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  1. Does anyone know if there had been in the past royal offers with no single or solo supplement? Celebrity had one months ago.
  2. Last week my flight was at 10:25 am and I arrived on time to the airport around 8:15 am.
  3. I always use my points as cruise discount. On my last cruise, after booking I bought a 500$ discount. It was applied two days later.
  4. After cancelled my July 23 cruise on Explorer due to Covid, finally I booked Again in this sailing. Hope that testing requirement be eliminated. Does Anyone ihave read in the app the pre covid test requirement?
  5. On july 18 I had to cancel my july 23 EOS cruise due to Covid. How soon would I receive the credit from Royal.? Im still waiting the refund to my CC and the credit.
  6. Check if the name and birth date on vaccine card are the same used in the booking. We are a party of 4 on EOS and we were validated.
  7. You don’t have time to solve this situation. Just go to the port with all the Documents you have. Five year ago we sailed from miami and my sister left her certificate at home in Puerto Rico. We explained the situation and it was faxed to the port office. Carnival allowed her to travel with the faxed copy.
  8. I was on Adventure of the seas on may 26 sailing and this was one of the benefits listed in the Welcome letter.
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