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  1. We had a different experience with Cape Liberty on our Dec 2021 cruise. We had a 11:30am arrival time which I was very happy about. When we arrive at exactly 11:30am, we saw a very large line. We asked a rep to see if there was a different line for 11:30am and he said that they tried to organize it, but gave up. Several family ahead of us was boasting that they had a 12:30pm check in and no one was stopping them. This was our first cruise from Cape Liberty and was a bit disappointed with the fact that they just gave up. Those were his exact words.
  2. Absolutely, one of our main reasons for not going to the buffet. My family tends not to be too obtrusive so if there's a lot of people waiting for something, we would likely be the last to get it especially when there is no defined line. I do appreciate crew members who notices and ensures we get served before someone who just came, regardless of how loudly they ask for something. But that happens only once in a while. I'm just not sure why people don't use courtesy. I don't think they'll run out of food.
  3. Last year I advised a friend to read through this forum because he's very new to Royal. When he asked me about TAs, I couldn't really give him much help. But I suggested he read through this since a lot of TAs do post on this forum and that may give him an idea of who to contact. Fast forward to a week ago. He told me he contacted an agent and was very responsive - usually within a day, sometimes within a few hours. He was so impressed and he asked to book. But now the agent hasn't responded to any of his emails. It seemed really strange to me. I told him that there may be an emergency or something, but I assumed the agent would put a email auto reply if that's the case. I feel bad that I suggested for him to contact the TA. Not sure what can be done. So definitely do your homework!
  4. I agree completely. This doesn't change much for us since there is still a risk for fines should we test positive on an antigen test. At this point, we have no clue if we had Covid since we're not eligible for a PCR test in our province. Being asymptomatic doesn't mean we won't test positive in an antigen test. A friend has tested positive in an antigen test for several months now...even though it's been suggested that antigen tests are not as sensitive.
  5. Thanks! Sounds like I need to follow up on this.
  6. This is the first time for me as well. Seems like everyone is having different experiences.
  7. Did you get an email from RCCL that you received it, or it was your TA who told you?
  8. It sounds like I need to keep checking. If I booked through TA, will RCCL speak with me about it? And did I read it incorrectly...does it not show on the RCCL account online?
  9. Once I cancel my cruise (CWC), will the FCC be emailed to me or my TA? I read it would be showing on my RCCL account, but I'm unclear as to where it would be posted? Thank you for any help.
  10. We got the refreshment package and never even removed the plastic wrapper on the cup. Although we're not soda drinkers, we were able to get gingerale at restaurants and bars. I, also, refuse to carry that cup around.
  11. When we crossed the land border on Dec 31st (day we disembarked), we got our PCR tests on 30th on the Anthem. And I was randomly selected while the rest of my family was not. But he said I didn't have to quarantine while waiting for my results. I did anyway. Unfortunately, because I did it on Friday, the rep said that I can either wait to get it picked up on Tuesday or drop it off. So we just dropped it off. To be honest, I was sure it would be lost...but I got the negative result on Tuesday. Same as me.
  12. This is great news! I'm waiting for them to remove return testing all together...or at the very least, permit those who test positive re-entry and quarantine at their home without a threat of a fine. If we test positive, we are more than willing to quarantine at home for 10 days.
  13. Thank you. This is great advice. For some reason, I thought the only way to lose the FCC is for it to expire. If rebook for after sep 2022 and CWC isn't extended, I will try to wait to add until I'm sure.
  14. Thank you. So, am I correct in assuming that the FCCs that was applied to the Oct 2022 will be forfeited if I cancel Oct 2022 (if CWC doesn't get extended)? This would mean that if I receive FCCs from CWC cancellation, I only have one chance to use it for rebooking using non-refundable deposit if Royal doesn't extend CWC? sorry...I'm still confused as to how the FCCs work...it sounds like I shouldn't use it for non-refundable deposit until I know I won't cancel it...otherwise, I lose it with the normal pre-covid cancellation policy.
  15. So, if I cancel the Feb 2022 cruise under CWC and rebook for Oct 2022, I can use the FCC for the Oct 2022. But what if I cancel the Oct 2022, will my FCC still have an expiration of Feb 2023 or will I be issued a new FCC that will expire Oct 2023? Sorry for the convoluted question. I just want to understand and know my options.
  16. I agree about the return PCR test to Canada. My family has decided that we're not travelling until Canada lifts the PCR testing requirement. It's too stressful now that they add the risk for fines or quarantine in the US. We have a few cruises booked this year. I hope we don't need to cancel them.
  17. So, let me see if I understand this correctly. If I cancel a cruise in July 2022 for which I get FCC for the non-refundable deposit, and then use the FCC for a cruise for May 2023. Technically, my FCC would expire July 2023 so I'm still good with May booking. But what happens if I cancel the May 2023 booking, will the FCC expiration still be the July 2023? Or will it be reissued to expire May 2024?
  18. I don't have any advice for the OP, but I thought I would share something that may help. We've been cruising with our children for over 10 yrs...in the beginning, we didn't let them have charging privileges. As they got older, we needed to set ground rules. I gave them a limit and they would have to be responsible. It usually works. Sometimes, they can't keep track so I remind them to check their account before purchasing something. They've never gotten close to the limit. Our last cruise, we decided to give them a limit and if they don't spend it, we would give them the rest. My son spent less than half of the limit and my daughter didn't spend a dime (now she normally doesn't spend a lot of money so not a surprise)...she will, however, ask us to get her a hoodie which we normally would get one thing for them...but this time, neither wanted anything. We told them to think about the spending and decide if it's worth it. Generally, if my husband and I buy things for them, they don't always consider how much it costs. But when it's their money, they think it through.
  19. Makes sense. I just felt that they wanted me to book with them immediately and I wasn't ready at the time. I've cruise with another cruise line and I never felt somewhat pressured to book with them. If I book with them and I transfer it to my preferred travel agent, I just wanted to make sure I didn't take their commission away. For some reason, I always thought that if I book directly, it wouldn't be commission based sales.
  20. This may be a strange question, but....Are the travel advisors at RCCL Travel agents? Essentially, do they work for a Travel agency and get commission or do they work at RCCL? If they are directly employed by RCCL, do they get commission for cruise bookings? Appreciate any info.
  21. Wow. That's also a long time. I hope you receive it soon. I wonder why the timing is all over the place. Since it expires, they have to be aware that people are waiting for them. I'm nervous about how long mine will take.
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