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  1. I don't believe you have past the 30 days, yet.
  2. I've been wrong many times before, but I think that since the OP cancelled before RCL cancelled, they will receive 100% of their base fare, not the 125% if RCL had cancelled (before the OP cancelled). This is exactly what happened to us. YMMV.
  3. Did you use a TA or did you speak with on of RCL's agents on the phone?
  4. My son has to take an athletic physical every year to play High School soccer. . . Doctors DO sign patient waiver as such.
  5. +1 AND +1, two cruises applied
  6. +10000000000000000000 for Sharla at MEI
  7. That's why I stated that. If the government bails them I, that's what they will do. I hate that. Plus, with 2B USD borrowed from their line of credit, that action will over leverage the company. I can hear the toilet flushing, already.
  8. I thought about clarifying and then thought "nah". I should have. Yes, NO ONE will be buying in the near future. I am talking about in the next 3 to 5 years. Vision, in your hypothetical, will be worth more. Cut it from the fleet, raise the cash, and get rid of the debt. . . There WILL be buyers, maybe even now, poised to make a purchase at sale prices. But my message to RCCL, DON'T BUY BACK COMPANY STOCK!
  9. I'm JUST starting to homebrew (gathering supplies)! Tired of going to fill growlers when I could do it at home! Also, working on my sourdough starter! Gonna brew with that, too! Cheers!!
  10. Juxtaposing your ideas onto RCCL's situation, why not ride out the storm as it were, but leave some ships in port/drydock when the industry is moving again. Sell a part of the fleet to raise cash, unless that's the plan to bring down the debt. I think RCCLs strategy is like hoping a band-aide will hang on during a long, hot shower.
  11. You better believe it! And, I have others without debt and I have others that do have debt (not as many, though).
  12. I suspect that RCL and the bank can re-write the line of credit terms when nearing the two years and extended it out over mannnnnnny years. Banks love that. Agreed, glad I haven't bought stock. Prefer to invest in companies with no debt on their books.
  13. I canceled the cruise planner orders fourteen days ago. The refunds have just started appearing on my CC in the last 24 hours! I'm hoping there is more because the refunds that I've received so far do not add up to the cruise planner purchases made with my CC. And that is something you need to be aware of, check to make sure that your CC purchases match your CC refunds and don't throw in any OBC into the mix.
  14. Hi @Kathleen, I didn't take your question as rude at all. We selected Quantum because the price was a bit less than Ovation, and we will now be in a GS-2 bedroom, so that's why. If you sail Alaska again and can swing it, I'd suggest one of the open-jaw sailings that Radiance does and spend some time in Anchorage! When we go for the third time (summer 2022), we will do just that again. Also, I think it will be at least 6 to 12 months before sailings start up again. I also believe that the industry as a whole will take a PR beating and will see overall bookings drop for years to come. Therefore, I think that pricing will come down a lot and that our fare will fall further. Will still stay with Quantum and will enjoy any rate drops for a Radiance sailing.
  15. We loved the Radiance Southbound. The ports of call were fantastic, Juneau, Icy Strait, Skagway, and Ketchikan. We spent four days in Anchorage before taking the train to Seward, so there is another plus. There is so much to see and do in the Anchorage area, that four days was not even close to enough time spent there. My son will be bringing a friend for plenty of fly-fishing in Seattle before embarkation and then also while on the cruise. Because of the cost comparison for what we like to do, pre-cruise activities and port excursions (read: fishing), and the added cost that we are picking up for my son's buddy, selecting the Quantum sailing was a no brainer. If it were just the three of us, we would choose another Radiance southbound. This Quantum sailing, as mentioned by @SpeedNoodles (I call you "Speedy" when I think of you and your posts) and @twangster, does have some fun port stops that others sailings, like Serenade, don't have. For our particular sailing, 8/9/2020, port stops are the same as the Radiance North/South sailings with one exception, and that is Skagway. Instead of Skagway, we will be visiting Victoria, BC. I hear it's a "yawner," but that's alright given all that the ship has to offer. I will research this more, though. The fly-in-fly-out fly fishing excursion in Juneau was fun and could get them to remote places to fish. This is a picture of my son and his guide, Zachary from Bear Creek Fly-fishing Outfitters: This is what I hooked into in Juneau at Tracy's ("If lov'n you is wrong, I don't wanna be right"): The picture doesn't do the