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  1. I think to do anything else at this point would be a suicidal move by any cruise company. And I base that only on the public's perceptions based on reporting from all news sources. This might be one of the only stories where there was no difference on how it was (mis)reported by FOX and CNN and maybe even MSNBC and NEWSMAX.
  2. I think that they have already succeeded at getting the spotlight off of the case, and it will be quietly dismissed at some point after the 15th, or at least there will be a motion to dismiss. For me, the question is whether and how vigorously Florida will fight it. The TRO will become totally moot, so the question may no longer be properly before the Court.
  3. I think this may make the Florida lawsuit moot, so the underlying legal question will not be answered based on this situation. I think that is a good thing, because I did not want the courts looking at this important issue based on a question regarding a recreational activity. Better to wait for a subject with a lot more meat on it.
  4. I agree we need to get the real info out to help rhe industry, but the selfish me wants to tell everyone to cancel so there are fewer people on my cruise. But I won't do it.
  5. I think the CDC warning will prevent that from happening by lowering passanger counts and increasing the cruise lines vigilance. It may also make people's expectations more reasonable.
  6. Or the CDC is worried about a worst case scenario, that probably won't happen, but could. They have to act proactively, not reactively. I think that the warning will itself help by lowering capacities, which I think it is fairly clear were increased too fast, and get the cruise lines to start taking their own protocols more seriously, since I don't think they were and were becoming more complacent. Flame me if you want, but at least consider how such a warning could prevent things escalating to a shutdown or effective shutdown due to lack of ports.
  7. You can't use any of these figures without realizing that this virus is infecting vastly more people at the same time. So however acceptable you feel these figures are, when you realize these percentages apply to tens or hundreds of millions of people is when you realize the scope of the problem and the stress this puts on whatever medical resources are available anywhere in the world. It also does not factor in the number of oeople suffering or dying while ignoring other issues out of fear, issues not taken care of do to lack of resources and the unpredictablity of the short or long term consequences of COVID. It's so much more complicated then simple percentages.
  8. What I really cannot figure out is why we continue to see posts like this everywhere. It's not like the poster doesn’t know about the purpose and various opnions on masks. Some people agree with you, while others (like me) do not, although those words are not nearly strong enough to express the depth of the disagreement. No one on these boards is going to change anyone's mind. I am willing to argue about it much more than most, and even I am tired of it and realize the futility. In my opnion your opnion on masks is wrong at every level, but you do you. Just not on a cruise ship until the rules change.
  9. And I understand your point of view also. However, I don't think it's "entitlement" to expect what was sold as part of the cruise and the decision not to provide it is totaly within RCCL's control. In the case of port changes, those are decisions made outside of RCCL's control, although to a certain extent it is indirectly in their control by how they change or enforce certain protocols onboard, how full the ship is, etc. But even then, they do not have a visible target, the ports are making these decisions on a ship by ship basis. So to me, it is about what is and is not within RCCL's direct control. But I know this is moot, that wonderful cruise contract gives them the right and might.
  10. I agree with your logic, but in this case all the parties are asking for is what was offered at the time of booking. There was not an offer for the costs of the test if you didn't need it. You could look at it like the loyalty perks, only passengers that meet certain criteria get them. In this case only passengers that needed tests were offered them, and everything about the change is within the control of RCCL. The cost should have been accounted for at the time of the booking, not at the time of sailing, as a liability attached to the booking. But I also realize what the cruise contract says, so I am also just playing the game.
  11. I agree that the cruise contract allows RCCL to change anything at any time, however just because it's legal does not make it right. I have no problem with no compensation for missed ports, canceled shows and such. However in this case everything relating to this is totally within their control. They could easily determine which bookings were made before or after they decided to no longer provide something that was essential to the initial booking. I usually defend RCCL on these types of things, but I think they are wrong in this case. I don't think a letter from any lawyer will help, these cruise contracts have been fairly well tested in the courts. However if enough of the individuals got together as a group, they could possibly get RCCL's attention, but just as possible that it wouldn't. And for those blaming the country requiring the test, this was known by everyone at the time of the booking. I think it would be different if the requirement started after the booking. I don't think it's bait & switch, but I do think it's deceptive advertising.
