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  1. We all wear back packs as our carry on bags. Upon stepping onto ship we go straight to do the muster and then grab a beverage and sit down and people watch until a preferred lunch spot is open. (we usually get an 1100 check in) After that a leisurely lunch and usually by that time the cabins are open.
  2. Happy Sailing everyone! I wish for you all an amazing week. Have fun!
  3. I am just guessing here but I think they are mandated that they would have to report positive tests, thus they don't test otherwise the code for the ship would be RED. Again they opted into this of their own volition and now their actions circumvent the process they signed up for. At the end of the day it's about making the most $$ they can to address the outstanding debt. Just my 2 cents....they want it both ways.
  4. @She Sails Away the sailing to nowhere did not start out that way! 8 Night southern in December, the ship was packed. I remember blogging about the fact our room steward told us they were at 100% minus of course the cabins set aside for "sick people" & people on here verbally assaulting me saying "that's not possible, no way. The steward is lying," mind you the bloggers who responded were not on the ship with us, thus my appreciation for "real reports" like yours! So we did go to CoCo Cay on Sunday, boarded Saturday and the private island on Sunday. But even then we felt something was off. Another ship also was on the Island & the people overwhelmed the staff. But I digress, we sailed down to the beautiful Curacao and the Captain made an announcement, the Island is having a meeting, our Covid numbers are being discussed. Almost every hour he updated us, our excursion time had come and gone we were docked at the Port staring at the beauty, but alas we were not allowed to disembark. This was after about 4 hours, fast forward Aruba would not let us in either. We sailed back and then in circles until we were scheduled to return, the one time I was really ready to leave a ship. The Odyssey was beautiful but staff were dropping like flies, one day our cabin steward was a sweaty mess you could see he was ill, no thank you. Please get well and I declined service the rest of the sailing. We were Sky class & CK was slow due to limited servers and the suite concierge disappeared after night 2. We did our best to make the best out of what we had and Royal did give us 50% of the fare we paid in FCC and the excursions were refunded in a very timely manner. I said it then, Royal was now in the position of only hurting themselves if they were not careful. As an aside I did hear a couple talk about just creating their antigen test results from taking a previous negative test and changing the dates to avoid the test again, smh we as passengers do have a responsibility to to abide by the protocols, but I also place blame on Royal for ramping up capacity way too fast. We are still happily sailing in June & July to use our FCC's and are fully aware of our responsibilities and exposure, we will be careful & enjoy but as I said before taking a break for a minute, some land exploring is now in order. The picture you just posted of Curacao, that is all we saw on that sailing I love that you are positive and making the most of it!
  5. @She Sails Away I'm following this thread and when I see my notification I look forward to what you have written. The excitement, the good and bad is really a great read. I feel like I'm there with you, I'm enjoying it so much and love your attitude about it all.. I second the gratitude for your honest and insightful comments...... @Hoebo123 oh no, I'm so sorry! Im a big if its meant to be the universe works kind of person, 5/28 seems like its going to be crazy for multiple reasons. Take good care and feel better soon, I'm sure the replacement sailing will be even better!
  6. @She Sails Away Inquiry minds want to know....who is your cruise director? I hope you had an amazing day in Aruba!
  7. 13th March 2022 sailing, driving to Miami from Tampa 5 hours usually tops....but we leave the day before sailing & this time OMG we were so thankful! Half way there Alligator Alley closed due to fires, smoke made the State Police fully close this route. We had to turn around along with EVERYONE else & make our way back way North to drive across the State and then down again, with so many other motorists. If it was the same day of embarkation we could have possibly missed the ship. If I have learned anything even when driving to a Port I make my way a day earlier, period. You just never know, way to much $$ to leave to chance. * The traffic check in the a.m. was clear, it was only half way there we were starting to see the red, rut row!!
  8. @She Sails Away this on site on ship information is priceless, I really do appreciate it! I understand Royal is in business to make money, I totally get it. But I said this back in December while on the Odyssey sailing to no where, 8 nights of sailing as our covid numbers would not allow us off the ship in Port, they ramped capacity too fast, too soon. First sailing I was just thinking can we return early please? Staff would disappear as the week went on, it was tough to watch. I know Mr. Liberty is a numbers guy and I understand they must try to do right for the stock holders but at what cost moving forward? Our FCC sailings in June & July are most likely going to be the last for us in a while. I am almost 99% sure we are canceling our Thanksgiving 2022 as the cost seems it may not be justified. A little break to explore land vacations for us, just until we feel the cost is = to the experience. I'm not booking any new sailings moving forward, to many hoops in addition to inflated costs for a mediocre experience. This venue (unofficial RC blog) is such a great place to exchange real time information, I find it difficult to believe some of the "bloggers" on board videos etc. when due to the nature of what they do they receive "comped" sailings thus leaning positive no matter what. An experience for free is surely different from the experience that is paid for. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your sailing, glass half full is still the best way to move forward while on board , right?? Enjoy & cheers to you when you enjoy your next mock tail.
