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  1. On another line my luggage wheels were delivered to the stateroom busted off. On that line they had a selection of 2 different sized roller board luggage for purchase, expensive yes but I needed it. Still use it to this day! On our last sailing I guess my luggage was searched because my TSA approved lock was gone, I looked all over the Harmony to purchase a small lock to no avail, thinking such a missed opportunity for them. Maybe have available a small selection of these & people would buy. In the store when I was searching there was a young man searching for baby wipes as they ran out for their little one on this voyage, none. I was surprised another essential type travel item that could have some $profit$ attached for sure. I think RC misses simple opportunities when it comes to "shopping on board" FYI on the other cruise line I sent feed back regarding my broken luggage and they graciously sent me some funds to put towards a new purchase after sailing, that hit nicely.
  2. This is a map from one of our previous trips. Hope it helps!
  3. The Mariner has a handful of 6 nights out of P/C May thru August 2023 visiting both private islands
  4. I am in agreement with you there, I sadly felt the hype of the Holiday dinner did not justify the super high price. For us Holiday celebrations are about being together as a family and we can do that at the MDR, the reality of the "special" dinner left me with less then warm and fuzzy. I kind of felt a bit "duped" Our MDR experiences have been mixed but I go in thinking "only I can make the best of it" by managing our expectations. I'll take a Holiday sailing over not sailing every time! * And I know EVERYTHING is going up in price but for me there is a fine line, sometimes it seems the pricing is just over the top ridiculous. $95 pp is a lot.
  5. Same here, went to check my account and it just spins....
  6. My last RUB notification said while you haven't been upgraded yet (Harmony 2022) you are still in the running as our on ship staff may choose you for an upgrade up to some time after boarding. (I read into that you may be upgraded so be prepared to change cabins.) If not interested anymore you may cancel your bid. On the ship and didn't unpack just in case, but received an email at 1900hrs saying your bid was unsuccessful. I am 0/27 for now and honestly I go into with the idea that I love the cabin I'm in but if I'm upgraded its a huge plus. I enjoy the process but I would love to "win" the ability to pay a little more for a last minute upgrade just once. Oh well, I have learned to not read anything into this totally random process. Positive winning vibes coming at you!
  7. Yay, you will love it! Download the Royal App for sure and familiarize yourself with it. You can view menus and activities as you get closer to sail date. Go to your ships Cruise Compass with a similar itinerary on this site and get an idea of how your days can be truly amazing. You will probably pack to much! Good news is suit cases can fit under the bed. If not in a suite maybe bring your own shampoo/conditioner the stuff they give you in my opinion is a bit drying. We usually go to the bank branch or Publix supermarket and bring small bills for gratuities along the way. Most of all enjoy your sailing, your way!
  8. If I recall correctly we dined at Chops on the Odyssey last Christmas and they had a special Holiday menu. It actually had less on it then a regular dinner at Chops menu. We were unimpressed and felt the experience was better in CK on Thanksgiving. If they give you a reservation with the UDP they will probably serve you off the regular menu, which I felt was much better then our over priced limited selections but add a glass of champagne for the price. I am sorry I didn't answer your question but I wanted to share our experience last 12/25. We are on the Serenade for Thanksgiving this year and are just going to visit the MDR that evening. For me personally, because my family won't go near Izumi there are not enough restaurants to justify the UDP for us. Not sure if I am doing a live blog or not but any questions you have for me being on the ship in 57 days I'll do my best to answer for you. Enjoy your Holiday sailing!
  9. On our last sailing when we ordered a beverage and asked them to use our drink vouchers as they started getting close to our limit they would tell us, by the way as they handed back our sea pass card you have one voucher left for today. I loved the vouchers, we had 4 each and staying in a crown loft some days did not even use them all.
  10. The only time it was crowded was on debarkation day when everyone from the WJ breakfast was riding up (who had luggage) to use the rest rooms. Otherwise like @CrimsonCruiser stated most everyone was off the elevators at deck 16 WindJammer.
  11. We were Sky Class on the Harmony 2019 and they were in our cabin. We brought them with us back on the Harmony in July (2022) and they said they didn't connect them to your account anymore. Star Class had them though in a gorgeous purple.
  12. I read this on their website, I'm sure it probably needs big updating. Thanks everyone for the input, so appreciated!
  13. Sailing 28 days? I'm in awe of you! Are you doing the world cruise perhaps? Sounds like you might really enjoy that one. I'm not sure I could sail a Voyager class for 28 days. Maybe an S2S2S or something like that but did you bring a kindle and read? What did you do to keep from getting a bit bored? The most I have done is 14 but since I have a teen we must go during breaks of school. I can't wait until I can sail when school is in session, I am growing tired of the chaotic nature that ensues sometimes. 59 days to go, and yes I am looking forward to this Radiance class, I had the Brilliance canceled on me during the shut down and am looking forward to sailing under the Skyway Bridge for sure. It will be amazing, have a wonderful rest of your week.
