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  1. Sorry @Sharla I saw the announcement and sent you an email straight away. I will watch for your post. No need to get back. Fantastic for us but TA partners still should be afforded a comped sailing for all their hard work. Funny Im typing this and Sharla just responded to my email. Truly amazing, She is wonderful!!
  2. When I booked the Allure for August 1, 2021 she was supposed to be amped. Now of course she is not and the sailing price is very high. My question regarding your thoughts, would you sail her or wait for the amp? Note, We have never sailed her before but the 7 day itinerary may be better spent elsewhere. I thank you for your input. It's our 29th wedding anniversary celebration sailing. We have been together for over 31 years and will be travelling with our soon to be 15 year old daughter. She came as a very delightful late in life surprise! Ah honey,we have a situation.....lol!
  3. We are set to go November 21 also during Thanksgiving week. Can the video be viewed if not on Facebook? Would love to see it, thanks so much!
  4. I highly recommend @Sharla. She is always responsive and personable. She answers inquiry and requests in record time. I totally jive with her. My many specific requests and criteria don't seem to phase her one bit. Her knowledge has saved me money. She price checks and sends emails with savings when successful. 706 742 5358 [email protected] MEI-travel.com
  5. Hahaha "cabin people" maybe that's a thing? That describes our little family also, now I know what to call it!! I agree, and at least it has where the balcony door can be open as opposed to just the panoramic windows. Okay, just placed my deposit with @Sharla I will take pics and do a decent unemotional review to share! Thanks again (well maybe pics,) hopefully @twangster will be on my sailing, this way I WILL find him and invite him to take his amazing shots!
  6. @Lovetocruise2002 to begin with I was thinkiing when I booked it, I hope this is the one Sabrina is on! We have a Symphony in May (@Jill ) is on that one and then an Allure August 1 so June 19 was good recovery time lol! We have fun on the blogs so I can only imagine how much fun it is to actually be on the ship with our fellow RCCL blog community! Anyway, it makes sense with just the 2 of you to have transitioned from 1600 but it was because of your recommendation I considered 1600. I experienced the coveted 8188 on DCL on the larger Fantasy and sometimes the excessive soot
  7. As I stated previously I pounced hard on the 2 bedroom grand or family suite on the Brilliance of the Seas, a summer sailing out of Tampa. I am at a loss to find a good photo of the little balcony but read on another site it is a poor excuse for a balcony, no privacy or room. Upon closer inspection it seems to be right next to the elevators also. I looked at the amazing cabin @Lovetocruise2002 has but I really like having the 2 bathrooms. The grand (1600) has a much nicer balcony though. So I made peace with the balcony/bathroom trade off. It's a 7 day sailing so the noise abo
  8. Please remove Mariner 2020 and add Brilliance June 2021. Thanks so much!
  9. I have been stalking the Brilliance out of Tampa summer sailings & knew something was up when they added a bunch. Lone behold I sent Royal a message on Twitter & they were kind enough to let me know my 11/23/20 sailing had been cancelled. ( Lot's of FCC still to use) I contacted @Sharla and literally in minutes she secured for me the ONLY 2 bedroom grand cabin 1054 on the Brilliance for the date I was interested in. 19 June 2021 woot woot One day I will sail that VP on Mariner BUT heck lemons into lemonade I wanted to visit Belize forever and of course the 2 bathrooms, just WOW!
  10. This is so personal, I personally could not do it ( 5 adults in a grand) BUT how much time will you actually be spending in the room? Previously you stated you wanted to spend a lot of time in the concierge lounge, thus the no to the 2 JS set up. If you can make peace with picturing the 5 of you in the grand leave it be BUT make sure you are placed on the wait list for the VP. I was wait listed for VP 2X on separate sailings and BOTH times it became available. Now I have yet to sail in it yet as my previous was cancelled and my 11/23/20 most likely will not go, BUT make sure you are on that li
  11. Woot, woot! Let's hear it for this amazing community having everyone's back! Now go and get your more suitable room. Crisis averted, I'm so happy for you! I was thinking about walking in embarkation day and finding this out on board, what a way to ruin a very wonderful celebration Holiday! Thanks for letting us know the outcome, have a great sailing!
  12. @twangster and @JeffB I personally really take notice when the two of you post your insights and predictions. I applaud the both of you for communicating with respect for one another and devoid the venom some on this venue spew. A huge thank you allowing me a ton of really educated information. We will continue to be loyal to Royal and look forward to our next cruise, having this back and forth helps me to have a better idea of the goings on outside of my bubble so to speak. Kudos to you both, looking forward to safely sailing soon.
