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  1. I was pleasantly surprised with my Central Park Balcony on deck 12 on Oasis - I usually took stairs to get up on deck, and the evening music was lovely. It was not a loud room, one sea day afternoon I could hear the steel drum bands, but it was a SEA DAY! So that was OK with me. And unlike the ocean view balconies I have had, I did not experience any neighbors smoking. That alone was great... I think they would be caught by all the others watching them from across the way.
  2. Boleros. And, you may be able to use your wow band from Harmony. I was able to use an Anthem wow band on Oasis, no charge.
  3. Embassy Suites in Elizabeth, NJ. I request a room not facing the runway. It is a good choice with teenagers. I really like Anthem, but I recommend April through October sailings out of Bayonne. I have cruised in December, January, and February from Bayonne, I treated Day 2 and 7 as "travel days not stuck in an airport"..... it has been as cold as -12F and as warm as 60F.... on boarding day. I would do a 12 night in winter...
  4. We like Embassy Suites. I do not use the shuttle, though, I park at the pier. It saves a ton of time on the way home, it is convenient, and it is a covered parking ramp/garage.
  5. It was a large van, we had a total of 8.. i am not certain that 11 would fit.
  6. I spend most of the day at the flowrider...port side. I am usually the only woman. There are a dozen very good riders this week. Very talented, from all over the world.
  7. I'm on board, just a fellow cruiser. If you need anything, ask! I'll check this string again at noon or so.
  8. All draft beers.. Including those in Playmakers? I may skip the Diamond Dungeon ...
  9. I think I might just order the burger for lunch instead. Or Salmon
  10. Critters.... I thought you meant... roaches and rats. 😖
  11. If the priest is travelling with a group, he will offer Mass to everyone (and crew!), it may not be posted in the cruise planner but on the "social board" near customer service. If it is Christmas, Easter, or repositioning, Mass is more likely to be offered than other times of the year, often daily. Attending Mass in port is always enjoyable, even when I don't understand the language. Apostleship of the Seas arranges for services for crew in ports and on ships. I do not know if a shedule is posted for AOS.
  12. Bring socks for your own skates... and ask your genie for ice time! A crowded rink full of rental skates and board huggers is... frustrating.
  13. Uggh. I will switch to Freedom... if possible. We shall see. I am booked for week 3... maybe the no single supplement rate was too good to be true🙁... Checked Freedom, just suites avalable. I am not freaking out...
  14. We did this one when our boys were young... about 5 and 7. We brought their own snorkel gear and life jackets. To get to shore, you must either walk down swim steps or jump right in off the boat... then swim. It was a great excursion. It was a bit choppy that day out in the open water, but the snorkelling was breathtaking. Go to the excursion desk on boarding day, request the child be added. If not, then request a refund if you have already booked it for the adults. Have a backup plan!
  15. On Anthem out of Bayonne, Molson Canadien is offered.. but on Freedom out of San Juan it is not. The beer offered varies ftom ship to ship.... the Molson was in a large can, only in the Solarium, it was $8.00 plus gratuities. It was American Molson... distributed in the USA.
  16. Uno. Apples to Apples is on the ship. We go find it, then take it to the Diamond Lounge. It is hilarious with drinks!
