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  1. We had lunch at Chops on Oasis in October using a booking perk (free speciality dining for 2 with booking). We brought our 10 year old; expecting to be charged for just her. We ended up with no charge for her and she just ordered off the adult menu (which she preferred!). Lucky perhaps?
  2. Got the same survey. Was all about the MDR experience and menus. I took my time and filled it out honestly; I'm not a huge fan of the trial suggesting they get rid of the classics/speed up service.
  3. We are staying in a local hotel the night before (we only live 2h from the port but would rather have no drive in the am). Did this a few weeks ago when we were on Oasis and arrived at the port by 9:45 or so and were in the terminal just before 10....tried to do the same last May and yeah.....not so much
  4. I saw the cupcake class going on when we were on Oasis a few weeks ago....
  5. ME TOO. I love pretty much everything duck.
  6. I really enjoyed the duck terrine in the MDR. I love all things duck though! The scallop appetizer was great as well.
  7. I believe the menu you see is reflecting the current Anthem menu (which is currently on a 7 day cruise schedule). Therefore there isn't a Day 8 to base anything on. I'm on the Dec 18th Anthem cruise too. Can't wait!
  8. I will say that all the no sugar desserts I tried were very yummy! The Windjammer ones were too (excellent cookies as well)
  9. Yup, prior sale price honored for me too when I put deluxe drink packages in my cart during a sale but didn't check out until a couple of weeks later. Bet RC catches on to this at some point though.
  10. You can buy bottles of wine onboard to bring to your room. We did this (and our room attendant would supply us with an ice bucket). I know you said you didn't want to buy bottles but the drink package does give 40% off bottles if that helps... As for cocktails....perhaps get a few while you're out and about and transfer them into an insulated water bottle or something to pour out into glasses later?
  11. Thanks for the responses! Sounds like I might be able to get my ginger fix without lugging cans with me. I guess I also could ask for a virgin Moscow Mule or Dark & Stormy (hold the lime)
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