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  1. I wonder if they permit handcuffs on the "Bliss Cruise"
  2. Absolutely! I'm finding all of the complaining about canceled ports etc outrageous considering the state of the world. RC is trying so hard and I can't even imagine how difficult this has been for them. As we were on Freedom in early Dec watching a guy just losing it on the staff because he had to wait for his FREE covid test we were disgusted. We patiently waited while sitting comfortably socializing and drinking coffee....sounds pretty rough right!
  3. Exactly, we were fortunate on Freedom in early December to get the free PCR test. By no means do they need to do it just because our County requires it. On a side note, we are seeing record highs of covid in Canada now so the PCR test requirement is clearly not helping much. I don't blame RC at all for stopping the testing, it's such a hassle for them.
  4. This is what we are doing for our next cruise. Considering the 2 hour drive for us to Pearson airport, all of the waiting at the airport and delays etc can add up to 15 hours to get to Miami. 10 hours to drive to NJ and it sounds like a great spot to board a ship!
  5. That was a big highlight for us a few weeks ago too, at Coco Cay we felt like we had a pretty private ship to ourselves!
  6. We were on Freedom 2.5 weeks ago and the 2 of us were in between a table of 2 and table of 4. Not right at their table but more than close enough to have conversations with everyone. We were quite surprised
  7. We went ahead with our late Nov cruise once we found out the PCR test was complimentary on board. We were pretty blown away that RC was offering that but also figured it wouldn't last. An extra $450 Canadian dollars isn't worth it for us, we will wait to see what happens until we book another one. Glad we got to go.
  8. So annoying that this is happening again, we got off Freedom and flew back to Toronto just under 2 weeks ago and had very little concerns. Crazy what 2 weeks can change
  9. We skipped formal night, on the other nights we saw everything from jogging pants, jeans, t shirts, dress shirts/pants etc. I like to wear golf shirts and dress shorts and did so without feeling too judged. I got a few looks but wasn't worried about it. I'm sure shorts offends some but I feel like that is dressy enough for vacation.
  10. Just add this to the list of the ridiculous decisions the government has made in the past 2 years!
  11. Not sure if this helps but we received this e mail a few after we got back: You are receiving this email from the Government of Canada because you recently entered Canada. An Emergency Order under the Quarantine Act that applies to all travellers arriving in Canada is currently in force. You were informed of this Order when you entered Canada. This is a reminder that IF you were randomly selected to complete COVID-19 molecular testing, you are required by law to follow the directions you were provided at the port of entry and complete the test. We may follow up with you in the next few days to confirm your compliance with this requirement. Further details can be found here: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/publications/diseases-conditions/fully-vaccinated-travellers-without-covid-19-symptoms-returning-canada.html.
  12. We got off Freedom of the Seas 5 days ago, we never got off the ship in Nassau or Coco Cay so I'm not sure if it's different. When Customs asked at Pearson where our cruise went we said The Bahamas. She kind of paused and we said we didn't get off the ship and she shrugged and said oh ok and sent us on our way. I don't know if it's different if you get off the ship or just depends on the customs person.
  13. Yes, and by the sounds of it the system is getting better each cruise. Ours didn't go as well apparently as there were a lot of people getting the test. We got the test done at 7:45am but had to wait 2 hours before they let us go. They want you to stay to confirm you test negative. Usually it is 15 minutes but it was running pretty slow. They had coffee water pastries so we just sat and enjoyed some conversation. We were just happy the PCR test was free. Oh and not sure if this is the case on all ships but the test was nowhere as violent as the ones we got in Canada. I had to ask after if they were sure it was a PCR test. We were quite pleased but there were some really upset people as it cut into their day at Coco Cay. We did not get off the ship so we had no complaints.
  14. You will be more than fine. Our flight from Miami to Toronto last Friday was at 1:04pm. The PCR test was done Thur morning and we had the paper copy results in our stateroom Thur evening. We didn't have the internet package so we didn't even upload our tests until we had wifi in the cruise terminal. We had so much time and were super early for everything. All will be well for you, just make sure you go to guest services the day you board the ship and book the free PCR test. Have a great time
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