  14. When we boarded Harmony in P/C this past July it went Star Class, Pinnacles, Suites, Keys, then D+. It seems to me each embarkation point does it "their" way. I'm confident though the Key boards before Diamond.
  15. Did they come in the mail or were they given onboard? Thank you so much!
  16. I was just looking to see the amenities attached to the Diamond Plus Tier that we have just arrived at. Under "on land" it said RC Logo ID Luggage Tag. I don't believe I have even observed one of these. Is it just the luggage tag they have you print for your sailing? Also even while in a Junior Suite on the smaller ships we can visit the concierge lounge? This stands to reason why that lounge is always so packed. The Diamond Lounge on the Serenade actually seems from the various videos I've seen to be a beautiful space with possibly more windows. Thanks for the info!
  17. This is what we do. It seems when we put our Samsungs on airplane mode we couldn't text. With a teen we like to have the texting feature.
  18. @BettelovestocruiseYay! A B2B good for you! Now that's a nice itinerary. I'm not stoked about the Bahamas tour during November but I love sailing Thanksgiving week. We are just North of Tampa in Land O Lakes Florida and have yet to sail out of Tampa this is our first time. Depending on the terminal that is apparently still up in the air it might make more fiscal sense to just hire a service to/from the port. We have been on DCL ships as well as the Oasis, Quantum (class) ships and then the Mariner. I am looking for hopefully more laid back vibe and lots of live music. While I don't love the MDR experience (very loud and chaotic) there are not enough offerings to justify the UDP for us. We are doing Chops embarkation lunch but that's about it. Here's hoping it's an amazing sailing! Denise FYI it's 60 days to sail and we still have 0 documents and 0 RUBs opportunities. I'm seeing the suites are sold out but I still get euphoric placing some bids!
  19. We love live music and the tribute bands are a family favorite The DSB (Journey) tribute band was a band I would go ahead and see again in a heartbeat. If they were to advertise when they were performing as well as other "tribute" bands we believe we would enjoy we might just go ahead and book a sailing based on that. Now, I have said a million times, I can't stand jugglers. BUT when I saw Adam Kario on the Royal stage he was a game changer. While I still do not go out of my way for a juggler show, this all around performer was so entertaining if he was close by here in Florida I would go see his show again. Only juggler I have ever enjoyed.
  20. When I qualified during my Allure (May 2022) sailing there was a note in my room, Congratulations you are entitled to a block, will it collect dust? You can forego it! Would you like it? Would you like us to mail it to you? Those were the choices it said to check the box and leave with the stateroom attendant. I checked I wanted it now and never received it, so I went to the Loyalty Desk on day 6 of my sailing and the Loyalty representative gave one to me. It was packages nicely so I stuffed it in my luggage. It now sits on my desk where I dust it once a week! It makes me smile though so there's that!
  21. Yes, 21 points solo in a Junior Suite. Do it! My friends sail in 2 cabins (balcony's, with teen) always and the husband has the points of all the solos to be Diamond in record time. My girlfriend does not have the points but she does have the status. Her Sea Pass card now reflects Diamond and she gets the Diamond amenities albeit her points are still in the Emerald area. @Ampurp85 I never sailed solo even though that's on my bucket list, can you confirm?
  22. See if you can upgrade to a grand suite. Coastal Kitchen always available, a beautiful venue and sky class includes the internet for all. Might be more cost effective then the dining package for all plus internet. I have sailed Thanksgiving week for years on RC and another brand. It is lovely, quite special but it is packed. Manage your expectations and have reservations asap. The mood is joyful but there are families everywhere. Enjoy your sailing
  23. On our last sailing (Harmony, August) they would not connect my WOW bands to my account, I brought them from a previous sailing in 2019. They said it couldn't be done. Lone behold Star Class had cool really pretty purple WOW bands. So it seemed to me unless you are sailing STAR there are " no WOW bands for you!"
  24. Yes, be in the moment. Deck 17 is like no other deck. Feel free to take advantage of the included room service on your beautiful balcony. Use the app to see the menu and order from the MDR when open, especially for breakfast at least once. Definitely treat yourself to at least one CK breakfast and lunch. The stateroom Attendants are amazing, do you need your formal wear pressed? Give it to them for your included ammenity pressing. Check out your pillows, not to your liking ? Order the ones you like, I personally always request a feather pillow. Take advantage of the CK debarkation breakfast and Concierge walk off, it's a nice experience when you must depart. Most of all enjoy your sailing your way. It's your vacation do as little or as much as you want.
  25. Freeport, Grand Bahama! Just not ready for prime time. Honestly I'd prefer Nassau which is another least favorite to this.
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