  17. Boston, I have been there twice with my son, once as a port form Anthem and the other on an overnight 6th grade school field trip. The port day was better. We went to see the USS Constitution https://www.nps.gov/bost/learn/historyculture/ussconst.htm Caleb loves this type of historic thing. It was an adventure in public transportation. We took a taxi there, arrived at opening, went to the museum and into the ships at the site. It's on the OTHER side of town.. We water taxi'd back to the Boston Aquarium area, met an old friend who lives in Boston, and went to the children's museum with her 3 year old. It was a good day; August, not to hot, not too cold. On the school field trip, on our own we went to the Aquarium, had lunch at the Boston Sail Loft (it was very good), walked the Freedom Trail, toured Paul Revere's house, went to Quincy Market, then ate as a group at the Hard Rock Cafe. Day 2, we went as a group to the Museum of Science, ate lunch there (awful lunch.. neat museum), then went on a Duck Boat Tour https://bostonducktours.com/ It was a very different perspective of Boston! Halifax: We opted to take a taxi ($5.00 CAD) up to the Citadel, toured that, then wandered downhill to the Boardwalk, and went to Tim Horton's!! (It's better in Canada than the US), enjoyed a snack of coffee and donuts and cocoa ( AND free WIFI ), then wandered back to the ship along the boardwalk. We stopped at the Maritime Museum (more historic boats for Caleb).. St. John: We left the boys in Adventure Ocean.... My husband and I walked from the pier to the left, along the waterfront all the way to the reversing rapids and back. It was concrete or pavement the entire way. It was a nice walk, and we watched harbor seals, which I hear is an uncommon sight (we were lucky). Ahh.. Bar Harbor. Acadia National Park is NOT flat. We rented bikes from Acadia Bike Rentals. We took the bike shuttle into the park, then proceeded to ride around a lake. Eagle Lake? (not sure)My youngest's bike would not shift gears for him, I had to fiddle with it to get it into the lowest gear, and we left it in that gear. So I have a lovely family photo of the 4 of us BEFORE the bike ride. But not one AFTER. There were tears. There was frustration. We walked. fter all this, I would love to do it again, with my own bike and breakdown gear. Alone. Then we received a full refund for Josh's bike rental. MORAL: if you ever rent a bike, put it on the stand in the shop, and try all gears and the brakes. We ate at the gloriously fun tourist trap Route 66 Restaurant, then entire family was back into happy cruising mode. Portland: We just walked around the port and shopped. It seems there is a port on each trip where we are wiped out and need a day "off". Portland is a port town, I do want to give it a second chance. Perhaps whale watching? Have a great New England trip. It is by far, my favorite cruise ever. We went in late August, the temperatures were mild, the seas calm. That is remarkable out of Bayonne.
  18. I agree, with 4 in one room, separate is the way to set ut up. And no, you are not strange to have the beds separated in the tiny inside room!
  19. Two luggage tags, one in a plastic sleeve, the other taped and stapled. My name is inside the bag, too. I also tip porters!
  20. The flowrider will be open if its about 55 degrees F, and NOT rough. Day 2 or 3. I've cruised out of Bayonne in December, January, and February... I do not pack lightly for those trips! Look at the forecasts for your ports as well, last year the flowrider was open in Port Canaveral, but it was 65 degrees out. The line was short!
  21. Twagster, thank you photos and info, I think I am on the same trip as Laura in December. Its has been many years since I've been to Labadee.. I tendered! I will wear socks with tevas (the fashion police are groaning), and go for this walk as well. Boots are not needed! I will bring water shoes, that has been recommended by several people.
  22. I agree with Jill, we flew to SJU last Easter week for 370 pp from Elmira, NY.... changed planes twice, beginning in a Barbie Jet (SRJ 700)... changing to bigger planes at each airport. I found this price using choice air. We picked our seats. Economy... Price would have been $825 pp directly through Delta. I did not see this price difference between choice air and booking direct with other nearby airports. I booked the flights the week they came out...
  23. I'm also going on Dec 8th! I snagged a "no solo supplement special", via Sharla at MEI travel. I also booked the Key (again), VOOM, extra ice time, seating at shows, swift carry on luggage delivery and breakfast on debarkation day... YOLO! I am looking forward to trying the barbecue restaurant, going to the dive and ice shows, and skipping the main dining room. I must have dinner in Old San Juan! I'll try all the slides, because they are there.. but just once. Same with the zip-line! It will be my first time on Oasis class, and my first time solo. I usually cruise jam-packed-full-ship on holiday sailings with my husband and sons. The Diamond Lounge being moved to deck 4... meh. But it's on Deck 4 on Anthem, and I like that lounge, it has pool tables nearby (for my teenage boys to be occupied during happy hour), and it's an easy walk to the dining rooms.. So I promise to hold my opinion of it's new placement until AFTER the experience, instead of dreading something beforehand! I see myself ordering room service coffee in the morning though, instead of trekking to the Diamond Lounge for it. I'm looking forward to viewing @Matt 's compass from his Thanksgiving Trip! It's great to see what they will do on Day 1 before I board, and if they have "night riding" on the flowrider. Some items are posted on the app already like daily flowrider times; but not the open skating times.
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