  13. @peacefrogdog, no way 5 people? I will always take the the advice of @Lovetocruise2002 and @twangster go back and fight for that 2 bedroom with the 2 bathrooms, 5 adults? In that grande suite someone might be relegated to the balcony by night 2, don't relax to soon with Royal steering this ship (pun intented) that is a tight fit as I believe there is no Pullman. Let us know! Do you have a TA? Times like this worth their weight in Gold!! Maybe to Jr suites next to each other, more room modified suite experience? The kids can't imbibe at concierge lounge anyway this could be a good experie
  14. @Atlantix2000, Wow that was amazing. Thanks so much for the break down, the crazy part is the cabin situation is due to bathrooms! With a teenage daughter sometimes a lovely relaxing cruise can turn a bit stressful. We find we are so much more relaxed when she has her own space. 2 bathrooms.....priceless! And this is MY fault, it was me who said hey try some of this mascara love, it will bring out your eyes, big dummy I am.
  15. @Lovetocruise2002... Yes, you are correct! The two juniors are cheaper by about $100.00. We are platinum on DCL and I really wanted to be Diamond by early 2022 until this happened, ugh! I am waiting to achieve Diamond before we go over and try Celebrity. I set a goal and go for it! LOL!!! (to my hubby's shagrin Mawaaa) Thanks for your feedback, here's thinking positive the sailings are released tomorrow as promised. Take great care!!
  16. Trying to stay in the positive mindset, we are eagerly looking forward to the BOTS offerings (tomorrow) departing Tampa Fl Summer 2021. If and probably when our November 2020 Mariner sailing is cancelled, (still holding out some hope and positive juju) we will have FCC that needs to be applied or we will lose it. H E double hockey sticks NO WAY!! As I stated previously we will most likely NEVER do FCC again as even the extra 25% does not make the inconvenience worth it for us and our sailing parameters. I digress.... we have 3 sailings in 2021 already with FCC and this impending maybe cancela
  17. @Misty K, wow I thought I was positive, I like the way you think! Our sailing was scheduled for 11/23/20 and we checked in but that's it. No luggage tags and definitely no Royal Up. I thought if the no sail order was lifted the cruise might go, now while I am not cancelling I am feeling the sailing won't go. Minimal time for crew to return etc, but I will still hold some hope. Oh well, back to the RCCL website I owe myself a future sailing. Stay positive, let's cruise safely soon!
  18. Hello from Florida! The home of *RCCL headquarters! We are in phase 3 so restaurant capacity has been lifted. The snow birds are showing up in full force. Most are arriving in our neighborhood anyway and staying indoors probably by choice for a week or so. We are still wearing masks pretty much everywhere. Before you enter any establishment there are signs requiring masks. You wear your mask inside the restaurant and can take off once at the table. Servers all still wear masks. Social distancing marked everywhere on floor and with signs. The kids have been back in school, the class
  19. Hopefully when everyone was cancelling or not booking for that interval RCCL looked at the ship and blocked off cabins availability for purchase in anticipation of Lower capacity voyages. I thought they would also place crew in some cabins allowing them some additional space and no sharing, the limited sailings may not necessitate anyone being "booted" I am thinking positive for all here. I have limited expectations and would just be happy to sail. I will only drive to the port though, I personally would not add flying stress to this scenario. I am only participating in my comfort
  20. Mariner, Navigator, Indy. All have short itinerary's and stops at RCCL Private Island. Just my guess but they need to control everything they can when cruising so I would go with them, also many guests can drive to those embarkation ports. Here's hoping we cruise RCCL soon!
  21. The 5 days to 24 hours previous COVID test is my only concern, do the 5 days include weekend days? A rapid test has various turn around times, what if you are sailing on Monday? Do you get tested the previous Wednesday and hope the results are back in hand to take to the port on Monday? I don't see the testing centers being to happy about testing "cruisers" I researched previously and unless you tell a fib and say you feel sick or may have been exposed will they test? Seriously I think this could be a possible sticking point and depending where the test is inside vs drive thru are we exp
  22. *****UPDATE***** I purchased the duplicate birth certificate due to the information received from this strand within 5 days I had it! Now this morning, I just received an email from the Department of State (passport agency) that my daughters passport was complete and they were mailing it out. Targeted date to be here in Florida is 30 September 2020, I have to sign for it. I went to my local Post Office with her old passport book and completed her application on 27 August 2020, so lightening fast! Just wanted to update here on the time it took I think doing it before sailing resumed may ha
  23. Nice! I hope so, our stateroom white board outside our door (even Thanksgiving "family" week) suffered some very shall I say interesting drawings by those passing by. Not to say we didn't laugh (mostly, wish I thought to take pics) but the white board HAD to be removed after about day 3 early a.m. because honestly as the week went on it was getting a bit frightening when looking at that door, lol. We had this type of communication on the other cruise line and it did work amazingly well, we enjoyed it a great deal. Super convenient.
  24. I tried to utilize my current FCC certificates in their entirety for my future sailings. I have a "chunky one" left over (about $2,500.00) and then I believe an additional one that will have about maybe $160.00 or so when I step off the sailing I assigned the majority of that FCC to. My time is pretty much maxed out as far as sailing goes with sailings in 2021. In order not to lose any of the credits do I have to go ahead and book two additional sailings by 12/21 for sailing by 04/22? Do you think maybe that date would be pushed out a bit? I offered my family to take the hit and do a sai
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