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  1. We always bring a blutooth speaker....we use it xclusively in our cabin. Love music all day and everyday.....when on board in cabin is really the only place you CAN'T find music
  2. If you are sitting at the table and order the wine, you get to pay...so yes?
  3. Mine was never changed from 1 point. But I'm at D+ now so I don't really care.
  4. The overwater have paved walkway area to water then easy transition to wide decking area. The attendants all ride 3 wheel bikes right out to the cabana.
  5. I take it you left the ship and forget to cash out a couple chips after your last sailing?
  6. I guess that beats my never cruised before so no status to D+ in 8 cruises
  7. I just gamble to have fun. It turns out my level of enjoyment puts into Prime on the first cruise I take every new fiscal year. You'll go crazy trying to keep track of it all and ultimately fool yourself into thinking you're 'getting one over on them'.......
  8. We were going to be a few points shy of Diamond Plus when we went to AK in August....so when we got a free cruise offer for a Jr suite in July...we took it...it put us over the threshold for AK and we got an extra cruise in for good measure. With that said.....I don't think the benefits are really there to 'pay' for a cruise just to tier up most of the time. Since this was a port fees and taxes free cruise that we drove to the port to take and the benefit would be 5 free drinks per day (instead of 4) for 4 people on AK cruise.....So $13x7x4= $364 it worked out pretty closely to be a wash.
  9. It is if you like waves. Just without the dirty water. Sheesh.
  10. The water park has a wonderfully fun wave pool that I spent hours in last time I was there. Was like being at the Jersey shore right after a storm
  11. I hate going to the concierge club on Anthem....it is just too far away from everything and there is no easy way.......the elevators are such a long walk and there are no back stairs or anything for public use to short cut the treck.......I suppose what I'm saying is......how many people actually go
  12. Make sure you tell your CC you are cruising. They love turning off CC the 2nd or 3rd day at sea when RCCL starts hitting them with hold funds/auths against your on board account....and then you are at sea...and its hard to straighten out until you have solid cell service for calls and text messaging.
  13. Just pointing out the weather....sitting outside, drinking wine, soaking in the sun. It had rained the day before, but even then, kids were out on the balcony whale spotting. I wouldn't let the threat of rain dissuade someone from getting a room with a view. That's what I meant by different experiences
  14. We've had extremely different experiences in Alaska
  15. If you use air canada and/or connect through Toronto Airport....you will miss the cruise. I literally watched Air Canada cancel a flight out of Philly the day before the cruise and tell passengers how they wouldn't get to Vancouver now until 2 days later (the day after the cruise left port) because of their inability to get flights in the air with crews or get ground crews in place to support the flights that were flying into/out of Toronto.
  16. The APP only supports one trip at a time. Royal email will tell you to fill out another one while at airport waiting taxi (or something like that).....the first one is hard because of the info needed, the second one is easier because your travelers are 'saved' in the app
  17. Don't use Air Canada is my only advice I can offer
  18. Customs is always confusing. Even if you fly into Canada in the AM of the cruise, you fill out arrivecan for that flight, and then you fill it out again for the cruise. It is like a prefill out that you are coming back in x number of days.
  19. We did a 10:30 check in, starting the walk the escalator at the hotel at 10am and where on board by 10:30 (we had to sit waiting for ship to open up for a several minutes along with all the walking between stations where we did things )
  20. Only takes about 10 minutes with good timing, I will warn you though.........there is a LOT of walking involved...it is an interesting process. Walk down long hallway to ship check in, then double back on a lower level and walk long hallway to customs, then double back again and walk hallway to waiting area to board ship.
  21. I answered incorrectly 2 weeks ago...selected that I had covid. I had no problem getting on board.
  22. Try getting back into Canada without it ;). You are arriving by sea the second time. Still makes no sense to have to fill it out a second time...I am no longer arriving at that point...I am departing. Government Bureaucracy at work and just another chance to be 'randomly selected' and have your plans all toss into turmoil.
  23. You can only complete it 3 days ahead of time ;).....and its a 7 night sailing
  24. So I know I need to use Aircan. We are flying into Toronto with connecting flight to Vancouver. We are staying in Vancouver the day before the cruise. I got an email from RCCL that said to use aircan for the flight in (Check, all done and setup) And then the email said to create another application while still at the airport for when I arrive at the pier to get on the ship....but that doesn't make any sense...I am leaving Canada. I figured I would need to complete it again for when we return in a week...but the email said I needed to complete it again to get on the ship???
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