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  1. Well....if you are not happy with the food coming out an astute waitstaff should recognize this, inquire what the problem might be, supply that active feedback to the kitchen and help to make the food is more to your liking........could be any number of issues that people blame on the kitchen that the waitstaff could have fixed for you while there so if you have a complaint about one part of the MDR it makes sense to me that it would also detract from other areas in the MDR....they are after all one team.
  2. Go to email, click link again.......click on hyperlink of the room you bid on and you will be taken to a page showing your bid is pending and what amount you bid for.
  3. My kids favorite memory of Coco is the first time we were there in a day bed on the old south beach (before the perfect day extravaganza)....it started raining and they were all like "What do we do now" as they watched all the people run out of the water, pack up their crap and leave......it wasn't a thunder storm, so I took them into the water....which was warm, and the chilly rain splashed on their faces while they swam.....20 minutes later it stopped, sun came out...and we were the only people around for the rest of the day.
  4. Princess limits alcoholic drinks to 15 beverages per person in a 24-hour period, beginning at 6 AM each day....and ordering a double counts as 2......just pointing out additional facts to make sure comparison is truly apples to apples........and not start an argument about being able to actually drink that much or not.
  5. When we did Bermuda to Boston back to Cape Liberty, Customs was done on the boat prior to docking in Boston. I would expect you will have something similar prior to Charleston
  6. You can - go to various beaches (done this) - go to various caves (done this) - take multiple different type of scenic boats rides to look at land, look at sea, look at sea floor (done this) - go snorkeling - go scuba - go swim in dolphins (done this) - take a sunset boat ride (done this) - go fishing (done this) - go....well basically anything you can do an island...you can do in Bermuda....many/most through RCCL or using a 3rd party Try this if you don't have a reservation yet: http://www.royalcaribbean.com/findacruise/destinations/shoreExcursions/subGateWayByPort/search.do?LocationCode=KWB Go to your cruise planner if you do have a reservation
  7. $1000-1500 if you want all the photos and maybe 1 large one I believe it is $800 just for all digital copies of everything they take. Done it on Anthem twice We got these during the first pro session we did back in 2019
  8. No, because we didn't have to, our kids still get along.....for now anyway. Just pointing out there is room/option/ideas. As for comfort....our 15 yr old says he doesn't like the roll away and prefers the sleeper sofa in terms of overall comfort.
  9. Something amazing has happened. She has agreed to another cruise before Alaska. Look through our offers and we are taking a free ride to Bermuda out of Baltimore (our home port) in July in a Junior Suite for taxes and port fees. Will be nice to finally use one of these 'free' offers as-is.
  10. So funny story about this. Pre-covid we were only a few points away from Diamond and I tried to get her to go on a small free cruise with me. She wouldn't do it. So I told her I would go alone. For 2 months I said, I told her when I was leaving, when I would be back....right up till the day of the cruise. She went to work and I said bye, see you in a week and she left. So then I moved my car into the back of my barn where it couldn't be seen and went about my day (I work from home). Close to when she would come home, I locked up the house, turned everything off and proceed to hide in the bedroom. She came in (with the kids she picked up on the way home) saw I wasn't home and went APE SHIT CRAZY all while our kids are like "but Mom, you guys talked about it, he is on a cruise alone to get up to the next level"....all while I am upstairs laughing my arse off. So needless to say....going solo isn't an option.
  11. I keep telling the wife....."We have this free junior suite cert we can use it and leave the kids at home"......then she starts talking about work and PTO....and I"m like "we can buy the internet package"
  12. We (Me, Wife, Kid 1, Kid 2) are all 172 points. We are sailing in Alaska in August, in a suite, with the double/double...so we get 4 points per night. Will we magically get D+ 5 vouchers per day on the second day or be stuck with the peasant level 4 vouchers per day the whole cruise. (yes, there is humor with this question)
  13. It was hot...but not unbearable.....when we were there we saved turtles....open air bus ride, stop at some tourist trap shopping, then 1-1.5 hours digging holes on the beach. Didn't really notice heat until we were standing in port standing around being bored for 20 minutes
  14. They need to go out and do things....sitting around focusing on the feeling only makes it worse. Then when you get to port go buy some Dramamine
  15. I've been getting that error for 5 months now on every cruise I have planned. Get it in Firefox and can't even get into cruise planned on Edge or Chrome web browsers. When I need to buy something I literally have to sit on hold for 3 hours at a time. I'm convinced it is what is driving up their call volumes because the two of us can't be alone ;). In fact I'm sitting on hold right now....and all the stuff I tried to buy last night and gave up sitting on hold at 11pm EST...is now $250 more at 9am EST so I am peeved.
  16. Yeah...I agree. They blare messages all day long "According to federal mandate you must....." but now that federal mandate isn't there.....some will go "according to local regulation...." ;). So which is it bub....and since they don't actually spend their own money....they will be willing to take it to court and fight in many places until a judge says knock it off.
  17. Yeah....well....literally....AFTER this ruling was handed down the little tiny dictators were coming on the bus and yelling at all the cruisers they need their masks, threatening to kick people of the plane......so it still going to be a long road ahead restoring freedoms.
  18. Ft Lauderdale International and American Airlines were all masked up today making our flight home just that little bit worse.
  19. Lamb Chop....hands down. It isn't a cruise without stopping in to Chops for a plate
  20. So I've routinely received offers over the years for cruises I had booked, but not paid for yet, and sometimes found that when repricing with an offer from the casino I was able to save money. Flash forward to today...I have a cruise to Alaska in Aug....this is a cruise that has essentially been paid for....for 2 years. We were supposed to go in Aug 2020 and then again in Aug 2021....but as we all know....stuff happened...yadda yadda..... So today I get a mailer offer for a free balacony room on my sailing......has anyone had any luck repricing after being paid in full? I don't want to waste an hour on the phone if this is already a known non-starter.
  21. Already paid for the transfer ;). The cost isn't the issue....was looking for convenience....hand them all the luggage at the airport, get on the bus....and not worry about a thing. Just need to know where to go in the airport to get on Plus there is 4 of us...so that's a lot of people w/ bags for taxi
  22. So....flying in.....how easy is it to 'find' the Royal transfer location in the airport? When we flew into Nassau it was a 'little' confusing finding RC outside the airport but ultimately found them....would like to make it a little smoother this time.....we have air2sea transfers....
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