  12. Honestly, you don't really need that t-shirt or cute shell animal that badly.
  13. Actually I have found that many times I have to enter it twice to get the offer. So like so many other things at RCCL. If you don't like the first answer, ask again.
  14. GO re-read my post. One thing has nothing to do with the other. If I am angry about anything related to the crew, it's the disrespect and assumption that they are stupid. But this is not about me being mad, it's about looking at this subject in ways other than it's effect on us.
  15. Yes, my daughter is devastated. She has worked over the years to get my ex-wife to be less bitter and to get my older child to speak with me again. She has succeeded, and the 4 of us were going to have dinner together on December 26th. I've tried to make her understand that she has already succeeded, because she has. But she has chosen to focus on that dinner. I even found and was going to rent a tele-presence robot for her, but she was angry about the cost. I have promised to make it happen at some point if I have to fly everyone somewhere to make it happen. But she says it wouldn't be the same. So I am helpless to make things better in any way. As a father it's a horrible feeling. And, rightly or wrongly (I will not argue, because I don't think I am capabile of being even close to civil right now) I blame the ant-mask, anti-vaccine, covid deniers and their ilk. I was drunk when I found out and came close to being kicked off or out of a few places. So for now, I will not discuss it. That's why you really have to believe how sincere I am when I say this thread is not about that. This is basically what every crew member I spoke with said. And now you know I share too much.
  16. They are having a lot of onshore winds where they are, so the water clarity is suffering. The reef is about 500 yards offshore. They offered to set me up in a Kayak with an anchor if I wanted to go out there though.
  17. I just found out my daughter, many of her friends and a few cousins in my family have COVID.
  18. Please, if you are going to quote me, do it accurately. At least use the entire sentence.
  19. Your opnion on his is clear, as is mine. However in this case I am honestly relaying what I was told. No, I did not talk to all crew. The ones that seemed to really not care seemed to be the people in the stores on the Promade. The 10 or so crew I spoke with basically said the same thing. And if you think about it without our obvious bias, it makes sense. If I could have talked to more crew about it, I would have. Most of these conversations were started when someone went by without a mask, I have no control over what is or is not deleted. But I posted this with no agenda other than to repeat what I was told. I would have done the same thing if they told me they thought the mask rules were stupid. You do not know me, but anyone that does would confirm that I absolutely would, whether I agreed with it or not. You and I have gone round and round enough, neither of us is going to convince the other, and I have no intention of trying anymore\. I cannot let myself get into that kind of discussion right now, as I just found out my Daughter has COVID. Right now I am far too angry to discuss who is right or wrong, I would be kicked out of most any group, so I will not do it. So if your criteria to believe this is a survey of 100% of the crew, I cannot meet that. If that means this has to be deleted, then so be it. But what I am saying is an accurate presentation of my experiences last week.
  20. By the way, you do realize that the rules you agreed to say you will wear a mask indoors at all times, not just when you think you should. Assuming the masks work, I assume you are exhaling at times, thus possibly contaminating the air. Assuming they do not work, you are intentionally ignoring the rules. That is the disrespect that the crew were talking about. Do you think that the passengers or crew you encounter don't see what you are doing? You are pretending to follow the rules, when you intentionally are not. My point is, your comfort level, politics, scientific conclusions, or anything else do not matter to this conversation. Either follow the rules or don't cruise. Pretending to follow them when it is convenient for you is exactly the same as not following them at all.
  21. Sadly, this is true. There are now people creating anti-ear muff groups. At least one group has left the word ear out and understand why they are attracting the kind of members they are.
  22. You are totally ignoring my point. It doesn't. matter if anyone thinks or even can prove that masks are or or not helpful. The crew's job is still the same and until it changes, you have to wear masks. When you step on the ship you have agreeded to wear them. What I am saying is what a number of crew, an officer, and a customer service manager has told me. They have to enforce thesevrules and feel frustrated with and disrespected by the number of people who won't follow a simple and clear rule. The crew isv rom all over the world, and many are laughing at how ridiculous Americans are being. One said something like you have so many freedoms, but you choose to waste it this way? Some are worried about their own health, and sad that so many of the passangers don't care at all.
  23. To quote the 5 man Electrical Band, you are absolutly rightt. There, I just put in here instead.
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