfare, hotel, transfers-especially if I am taking the entire family. The Anthem (NJ ship for the winter) has the indoor solarium-it is "built for winter". Keep in mind hurricane season, so you never know what can happen with the ocean-either out of NJ or FL. (side note: did you know it was 39 in Miami yesterday!) I've gone to Bermuda twice-once from NY and once from NJ. I don't' think I'll be doing that again, even if it was free I'd have to really think on that. The waters were super bad-but I'm told on here that MANY people have gone to Bermuda and it was perfectly fine and that the ship I was on 30 years ago likely didn't have the stabilizers we have now. And the one that was about 6 years ago, it was during Hurricance season, so I think we had super bad seas....I almost get seasick thinking about it!
  9. the cruises I have done these past few months Anthem, Oasis and Freedom-the last time to disembark was 9 am, which leaves plenty of time to get to MIA. When I used the shuttle service in the Bahamas (most definitely not the same as Miami-sorry) we disembarked and shuttles were waiting. They didn't even ask us if we had a reservation-it was crazy. I image Miami would be a bit better organized. Sorry I cannot be of better assistance. I did notice a few weeks ago at Miami that there were some shuttles directly outside of the port terminal. I was using Uber so I cannot speak on those transfers. I know what it's like to be the planner, and I understand your concern but it will all work out. Guest services onboard would be the people to ask. Get the question asked early on when you board to get it out of the way and avoid any lines. Welcome aboard!
  10. I had upgraded to an owners suite on Adventure. I was given access to the suite lounge -a perk that comes with that level. The only way into the lounge is with the proper seapass card. I think Royal gives the bidders the perks that come with the room.
  11. Don't forget to remove the wristband too. It is given to all vaxxed passengers to wear. If it's the ribbon one and you pull the tightening piece too much it won't be loose enough to remove for photos. and it cannot be loosened. My daughter could not remove her wristband for her pictures because it was too tight.
  12. I know of someone who has sinus issues and answered one of the Health Questionnaire questions about a runny nose or something like that-YES. He was denied to continue. He was able to call Royal and explain his extensive sinus issues and they did an additional screening at the pier. I tell this anecdote because innocently answering truthfully can get your cruise cancelled. Since this person has a drippy nose daily for his entire life he likely should not have answered yes. The health questionnaire does say to read it carefully and once submitted you cannot go back and make changes. having Covid 2 weeks prior? I believe the questionnaire is specific as to when you may have tested positive. Work backwards from your sail date (not test date) The healthy sail questionnaire opens 24 hours prior to your embarkation. By the time you answer that questionnaire you likely have your test results if you did the rapid antigen 2 days prior to sailing.
  13. I don't think it "adds protection" it adds "defense" against a worse case. Omicron has hit those who are fully vaxxed as well as those who are vaxxed AND boostered. Royal is doing it's best with the testing they ask for in addition to their health questionnaire and the onboard protocols to prevent the spread.
  14. What AshleyDillo said. It is a "spare key" or "extra key". It is not for room charges. I've gotten them for 10 years.....you can get as many as you need.
  15. Carry on 2 bottles of wine and the allotted 12 bottles of water/soda. Purchase drinks “ala cart” did you contact royal direct (or your TA) to tell them your wife cannot have sugary drinks due to pregnancy? Perhaps they will waive the 2nd package altogether
  16. Under 21 must be in a room adjoining or directly across or in a connecting interior door. one way you could work around is to book your spouse in the second room, your granddaughter with you and then just get extra seapass cards from guest services.
  17. Interesting that I have not yet done a bid for Feb 20 and when I log into the bidding site it has a "special offer, reduced bidding" that is valid until Feb 11. I wonder if that means they won't be giving out notice until after that. (Anthem of the Seas) On my August cruise on Adventure we received our notifications of acceptance a few days before sailing.
  18. They also get it wrong. If you read through the various discussions on this board you will find many people get an answer, call back another agent with the same question and get a different answer if it’s something of importance I recommend you get it in writing, via email. Guest services on a ship won’t take a “that’s what I was told”…. I’ve seen guest services on a ship deny someone leaving a ship with their service dog and that person had all the papers required and all communications with customer service saying they are good to go. So even with an email, it’s questionable. I linked the benefits, as it’s written….regarding Royal up here is the link regarding suite guests https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-are-the-benefits-of-royal-suite-class i think your RC person was wrong.
  19. Each person will need their own account to test, that is how you will get the results. I believe you can set up your accounts now by scanning the QR code on the box
  20. I would not rely on anything verbal get it in writing, use email. anything else is hearsay.
  21. Freedom week of Jan 10-water in a can. I miss the bottles I could just carry around and seal. I did see someone get a bottle of Evian at the casino bar, not sure if it was a package thing or a casino perk for the “level” players.
  22. Order a drink at a bar on your way to the dining room. When you sit ask your waitstaff for another.
  23. When I was on Freedom this month I put my mask down to sip then put it back up, out of courtesy. There were many unmasked and playing, same at the casino bar. I’m surprised they allow people to sit at the bar, they don’t at many of the other venues.
  24. On Anthem in November there were announcements over the casino PA that only those who were gambling could smoke in the casino. I doubt they asked people to leave.
  25. Yes, it’s been that way on the past 5 cruises I’ve done. The last cruise was a week ago.
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