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  1. Yes, you are correct they are. But I didn't tell my family. I am trying to train them to bring less, my husband is as bad as my 15 year old daughter. Shhhhh please don't tell them, I will act innocent when we arrive at the airport
  2. We are spoiled as we always drive to the embarkation ports. For the June 12th Adventure sailing flying to Nassau presents something that is unusual for us. Is there a place to purchase sun block, face wash, etc for the sailing as we are prohibited from bringing more than the 3.5 oz on the plane & I am making this happen in a carry on & personal bag....space is limited. We are landing at the Nassau airport on Bahamas air via air to sea & being shuttled to the Hilton for check in, any experiences you are willing to share would be very appreciated. (i am olive, but my family are so pi
  3. @SharlaMEI Travel my TA 706 742 5358 [email protected] should be able to help you secure the cabin you like if you have one in mind. She can place it on hold until you get things sorted. When dealing with these crazy scenarios having a TA working like a Tiger for you helps with the feeling of powerlessness and frustration. I found MEI through this site & have never looked back. Great support here, my husband and daughter see me on the computer & say "are you on the BLOG again?" My daughter says you tell me I can't talk to people I don't know on the internet, but you do it everyda
  4. I agree with this statement above. I thought that having everyone cleared via antigen test upon disembarkation would have covered any "liability" or blame afterwards because in reality company's and anyone with "deep pockets" are always being sued for everything but this is "overboard" (pun intended) Sadly, this is the world we live in today. Company's are going crazy in order to shield themselves from the exposure, I believe they figure if you want to enjoy our product you will do it while we are fully protected. I can absolutely envision a scenario of someone getting sick somewher
  5. Still waiting on the 30 days before sailing notification. Honestly we are going with expectations of mask wearing pretty much everywhere. We want to sail, we are going to do whatever is required of us and if too much, spend much time on our balcony. I want to sail that much, expecting the worst but hoping and praying for better. We discuss frequently how we are going to roll with it and then reevaluate future sailings on this experience. Sadly with all the "cruise hate" going around I want these sailings to be crazy successful. I want to be part of that. @Matt will let us know as soon a
  6. OMG.... Allure better sail, I have to meet you! Seems like your family and mine will get along great. What a sense of humor. (Not creepy like) I will be on the look out as I will be for @twangster. Just to high five and cheers our love of sailing.
  7. here it is, http://image.royalcaribbeanmarketing.com/lib/fe9415737666017570/m/1/ROY_spacer.gif We know you’ve been looking forward to this cruise, and we want to make sure that you get onboard as effortlessly as possible. As we continue working with medical experts to provide you with a safe adventure, you’ll be hearing more from us. Here are a few key steps to be aware of as you begin preparing for your best vacation yet.
  8. Did anyone get the email a day or two ago, ugh I wish I had saved it stating a SARS-Covid Test & a vaccine will be required to board the Adventure? I was thinking and then they give you the antigen at check in, wow would we really need to wear masks also? I'm going back in to see if I can locate that email. Sailing Saturday so we planning the PCR test for our teenager on Tuesday, now it seems like we albeit vaccinated will need one also. Didn't fill out the Bahamas Health Visa yet either waiting for more specific guidance, it did say they would reach out again 30 days before so ....
  9. Cheers to you @Sharla you have been by my side this entire time, when things got tough you got tougher! You're the reason I didn't lose my mind during this time. I hope to sail with you one day and properly celebrate your efforts. You are so appreciated, I hope you can feel that. Happy Travel Advisor Day & Happy Mother's Day too!
  10. Adventure of the Seas June 12, 2021 Odyssey of the Seas November 19, 2022 Like @JLMoran stated above Adventure for us was never going to happen, but hubby snagged subsidized flights at a cost he found agreeable, and that's saying something because he is frugal city!
  11. @Floski we are on this same sailing. I think they will sail at least 60%. I booked late, paid last week and am still also gold as I have had so many cancellations. I don't know this to be true but I feel like enough people didn't book or CWC cancelled due to final payment being due without knowing if she is going. The RCCL FCC game is no fun! Then others who won't sail until some of the silly protocols are lifted (masks everywhere etc) and finally I think early on the cruiseline may have previously blocked cabins for crew. I feel positive if she sails WE WILL BE ON HER, see you in Port Canave
  12. So I am paying in full now, well @Sharla is for me in the hopes that she sails. Allure is big, she is sailing out of Florida (PC) and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If they cancel but I fear this less and less as the days go on, I am hopefully going to Lift & Shift as the price Sharla booked me was beyond amazing. But of course rather then that I respectfully request to sail, fingers crossed...anyone else on board this one? It's myself, my hubby and my 15 year old daughter. She is on the quiet side, nothing like me!!
