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  1. I always encourage honest reviews. Make sure to respond to the after cruise survey folks. And if you don't like something, speak up. Nothing, especially food will ever be improved on without honest comments and critique.
  2. Dinning correspondence tend to be the exception. I think they get a reply because the customer service people actually know the answers. My guess is most general questions don't get a reply because the folks reading the questions are not really trained in much of anything. In the old days the reps lived in the same country as the provider and were given (and encouraged to take) FAM (familiarization) Trips at deeply discounted rates. The customer service people actually understood the questions because they "got" the product. Most today only have cruise knowledge based on "stock" answers they are given. And the experience and expectations etc of a cruise (or any vacation) is a foreign concept to them. So the questions (IMHO) don't really make sense to them.
  3. First. No they never change room numbers around. And No, a "spacious interior" would not be 2 cabins with the connecting door open. Second. Since you didn't give us your sailing date, it would be no invasion of privacy if you tell us the cabin number. (You could be on any one of 52 weeks in the year. We will never know). If we had the cabin number someone here could check a few places. My guess is your missing it on the sites you are trying. Some sites are better than others.
  4. I had only one uncle (my mother's brother). I never received so much as a card on my birthday, let alone a cruise. You are not a failure! If you are paying for the cruise I don't think it would be unreasonable to ask her parents for help with the extras. Plenty to drink without a refreshment package. Also, remember the soda package is only about $8 per day right now on sale. Buy lemonade and ice tea is free. So is regular coffee and hot tea. As for excursions research the ports. Sometimes just a walk about window shopping in a new country and taking pictures is as adventurous as you want to get first time out. Your doing a nice thing. She is very lucky to have you in her life. Have a great time.
  5. Problem is getting anything once the trip is over is very difficult. You should have caused a scene on board till they coughed up some on board credit. Write/email company president and see if they toss you a bone. What happened to you stinks and shouldn't have. Best of luck.
  6. I'll take up the other side. It's a port intensive trip and you already were comfortable with an inside cabin. The vote on this issue, on this site, will Never come out 50/50 on this. Why spend the money if you plan to be off in ports everyday. Inside cabins tend to stay much colder out of the sun, this will make it more comfortable after a long day out. Plus sleeping at night in total darkness is a dream. Don't up your bottom line price to line the pockets of your TAs commission. Stick with your original decision.
  7. If going to the MDR in shorts on formal night shows a lack of respect, I've given the finger to thousands. LOL. If anyone's good time on a cruise relies on what other people are wearing......then folks your missing the boat. Literally. LOL.
  8. I'm one of those people who always points out that people can and do wear shorts to the MDR on formal nights. Well, same can be said for formal attire. If your going to have photos taken or just feel like it, dress as nice/formal as you want. Tends to be less on shorter cruises but you will see every level of dress on every night. Do your thing. Fill your boots. Shorts, formal, etc. Enjoy!
  9. Guys, LOL.....By the standards of folks not regulars on here that's frequent. LOL. I did two this year and I know most folks would think that's frequent. LOL.
  10. I would say this far out Royal and/or there IT dept is tinkering and to just keep checking. Glitches do seem to be up this past few weeks. Most likely they are getting ready to up the cost in anticipation of what food cost will be that far down road. But don't stress. If Royal can make a buck off it, then it will pop back up. LOL.
  11. It's like an inside cabin narrow corridor entrance for all those dead center cabins. It's narrow like the map but it's how you access that area. So that cabin would be the first in that hallway.
  12. I shop at Aldi and you buy reusable bags. It's Ecco friendly etc. Have tons in trunk of car. But in a store, on a ship, ahhhh just give me a plastic bag. LOL.
  13. Great responses folks. The beauty of my story/epiphany this week is there is no right or wrong answer. Just sometimes advertising and reading stories from others can combine to make us think we want or need more than we actually do. In the end I celebrate everyone's choices. Just had a moment of clarity when I saved a thousand bucks and felt making a list of $$$ Vs Want Vs Need was such an eye opener, I had to share it. It's so cool (and rare) to have a day/moment when you step out of yourself and see things from a different perspective. Just had to pass it on. #No Regrets. #Feeling Good. #Just Grateful To Be Going. #Always Do You.