  9. My friends are sailing on the Allure 28 May, this sailing has essentially appeared sold out since we were watching it for a possible last minute trip. A few cabins here and there, they (our friends) are thinking about CWC cancelation due to 2 specific reasons. First, the crew shortage seems would be a negative aspect. Secondly, it appears this Memorial Day southern sailing is packed so the capacity at max while crew is suffering does not sound like an amazing vacation. Will the entertainment be effected? While things are static and we must expect the unexpected and be flexible, what is the minimum RCCL expect the passenger to accept per sailing when shelling out so much $$$ ? My gut check tells me missing this one seems like a probable blessing. Thank you so much @She Sails Away for your real trip report. I look forward to continuing this journey with you!
  10. Totally get it! I felt the same way on the Oasis this past Spring Break sailing. Happy that sailings are happening again but wowza, I honestly forgot how many people they can get on a ship, spoiled by our previous few sailings. ( except Odyssey 11/21 Thanksgiving ) people everywhere on that one also. But I would prefer that to another shut down any day of the week, I am holding my breath though wondering if they are getting slightly arrogant and ramping up to quickly, fingers crossed everything proceeds well. The stock price plummeting again is also concerning. Be that as it may, have a great time and relish your sailing. I would rather be on that crowded ship with you, then home right now! Cheers to you, thanks for taking us along. I would like a picture with the description of the sangria please....ah so thirsty about now. Have the best time At least you are having a much better experience then @10-42gees, I am willing positive karma his way for sure!
  11. I'm following along, thank you so much! May I ask, how many people on the ship? How does it feel? Does it feel overly crowded? If you pass by Sabor can you review a Sangria? Um, not for me for uh someone else (lol) !!
  12. For those who have dined here previously, can it still be enjoyable with a shellfish allergy? I react when ingesting not if it just touches a plate. I always say no when it comes to the allergy question because of all of the drama it entails. I have lived with this forever and monitor my meals quite closely without making a production of it. BUT in this case I think with all of the deconstruction going on I might have to tell them, thoughts? My daughter really wants to dine here we have our Lift & Shift 31 July on the Harmony where I have since booked it, I'm thinking just to pick and then go up to #CK later. @Swar? @Ampurp85 Should I use the allergy as an excuse to skip it?
  13. Yes! That is exactly what we thought!
  14. Oh my, might get some hate here, we were on the Oasis the week of March 13th. We went to JR's a few times thinking maybe it was a one off. At least that week, the service was beyond poor (not enough staffing) We ate inside and the arguments behind the counter were something we had never experienced before. The food was over done, maybe? The table was sticky, maybe bussed but not wiped down....ewww. It didn't meet expectations at all, even the shakes were on the watery side. We have been on other ships where it was good so I am hoping it was just an off week.
  15. 1200hrs has been our experience for CK opening for lunch. (Oasis & Odyssey) We gravitate to the CK venue as it is so gorgeous. The menu is a bit limited but we enjoy it when we have just experienced "hectic" and want to relax. It is a beautiful way to start your vacation. We have done the Solarium, Chop's, Giovanni's & CK for lunch on embarkation day and they are all special for very specific reasons. In my humble opinion if in a suite (not Star class) I would opt for CK, for a laid back experience. Check your app for the lunch menu ahead of time just in case there is really nothing you are interested in. Otherwise if in a rush, doing the pool or a spa treatment maybe opt for the Solarium, it's a hidden gem with lots of choices and not as crazy as the Wind Jammer. The menu and our mood that day dictates our choice, when we were Star class we did Giovanni's that was very nice also.
  16. 7 days, but we did this every sailing even before COVID. We just wanted to make sure we limited exposure to anything, ie strong perfumes make my nose run for a day or two. Nothing worse then not being able to enjoy your sailing to the fullest. We did our shopping and running around and only went out to school & work. Making all my meals and eating at home made that first dinner on the ship that much more special. We have always done this so the only other place we visit now is a testing facility for the pre cruise test BUT I just ordered the EMED so no more of that either.
