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  1. We use Park n Cruise. They have always been good for us.
  2. My DW is allergic to black and white pepper. They meet with us at check in and then before the meal. They showed her the menu for the next night and she could choose what she wanted.. They would prepare it. The service is better than at shore side restaurants. Contact them at [email protected] Here is the letter they sent us: Allergies are handled daily on all sailings. We have advised our ship staff of Sara Bryant dietary/allergy needs. ( Allergy to all kinds of Pepper) Our galley has a separate preparation area away from the main production area to prepare meals for guests with allergies and to avoid cross-contamination of the meals. Our Food and Beverage Staff attend recurring training programs regarding allergy protocols. During the booking process, we ask that the guest choose a set dining time versus My Time Dining. This will provide the guests with a dedicated serving staff for the cruise. Once the guest is onboard, we ask them to visit the dining room, introduce themselves and speak with the dining staff to advise of the Pepper allergy. The dining staff for their table will be advised. We are pleased to advise you Royal Caribbean offers Gluten Free meals as a standard offering on our menus in the main dining room. We offer lactose free, almond milk, soy milk, whole milk and skim milk onboard our ships. When guests eat in the buffet, please ask for a manager so they can arrange to get a meal from the galley. This will avoid any cross contamination that may occur at the buffet. When eating in specialty restaurants or other food venues, it is important to advise our staff of the allergies. However, you are allowed to bring, non-perishable food items such as cookies, crackers, chips, energy bars, etc. These items must not require refrigeration and be sealed in the original store bought containers. Best regards, Carlos Alvarez Access Advocate
  3. We just got our storm shutters up and filled up the propane tank, just in case... Looks like the west coast of the east coast is going to get exciting Wednesday.
  4. Still down but feel strangely comforted by other people looking for pitchforks, too!
  5. Glad to have you! You will have a great time. I just looked at Falmouth and had the same problems. It may be a temporary issue with Royal. If you have a RCI travel rep at Royal, he might be able to help you with that. But Harmony is a great ship for a 1st cruise.
  6. We are but one of these were already started. Maybe the Mods can combine them. But we are going, too.
  7. Used to wear a suit and tie, but now, my formal wear is to wear socks with nice jeans.
  8. We regularly use Park-n-Cruise. They're $7 a day.
  9. We did it in August but there wasn't much to see. The storms had covered the airplane with sand. Visibility is good, but nothing much to see. They may have done some work since then, I hope. We're going there in May and would love to snorkel there.
  10. The check in button appeared on my app last night, but no check in possible but still a good sign. ? Anyone else on this sailing.
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