  14. OK. So this is basically a personal observation/rant. We fell into the extras trap over the past month. And then last week when the Black Friday sale started we convinced ourselves we needed even more. After making a list yesterday on paper and going over charges, we realized it was becoming like the expense of an entirely additional trip. So we slashed our planner purchases to the bones. Soda package and bottled water. Internet for wifi calling still a possibility. But that's it. No $300 beach bed on sea day. No adult beach at PDCC. Frankly if you can't find a spot on PDCC with Crystal clear ocean, free chairs, included food, etc. Then you really aren't enjoying paradise. No specialty restaurants. All gone. I guess my point is take stock of your extras. Royal Caribbean claims to have a great product to sell. Then they turn right around and say wait, we have an even better product to sell you. Doesn't say much for what they think of there original product. Yes, of course it's one week out of the year. We only live once. Etc etc. And everybody should do you, not me. But consider making a list and taking stock of your "extra" purchases. We found it Eye opening and feel a little more free. Frankly even a bit foolish of some things we convinced ourselves we needed. To each his/hers own. I just thought I would share how taking a good look and having a word with yourself can clear the fog. My budget is over a thousand dollars lighter and I literally don't feel like I'm going to miss out on anything. Again, and I cannot say this enough. You do you. Just thought I'd share my soul searching over corporate advertising and the way we get convinced of all the things we simply can't live without. Honestly, we can. LOL.
  15. OMG! Everyone is stuck on this 70s night thing! There are so many other activities. I say get rid of belly flop or anything that makes people have to get out of a crowded pool on a hot day (that they paid good money to swim in). So 45min can be spent with one person jumping into a pool, while the other 6999 passengers wait to get back in. It's a waste of perfectly good pool space for no reason.
  16. To me one of the perks of a cruise is you can be anywhere and get to your room in under 5 minutes. Go call, order, and leave again (if you must). But know you always run the risk of them showing up at your door, when you are out.
  17. Officially: Quote is "I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally". W.C. Fields. I also relate to: "I hate everyone....Starting with me" Joan Rivers. OK, so I've never been accused of being a Pollyanna. LOL.
  18. Obviously they cannot "warn" people about groups that will be onboard in advance. But an online notice of "special events" for that week when booking would be nice. Like hotels put up in the lobby stating what conventions, weddings, etc they are hosting that week. In a case like this trip I would think it could have saved some of the guests services nightmare. I read unhappy passengers are trying to form a group to take legal action to get their money back. I just can't help but think knowing about large groups before booking would save some unhappiness. For the record. For me none of the groups would be great with me. Too much of one thing is obnoxious. The religious groups might be less pot smoking, but I don't want holy rollers in my face either. W.C. Fields had a quote I love. It went something like this. I'm not prejudice against any one race. I hate everybody equal.
  19. The way I see the internet sale was save more when you spend more. The water was a straight up bargain. LOL.
  20. I think anything over 200 to 250 of one particular group can become obnoxious for the rest of passengers on board. I thought I read this particular group was 900? If I'm wrong it was 600, but 900 sounds right. That's a lot of people who think the week is all about them.
  21. Sorry if anything @Ampurp85 down plays any and all problems on all of her trips. She may be the most patient understanding forgiving (to a fault) person I have ever come across. Read her trip reports. It takes the ceiling falling down on her head to even consider complaining. Her report is the most mild report of the voyage I have read, and there are plenty of reports. Did your group cruise consist of rappers and there followers? It walks a sensitive line to say this but, really it's a hard party crowd. Anyone who comes back at me for that is just kidding themselves. I only say it because you compared groups on cruises. I don't think a Star Trek cruise would get as wild as an Atlantis Gay cruise do you? And for the record I've just watched YouTube videos of both. Point is you really can't compare your group to another. Bottom line Royal Caribbean should only allow charter cruises. All or nothing. It's no fun being on board with a large group that think the ship is all about them 24/7.
  22. It will run till Thanksgiving/Black Friday. The offers won't change in price. Most importantly certain things will sell out. So waiting is not a good idea. Beverage package, soda package, bottled water etc will not sell out. But many other things will, so really no reason to wait. This is as good as it's going to get. LOL.
  23. I think I learned about the 1 person, 1 device, bump each other out as needed system from you. And for two adults just checking their phones it was a great savings on last trip in September. Multiple devices plan just is more than we need. Still they could have dropped the 1 device plan by two bucks a day to make it feel like a sale. Not the end of the world, but Royal "sale" math gets old. LOL. Thanks for the 1 device bump tip in the first place. Just good enough for our needs.
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