  13. Okay, this is just a thought about the missing FCC vortex, @Sharla applied my FCC certificates to my Brilliance sailing, in the interum they kind of go missing. It is about 5,000.00 in FCC for the three of us with of course seperate certificate numbers all set to expire December 2021. I have decided to keep my notes and amounts close and relax, my TA is a Tiger. What if they are transferring the FCC certificates that expire 12/21 and generating new ones that expire Sept 2022 and there are so many that this is the vortex they are in? Kind of makes sense. Im choosing to relax about it
  14. Just to clarify, kids (under 16 now) still need PCR test to enter Bahamas, as of right now do fully vacinnated adults even if stipulation dropped by Bahamas still need this PCR to board the Adventure? ( because of the healthy sail panel recommendations? ) Color me still confused, HELP please? I want to sail but so full of trepedation. I envy you guys who get up and go!!
  15. To all my fellow cruisers, being from Tampa area (so spoiled driving to ports) I am guilty of bringing way to much luggage. If I am going to have to "air to sea" my desire is to be prepared for a 7 night sailing with just carry on luggage, one per each of us. Can it be done? Probably would forego the "formal night" but with the extra costs and logistics I believe less is more concerning this topic. Could we have some fun and revisit personal hacks & suggestions? Looks like carry on size is 22x14x9 and a personal bag, maybe a smaller size back pack? I look forward to your responses.
  16. @Matt and the wonderful adventurers here. Is there such thing as a rapid pcr test? If you fly in on air to sea charter flight for example on Saturday, (ship sails Saturday, yikes goes against the grain) when do you get swabbed? Is day 0 swab day and then 5 days or Tuesday being day 5 and count to Saturday from there. Negative results by Thursday Bahamas health form upload and then that says 48 hours, as things stand now does that cause any angst? Im tense just thinking about it. With everyone supporting these sailings and our host the Bahamas I would implore they make this process a bit more u
  17. For everyone sailing 12 June 2021 besides pure joy, what are your expectations? Is this sailing at capacity? Are excursions only through the cruiseline at this time? Curious minds want to know! Super excited for you on this kick off cruise, I am hoping Royal puts some credits in your on board account for believing in them, please enjoy your journey. Seriously what capacity will they be sailing? Cococay just your ship? Oh, that beautiful island....
  18. @[email protected] @Sharla Recommendation for hotel close to embarkation? (Adventure sailing) We usually stay at the Hilton right there but there are no rooms available for the 3 of us. I am just trying to do some leg work to get an idea of total costs on top of FCC's, before I bother Sharla. To waste her time is not an option. To clarify, do we have to fly in the same day as the sailing or can we get there a day before? I wondered if the Covid tests we submit to in the States would be accepted for entering the Bahamas as well as embarking the ship? I want to understand everything before commitme
  19. No. They hate this industry. They are miffed at the audacity of our questioning their motives. They need to be removed from this equation, I fear no matter what the industry puts into practice it will never be good enough. I want to sail, but my heart hurts for every person who makes their living tethered to this industry. Dog and pony shows need to stop, CDC needs to leave it alone already, been in an airport or airplane lately? Disney World? Simply disgraceful their lack of positive partnership.
  20. I was thinking the same thing. Reality is we will have to abide by what ever they decide and seriously I am disgusted and sick and tired over stressing about this mess already. We always sail as a family also and with a 15 year old if they institute what NCL has I will just avail myself to the refunds and be done with it. I will miss sailing but I will continue to concentrate on my blessings and schedule other types of Holidays. Eventually we will sail again, but if not we have made amazing life long memories and those travelling without kids will get to enjoy sailing with out kids, and I beli
  21. @[email protected] Suite on Deck 7! Sounds good, now I will will a Lift & Shift to be offered Thanks so much!
  22. IF they offer the L & S option for our impending June cancellation my alternative would be this ship. Is the foot traffic and chair dragging a concern (loudly, frequently, hours) for a deck 8 cabin? What is your favorite thing about this Ship? It is scheduled to depart out of Tampa USA if allowed by then June 2022 (oh please let us sail). @twangsterdo you have any photos of this ship/class of ship? The You Tube videos I found made me nauseous within minutes. Wanting to make the best decision for my family, we are vaccinated but my 15 year old is not so eligible so it may be a long while be
  23. We are booked June 19 out of Tampa & August 1 out of PC. Both sailings were at incredible prices. I am going to lift and shift if offered to at least take advantage of my incredible pricing. I am not happy at all with the FCC games, absolutely disgusted to put it mildly. But again, only if this program is offered again my comparable August sailing is more than double the price so who knows. Positive thoughts....
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