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  1. I find this question also interesting and actually called RCCL. I was reassured that it wouldn't be a problem. I asked "If my family dines at Playmakers and we order several items that we normally would share, how does that work if only 2 or the 4 people have UDP?" I just realized that she didn't really answer my question. I figured that once we get the bill and we let them know we have 2 with UDP, they would bill accordingly...but we will be sharing all items. I understand other restaurants are generally single entree that you may not share. But Playmakers would be the type of place we would share different items.
  2. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. And I hope we have similar experience. I was hoping that if they do weigh us, the do it at check in and if I need to switch the other adult for my daughter, I can do it before and instructional seminar. I did book 4 adults and if I switch one of them with my daughter, it wouldn't be an issue since she's a teen (even though she only weighs 100lbs) so pricing wouldn't change. In that case, I would put my daughter with my husband and I would go with the other adult to keep the weight down. But I'd rather not and my daughter has no interest in going. And I don't think they would be too much over the limit...maybe just around the limit. I was just trying to figure out what we can do if that happens. And I feel bad for not checking if there's a limit. I never even thought of it. Every time we book something that has a weight restrictions (ie. zip lining, rib boats etc), there has been a section where we need to put our weight. I feel so much better now. Thanks again!
  3. Hi! Still new to RCCL cruiser so bear with me please. I have the Wave Jet Tour at Coco Cay booked with friends. I just realized that there may be an issue with the weight restrictions. I don't know their actual weight, but I want to be prepared in case. It says 375lbs is the max for driver and passenger. Couple of questions about the Wave Jet Tour: 1. When do they weigh you? At check in or just before getting on? 2. If there is a weight issue, would it be possible to replace the passenger with someone that isn't booked? I would very much appreciate your help. Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much! I know a lot of people in the forum is so versed in everything Royal so I can understand how silly and possibly redundant my question appears. So thanks so much for being so patient with us new to Royal cruisers!
  5. I apologize if this question seems very silly. But I was wondering if I can use UDP for lunch at JR or Playmakers if they're open during lunch on Port days. I understand it says UDP includes lunch during sea days. But I noticed that JR is open daily for lunch. I would appreciate any experience and suggestions. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the detailed info. It makes sense for independent tour operators. I was thinking that they would hold some for CocoCay for those people who prefer to wait until they're on board. Don't get me wrong, if it was my choice, this would be booked far in advance, but in certain situations, it's difficult to be sure. But as suggested, I will book and cancel onboard if I need to since I'm getting the refund as OBC, which can easily be used by gratuities etc.
  7. Thank you. That's likely what we'll need to do.
  8. Thanks! I'll definitely check for cancellations. And hope that if they have a long waitlist, they would add more spots.
  9. Hi. Sorry if this question has been asked before. I tried searching...perhaps I'm not using the correct phrase. My cruise has a lot of sold out excursions. I was wondering if a certain number of spots are set aside for booking once we board. For instance, my daughter has no idea if any of her new found friends will want to go to the thrill waterpark. So it's best to wait until we get on board, but if they may be sold out, I was thinking if we should purchase it now. If that's the case, can we get a refund if she decides not to go? I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks!
  10. We had a different experience with Cape Liberty on our Dec 2021 cruise. We had a 11:30am arrival time which I was very happy about. When we arrive at exactly 11:30am, we saw a very large line. We asked a rep to see if there was a different line for 11:30am and he said that they tried to organize it, but gave up. Several family ahead of us was boasting that they had a 12:30pm check in and no one was stopping them. This was our first cruise from Cape Liberty and was a bit disappointed with the fact that they just gave up. Those were his exact words.
  11. Absolutely, one of our main reasons for not going to the buffet. My family tends not to be too obtrusive so if there's a lot of people waiting for something, we would likely be the last to get it especially when there is no defined line. I do appreciate crew members who notices and ensures we get served before someone who just came, regardless of how loudly they ask for something. But that happens only once in a while. I'm just not sure why people don't use courtesy. I don't think they'll run out of food.
  12. Last year I advised a friend to read through this forum because he's very new to Royal. When he asked me about TAs, I couldn't really give him much help. But I suggested he read through this since a lot of TAs do post on this forum and that may give him an idea of who to contact. Fast forward to a week ago. He told me he contacted an agent and was very responsive - usually within a day, sometimes within a few hours. He was so impressed and he asked to book. But now the agent hasn't responded to any of his emails. It seemed really strange to me. I told him that there may be an emergency or something, but I assumed the agent would put a email auto reply if that's the case. I feel bad that I suggested for him to contact the TA. Not sure what can be done. So definitely do your homework!
  13. I agree completely. This doesn't change much for us since there is still a risk for fines should we test positive on an antigen test. At this point, we have no clue if we had Covid since we're not eligible for a PCR test in our province. Being asymptomatic doesn't mean we won't test positive in an antigen test. A friend has tested positive in an antigen test for several months now...even though it's been suggested that antigen tests are not as sensitive.
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