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  1. @NeesaThanks. I booked this direct a couple of years ago before I learned the "use a TA" lesson. Do you remember which Twitter handle you contacted? Edit: Never mind, I found it. Apparently I contacted them years ago and completely forgot about that conversation.
  2. Well, this is interesting. Except for a page with the bag tag (and the next cruise advertisement page) all of pages of my cruise documents are effectively blank. They only have generic page elements like logos, page numbers, and a grid for something. Although the app has a lot in it now, I am guessing this is wrong. The server probably had issues querying the database when it was generated. I sent a message via the contact us form on Nov 7th and haven't received a response yet. At T-14 days, I think it might be time to call soon. Any guesses as to which number would be the most effective?
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