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  1. Sharla has been great, from before this whole pandemic and through it. Awesome, because with extended family trips Sharla handles everything, NOT ME! She assists everyone with booking, helps with airlines if needed, answers questions.... all in a timely manner.
  2. Thank you for the number to call, I am in the same "boat" with OBC floating out there in cyberspace, it can be moved to one of my future sailings.
  3. I am really glad I am not booked on her until December of 2021!
  4. We have teenagers, so we tend to cruise over holidays, Christmas twice, Easter 6 times, and Thanksgiving once. It will feel the most crowded just after muster. Either be the first one out of your muster station, or wait and take the stairs to wherever you are heading. Have some family photos taken, you only have to buy one if you like it! It's all digital now, so no wasted paper. Holiday sailings tend to have more families, a younger crowd, and less whiners... just be ready. You could have 1,500 under 18 on board! Bumper Cars, Day 1, right after lunch. Short(ish) lines. Same with the Flowrider, go on Day 1, sign waivers, take the boogie test. Board early. My goal is arrive at 10:30... Look for and attend the Christmas/Holiday/New Year's concert held by the entertainment staff. This tends to be late. Like at 10:00 PM. It is well done! Attend church or Mass on Christmas, if you want - it will be offered. Look in the Compass.
  5. We will build a concrete patio and replace some outdoor steps with the incentive. We will do some of the work ourselves, and hire a mason and a carpenter for the "fancy" work. Some things are best done by professionals. But we are using our 125% FCC to be in a JS instead of obstructed view balcony on Anthem in one year, along with extended family in a JS as well. We will enjoy dinners at Coastal Kitchen, and we can all board the ship together (not everyone is Diamond!!) Overall, it will be much more enjoyable a year from now than it would have in current circumstances. We had a cabana booked in Cococay for next week, for $349.00. It is $999.00 for one year from now, so I am checking frequently (too frequently) for a price drop on any beach-side cabana at Cococay. I received the full refund for all excursions and wifi last week, for this year's April 5th cancelled cruise. I don't expect to see the FCC email for at least another week, and as we already have deposits paid for next year's trip, it should all work out. 😃
  6. And if you are landing after dark, you will be that much closer to sleeping. That is if you can sleep the night before a cruise.....
  7. Yes, I have seen it before. Often two rooms are less than four in one room. We tend to book holiday sailings, so the 4-berth rooms are in demand.
  8. The family grouping would have worked better if there was a pullman bed in the JS. Or just a set of real bunk beds. At least for me!!
  9. St. Kitt's rainforest hike. It was a real hike, not for the weak-hearted and next time I will pack hiking boots.
  10. You can always ask for a different drink, once I forgot to order the night before, so I called, and they said "would you prefer a plain or a buttered croissant today"? I love 1st breakfast!!
  11. It usually shows up within the last two weeks before the trip
  12. I agree with SpeedNoodles. The first time I had it was on Freedom last Easter, and it was at it's absolute BEST back then before it was changed ... Before the change, I had multiple hours on the flowrider, the awesome lunch on boarding day IN chops, two separate hours on the almost empty ice rink for open skate, front row ice show seats, great show seats, and an escorted walk all the way to my bags in port. In December on Oasis, I boarded at the same time I would have as Diamond, had lunch in the MDR with a Chops menu, and only one hour was offered for each activity.. and I did not get front row seats to skating, (because a Genie took all those for much higher paying guests than me). I don't think I will bother with the key again, maybe if it is the same price as WIFI, and only if I NEED WIFI for the trip.
  13. Thank you for the great blog, and I am super jealous you saw the boobies... the birds that is!!
  14. Flowrider. Then in my hammock "cruise napping" on my balcony, icing my knee... from the flowrider.
  15. Make sure your stroller fits through your stateroom door with your sleeping child in it. My phil and ted's E3 sport DID NOT (it was BIG). This was not a good thing.... that was an inside cabin on Explorer. The suite doors are a bit wider. The halls are narrow too... So if you are stroller people, bring a narrow one, and use it for boarding and maybe for naps. y If it's too chilly to walk her to sleep outside in the stroller, go to a suite deck to walk the halls, they are wider. Cococay will be the easiest, it is a beach and/or pool day. Bring a small bucket and shovel, even if you just use it to rinse YOUR feet off. I do not have a recommendation for Nassau for toddlers. Port Canaveral, ... find something you want to do and take her! Embrace naps... Anthem has a toddler pool area, it is very shallow. If you are not in a suite, bring a small blow up pool for baths in the bottom of your shower, or to use on your balcony. Toddler food is easy to come by, and the room fridges are empty so you have plenty of room to stash drinks and snacks. My boys are now very big (12 and 15), I never got to use a nursery on-board, they just were not on the ships we sailed when they were small. If you have a specific date night or afternoon that you want some time to yourself, go to the nursery boarding day to register your daughter, and request the babysitting times you want.
  16. I was pleasantly surprised with my Central Park Balcony on deck 12 on Oasis - I usually took stairs to get up on deck, and the evening music was lovely. It was not a loud room, one sea day afternoon I could hear the steel drum bands, but it was a SEA DAY! So that was OK with me. And unlike the ocean view balconies I have had, I did not experience any neighbors smoking. That alone was great... I think they would be caught by all the others watching them from across the way.
  17. Boleros. And, you may be able to use your wow band from Harmony. I was able to use an Anthem wow band on Oasis, no charge.
  18. Embassy Suites in Elizabeth, NJ. I request a room not facing the runway. It is a good choice with teenagers. I really like Anthem, but I recommend April through October sailings out of Bayonne. I have cruised in December, January, and February from Bayonne, I treated Day 2 and 7 as "travel days not stuck in an airport"..... it has been as cold as -12F and as warm as 60F.... on boarding day. I would do a 12 night in winter...
  19. We like Embassy Suites. I do not use the shuttle, though, I park at the pier. It saves a ton of time on the way home, it is convenient, and it is a covered parking ramp/garage.
  20. It was a large van, we had a total of 8.. i am not certain that 11 would fit.
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