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  1. On Oct 04, 2021, I booked and paid in full for a cruise for me and my daughter's family. We were to sail on the Freedom Of The Seas on Nov 12th. Two cabins, 2 adults in one and 1 adult and two children in the other. Last week, in response to an e-mail I received, I started the check in process. After trying several times online, I called to Royal Caribbean for help and found out that my cabin had somehow been cancelled. After being transferred and put on hold for over an hour, I was told that an unexplained “glitch” in the system had caused the cancelation. But since I had been on the phone so long, they would research the problem and work on rebooking. I would receive a call back the next day doing normal business hours from the people who could make the needed changes. After not hearing anything by late afternoon, I called back to Royal Caribbean support. I was then told that yes, my cabin had been cancelled, they didn’t know how it happened, and no, there were no other cabins available. I was told that there was no possible way I would be able to get on the ship as all cabins were booked. The best Royal Caribbean could do was to return all money paid for my cabin without penalty. This despite receiving emails offering the opportunity to place bids for cabin upgrades. As for the second cabin booked, since the glitch had not canceled my daughter’s cabin, I could not get a refund for it. In other words, because Royal Caribbean made a mistake, my daughter and her husband could continue the cruise, but their minor children would have to stay home. If I wanted to talk to anyone else about this, I would have to wait 72 hours for a call back from someone with the authority to cancel the cabin. Meanwhile, I am still receiving emails offering the opportunity to place bids for cabin upgrades. I was not even offered the opportunity to purchase an upgrade. On Friday, after the 72 hours and still not hearing from Royal Caribbean, I called again. By this time, I had cancelled all five airline tickets at a cost of $400.00 and a $200.00 airline credit. There was no way the parents were leaving without the rest of the family. After going thru everything again and being placed on hold for several minutes to my surprise my cabin had been rebooked. But after looking at what it would cost to rebook the airline tickets, ($900 minus the $200 credit), and the shabby treatment I had received from Royal Caribbean so far, I declined the offer. I just wanted to negate the cost of this non vacation as much as possible. I was first offered a return of the pre-paid gratuities and taxes and cruise credit for the cost of the room. This was not acceptable to me as I had no desired to cruise on Royal Caribbean in the foreseeable future. Finally, I was told that the total cost of the both cabins and the pre-paid excursions, gratuities and taxes would be credited back to my account in 10-15 days.
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