  17. While on our daily morning walk routine (about 0730hrs almost every morning) my hubby & I were walking outside on a walking path near our home. We were mask less not thinking anything of it. Another couple walking the wrong way on the path came towards us wearing masks & I smiled & said good morning. They jumped off the path and the lady screamed at me "we're immune compromised" are you trying to kill us? So many emotions in a matter of seconds.... OMG no, why would you infer this? (silently in my mind thoughts not spoken) Then again me in my mind; are they not realizing they are on a public trail? But ultimately sadness because a pleasant morning turned ugly quickly for both of us for different reasons. I'm at a loss, how disturbing and sad the level of fear was real, I saw it in her eye's and I thought, that is some ones relatives who are experiencing un due true stress, my heart breaks for humanity right now. While I refuse to lock myself away I am so tired of what is being done to us as mostly loving and kind human beings. *We sailed the first cruise out of the Bahamas, sailed Thanksgiving, Christmas & Spring Break (Adventure, Oasis, Odyssey, Oasis) & have been able to disembark just as healthy as when we stepped on the ship. We have two more sailings scheduled finishing out our FCC's and are taking a break for a bit. Getting slightly tired of everything tethered to be able to sail. Exploring some new experiences for a bit. Everyone have a lovely day, happy cruising Rant over.
  18. Yes! You are correct Saturday is the 11th thank you so much. See I am flustered already & it's not until June Ordered my tests (the ones recommended here) & wouldn't you know I located an emergent care that does not advertise testing but when I called they said sure we do it & yes we are open on Saturdays! Thanks to everyone for the great feedback & suggestions.
  19. For Walgreens do you just drive up, can this be done for 3 people? Do you need to make an appointment?
  20. With the Abbot home test Royal suggests they will email the results is it mandatory to download that Navica application also? Can you create the account using your PC without the app? There are three of us so would I have to create 3 separate accounts? We are sailing 13 June so must test Saturday the 10th and everywhere we usually go has either stopped testing or is closed. Sailing out of PC and driving over the day before, really don't want to test at the available doc in box same day of sailing, my nerves could not take it. I'm getting so over this,
  21. @SpeedNoodlesWould you be so kind as to merge these two threads, same sailing being addressed. Thanks so much! See post by @bnewm
  22. I was on this same sailing, we did our very best to make the best of it but YES even though we were on a cruise it was time to get off the ship. First time ever I was thinking why can't we just return early? We are on the Odyssey again this Thanksgiving, we are thinking hard about cancelling, most likely will. Was hoping for CWC but looks like we will be out some monies. There are many of us who have stood by Royal through out this entire mess & I feel they could bend a bit with these FCC dates as well as CWC at least until the end of 2022 or lessening of the protocols. Sadly, this has left a bad taste for me & moving forward I personally will not be booking with Royal for a while, taking a break. I truly get they are providing an experience for $$ & they need to recoup ASAP but seriously it seems to be in my humble opinion to be a bit callous the way they are treating us, I get it; I want to sail it's their rules so after our July sailing paid for with our final FCC's we are going to experience some new and different things. Happy Sailing @Clover18 I have a feeling you will really enjoy the Harmony. We sailed her before in all of her Oasis glory, she is where we will most likely be ending our Royal journey for the time being.
  23. We visited the week of 13 March 2022. My Beach Cabana on Bare Foot was 599.00 I just pulled up my on board account to confirm. Our friends were in an Over Water cabana I believe it was 699.00 so the hilltop were most likely 499.00 and standard 399.00. I remember when the genie emailed us the pricelist how the prices were in intervals of $100.00 I believe. I am sorry I wish I saved the email. Honestly I think they may have been priced higher due to that spring break week. When we go back in June we are not getting one, @Lovetocruise2002 hubby showed us an amazing area to set up and have a great day, no cabana needed! There were towels and cold waters in the cooler and our attendant was fantastic, would do it again but only if we had more people, the three of us were all over the place leaving the cabana alone a great deal of the time. The concierge should email you the prices if you request them, have a great sailing!
  24. Hello! First time the three of us are trying out the Beach Club, didn't do the cabana so we are just going to "wing it" To confirm even if we didn't purchase a cabana they will have towels? I love this! Thanks so much for mentioning this, I didn't even realize I wanted to inquire about this, I would be making sure I brought towels from the ship. I really appreciate it
  25. There is a 30 day clock ticking to transfer to a TA. MEI who sponsors this site will partner with you, and check over all of it. IF there is something that needs to be addressed they will help. [email protected] is always responsive and if your price decreases she will catch it and snag that for you too, saving you $$. MEI has many great TA's. You can fill out the yellow form on the home page also and they will assign you a TA if you wish, or just email @Sharla During these times a TA is priceless, in your corner advocating for you. Sadly Royals reps are sometimes tough to work with, a great TA will make sure they do the heavy lifting, all you do is have a great vacation. * this amazing service costs you nothing additional. Oh and welcome, you will find this group will have the answer to any ? you may have.
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