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  1. Elegance of the Seas Blue Sky of the Seas Kraken of the Seas (yeh, we beat chy'a last night Seattle! LGB! @RickinSTLGloria!) Glacier of the Seas
  2. Kinda like a mystery movie. "By the end of this sailing, at least one of you will be dead." Cue Vincent Price.
  3. I'm dubious on this: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/26542-vancouver-preparing-for-record-year-in-cruise.html?fbclid=IwAR04_CVurM_MN7o3yjZW1V38vja1EV2bXETkErMf8m1dwRU2a7-G44-h4jc
  4. +1 on this although it would screw-up our flights from YVR, but I can fix that. I can't fix stupid (look'n at you, Trudeau). I hope they make up their mind soon and stay consistent for the entire season.
  5. If you look in the back on one of the Aqua Suite Balconies, there are a few people wearing masks on their faces. I do believe that is a current picture.
  6. Given all this BS, I wonder how this will play out with Vancouver debark at the conclusion of Alaska Southbound sailings. @Rene Desmaraiswishing you and your family a rapid end to this situation you find yourselves in.
  7. Interestingly, RC will introduce a contract to a minor and expect it to remain enforce it when a person under the age of consent has their cruise cancelled by the adult that purchased the faire. Namely, RC "refunds" the fare as FCC in the name of each cruiser, even to people (children) who are not old enough to enforce a contract (as opposed to the individual who paid for the fare). It is curious to me how Royal can do this. Even where the ship is registered, there are laws regarding the age of contractual consent.
  8. I wonder: 1) Could our US based MEI TA do this? 2) What if Cruiser in question was a minor, e.g., unable to enforce a contract?
  9. Anthem BC/BS is only covering them if you are sick and they will only send you one test kit per person. Also, they will only send it if your sick. It is not for travel, etc. They will not cover it if you buy it on your own.
  10. I am wondering about one in our travel group who is unvaxxed and chooses to remain so. We booked our upcoming cruise before the vax requirement was put in place by Royal. He is my son's friend and I've paid for his deposit. I'm hoping that they will refund his deposit to me rather than issuing FCC in his name. I don't see Royal doing away with the vax requirement by this summer.
  11. Thought of another name: Coral of the Seas.
  12. Or, Mirage of the Seas. Or, Beauty of the Seas.
  13. I like Concerto of the Seas. Or Sonata of the Seas. Those are my suggestions (that they didn't ask me for).
  14. Their Caliente Carrot drink is soooo good. That'll kill whatever ails ya.
  15. The taco offerings at Maya Chan in Costa Maya were nothing g short of spectacular. The welcoming atmosphere and the massage by Memo just added to the perfect day.
  16. This seafood ceviche from Nachi Cocum in Cozumel was the bomb!
  17. The Vitality cafe on Oasis had fruit soups, albeit in a glass with a straw. Yes, a smoothie.
  18. 1) Buy TWO proctored test kits per person. 2) Keep expectations in check. 3) Commit to being flexible. YOU WILL HAVE A GREAT TIME! Any break in one of those three legs and it won't work. That's is my advice. Currently, we are on our last day of a 7 nt. OASIS OS Western Caribbean and have had a fabulous time.
  19. I agree with your perspective. I bid near minimum for the Star Class suites available to bid on. However, I still agree that we didn't "win", we were awarded the opportunity to pay more. It's all in the verbiage. The way they figure the succession of dollars down the staterooms line was what dictated our "winning."
  20. You will have a great time. The crew has been fantastic! This has been a great sailing for everyone who keeps their expectations in check. We may not get all of our oompaloompas, but maybe next sailing.
  21. I'm hoping for Led Zeppelin KASHMIR! Calling Jason Bonham!
  22. Pheonix is the name of the band. I concur, this has been an absolutely fantastic sailing. Our bartender said about 3500 sailing due to last minute cancelations. I hope we make Costa Maya tomorrow. I'm headed to Maya Chan. DH AND DS headed out for more flyfishing. I hope my flight isn't canceled on Sunday back to the Ozarks.
  23. If you can do steps, go for the Crown Loft suite. NOTHING compares to deck 17. If you cannot do steps, then go where you like the action with the Owners Suite.
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