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  1. We will driving straight to New Jersey on the Saturday, Spending the night in hotel, then boarding on Sunday. Took a while for me to find the "right" hotel. Options change quickly for a group of five. I checked what people have messaged in the past regarding hotels in the area. most were booked for parties of 5 or more by the time we decided to book ourselves.
  2. Hey Beth, thanks for the advice and the link. My Girlfriend did purchase the four pack. Just recently tried my last reusable cup on it and it works great. She is totally gonna use it on our upcoming trip. thanks again, Joe
  3. This is now my "go-to" testing pre-cruise. For me personally, the $40 per test is worth it weight vs trying to comb the internet to try to find a free/cheaper option. Also, I'm using them for the third time for my upcoming cruise, I would suggest find a Shoppers that has a good staff at the Pharmacy counter. Some will be quick and efficient, some will make you take almost an hour to complete. It really depends how that staff handle your testing request with their other duties.
  4. Greeting all, I was looking for input from the experienced Cruisers about your preferred holder (if you have one) to hold the reusable cup offered with the Soda Package. I recently purchases the large(64 oz I think ) YETI bottle holder. It works well for my purposes but my girlfriend would like an alternative, once she saw how much I paid for the YETI holder. I assume Amazon would be the best place but not sure which holder to purchase as some of the site info(measurements) on the various ones I found to be confusing. Thanks in advance, Joe
  5. @Edmund I have driven from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Even with the exchange(I think I paid somewhere around $1USD=$1.40CAD), it is well worth the price. Considering airfare if you fly in / transfers from airport to terminal. What I found amazing was doing the self-disembarkation(with my luggage), I left the ship around 7am was through the terminal and back in my car around 7:30-7:45am. On the road and back in Canada around 3pm. Recently priced airfare (for 3)from Toronto to Newark, with taxes, over $1000. Had to do it this time as I was unable to take off time from work to accommodate a drive down. Plus wasn't sure the land border would be open in time for my Dec 12 Cruise.
  6. I know of the various Internet packages that are offered by the Cruise Planner. Way back I remember you could buy a block of time to use one of the onboard computers. I might be in need of using the internet for a potential 2-3 hour zoom meeting but don't want to pay for a whole week of VOOM. Normally I do not use any internet at all as I'm on vacation so in the past I've never asked about this when I was onboard. Is there something that would be available just for the day or by the hour on Anthem of the Seas. Thanks in advance.
  7. This will be my first cruise back post-shutdown. 10 days to go can't wait!!!
  8. Greeting all, my name is Joe and I've been following the the blog for the last little bit and throughly enjoying the Youtube videos with all the questions and answers. Thought I'd finally sign up as it seems all I do these days is talk about my upcoming cruises. I am booked on Anthem Dec 12 (10 days woo-hoo), Oasis Jan 30, and back on Anthem on March 13. In the past I've sailed on Anthem, Oasis, Explorer, Radiance and Serenade. Look forward to hearing from you
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