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  1. I am wondering about the drinks that are included with the continental breakfast, more specifically I am curious about mimosa or bloody mary’s (I have the deluxe drink package) would I be able to order continental breakfast with coffee and a Bloody Mary for free (except tip)?
  2. On out 12 night cruise I am taking: 2 regular flip flops 1 fancy flip flop 2 pair high heels (black and beige) sneakers and water shoes
  3. I am definitely going to look into that app, I purchased VOOM for my hubbys cell because he would never be able to go that long without streaming his news. That app will be perfect for our kiddos back home to stay in touch!
  4. I’m on the same sailing! Did you see the link to our sailings Facebook Group? https://m.facebook.com/groups/582558342078755/?ref=share If you are interested!!!
  5. Are WOW Bands available on all ships? Wondering about my upcoming cruise on Radiance.
  6. I can’t find it!!!! Would you mind posting the link??
  7. @Pima1988 “Take a flat iron (hair) even if you don't need it. Traditional irons are not allowed, but hair flat irons are. The beauty of a flat iron is you can use it like a traditional iron for shirts and pants. I don't take downy release because I take a flat iron. Look at a flat iron, and you can see how you can use it to iron out wrinkles in the sleeves of a shirt, or crease the pant legs. It takes up little room, and you don't need to worry about any liquids leaking on your clothes.” I never thought of this
  8. So many great tips, I’m making notes, thank you all!!!
  9. I know I am so excited!!!! We are coming in from the Northeast and our first flight is 5/4 coming in to Seattle. Then we have a hotel overnight and in the morning start the next flight to Honolulu. We aren’t coming in until noon 5/5 but Its not like we have to worry about departure until next day! Maybe we will see you aboard!!!!
  10. Actually we are flying in that day but we are overnight on Oahu that first night , don’t set sail until the next day. Has anyone ever done this, do you know if they would hold the muster drill the first day on board or the next day before we set sail?
  11. We are going on our very first cruise On Royal Radiance of the Seas 12 night Hawaii- Vancouver. We already purchased the Unlimited Dining and Deluxe Drink Package. You guys have had fantastic information and I really appreciate all of your input and ideas. I saw an idea somewhere to store your empty luggage under the bed, an invaluable tip, so I got to thinking, I would love to know all of your favorite cruise hacks/ tips?
  12. I did see many postings about power strips, but I am wondering if anyone has tried this type of non-surge outlet/USB and had problems getting it aboard?https://www.amazon.com/Cruise-Power-Strip-USB-Outlets/dp/B07BHVKPC3/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=cruise+outlet&qid=1555867175&s=gateway&sr=8-3#immersive-view_1555867200309 Thank you all for the great information you all provide!! Andi
  13. My name is Andrea, my husband and I are taking our very first cruise in May same cruise as @bmhightower We are going with another couple very familiar with cruising. I’m so excited I’m already packed!!!
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