king crab leg justice. It was HUGE! The fly-fishing in Icy Strait (Hoonah) was a lot of fun, too. Below are pictures of my husband and a Char (aka Dog Toothed Salmon) he hooked into and me with my pink salmon (aka Humpy). For the squeamish, that is not blood on the Char's lip. That is the breeding coloring of this beautiful fish during its final trek back home. The Pink and I were not getting along in the photo. Our son likes to tie his flies, so on our next sailing, he will be using his own. Of the three of us, he is the most accomplished fly fisherman. Living in the Ozarks, we have abundant clean streams and waterways for this type of fishing. Below are two pics of him hooking into one of the many pinks he caught just outside of Icy Strait: I should mention that on the guided stream trips, one of the guides always had a shotgun on his shoulder. It was the end of July, and the bears are hungry for the salmon swimming upstream. No bears encountered us. Just as here in the Ozarks, and especially more so up north, we must be "bear aware." Ketchikan afforded some regular open water salmon fishing. We got to ship our catch home, and it was delicious. The bottom line, we can't wait to go back and excited to try a big ship. Flying out on a float plane ensures that we get to some pretty remote areas to wet the line. We prefer the Alaskan cruises, and like @SpeedNoodles "Speedy," we have Norway/Finland on the bucket list.
  16. Very excited about this news! So excited that we changed our Serenade July 2021 sailing to the Quantum out of Seattle! This change leads me to wonder if QOS will receive a refurb/update besides the laser tag to appeal to the American market. Since this ship has been in the Asian market for quite some time, it has a noodle shop among other Asian specialties and interests. Does anyone have any idea? Heard anything? Granted, we will still be in the #teamCK crew as we will be Sky Class, but just wondering about some of the other offerings. So Psyched! Now, if we could get that intern to show up again! Thanks Sharla at MEI for making this happen!!
  17. We received our FCC today for our canceled Oasis 3/22/20 sailing. It did not include the 25%.
  18. Received our FCC today, and as I knew, we did not get the additional 25%. Oh well.
  19. It is a subjective title, not purely objective nor totally accurate in the quantitative realm. I created this title as many of us on these message boards will NOT receive the additional 25% FCC for our cancelling. Hope that helps. 🙂
  20. That is, if you get the 25%. . . We won't be. Thats what I'm losing out on for being proactive with my cancellation. Oh well.
  21. WOWZERS! This is wonderful compensation. Very pricey, too. Wonder if Carnival will weather this storm in the next 10 years. . . . But still, WONDERFUL COMPENSATION! The meat of the article: Carnival Cruise Line is now detailing the compensation passengers will receive during their cancelled cruises. Friday evening, it was announced that the company would be suspending all sailings until April 9, with the intention of resuming operations on Friday, April 10. A letter from Carnival President Christine Duffy offered more details, including how impacted passengers would be compensated. “We are sorry to share the news that Carnival Cruise Line is temporarily pausing service, effective with all sailings departing Saturday, March 14 through April 9, 2020 across its fleet of North America based ships,” she said. “We will resume service on April 10, 2020.” READ MORE: Carnival Cruise Line Temporarily Cancels Sailings The letter went on to say, “As you know COVID-19 has now turned into a global pandemic. Carnival has responded by implementing higher levels of screening, monitoring, and sanitation protocols to protect the health and safety of our guests, crew, and communities we serve. We have had no diagnosed cases linked to our operations and we are committed to continuing to do our part to support public officials in their efforts to manage and contain this unprecedented public health situation.” Guests will have two options when it comes to their cancelled Carnival cruise. What Cancelled Carnival Cruise Guests Will Receive Cruises six or more days Option 1: Passengers can receive a 100 percent future cruise credit, plus $600 on board credit per stateroom to be used on their next cruise. Option 2: Guests who opt not to take a future cruise credit can receive a 100 percent refund. Cruises five days or less Option 1: Passengers can receive a 100 percent future cruise credit, plus $300 on board credit per stateroom to be used on their next cruise. Option 2: Guests who opt not to take a future cruise credit can receive a 100 percent refund. https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-cruise-line-details-passenger-compensation-and-refunds/
  22. +1 I wish there was an emoji for " I don't like what you're saying, but I agree with it."
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