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  1. I would imagine this might mean you have to soon be Diamond plus and above to use it.
  2. We went up to change for formal photos and heard the Alpha call. We started trying to make our way down about an hour late and they had the exit closed. They were making calls trying to get permission to move the body, so I presume it was a death. The crew came out when there were a dozen of us and escorted through the emergency exit.
  3. Yep we had this happen last cruise. It wasn’t an issue at all at the port.
  4. According to their site they do not shut down if the govt shuts down.
  5. Do you know what the cut off is? I was thinking it might be a week, and we took care of this on Friday, so I was very glad she found out when she did.
  6. One of our party found out that she couldn't go on the cruise, which leaves in seven days. We were able to call RC and change the guest name without any problem at all. It even updated all of our reservations for the new guest. Really excellent service.
  7. If we have an adult with a passport, but a child with a birth certificate, do we just go through the BC line when we leave the ship? Thanks!
  8. I wonder if it was possibly someone disposing of their loved ones ashes and including a note? I’m trying to see the best here, but it’s a reach.
  9. We stayed in the 2BR on Harmony and watched the show from the balcony. You can easily seat 4 at the bar (I think there were only 4 chairs there), but there was plenty of standing room. I don’t think 12 would be a problem.
  10. I was checking the app today for our sailing in a few weeks and I can’t find any open ice skating. Does anyone know if it is still offered?
  11. Does anyone know if there is still ice skating on board? I can’t find it in the daily activities.
  12. We did Allure in January and April, there were two comedians on board both times, one was different in April, one was the very same guy as January, so I don’t think they’re different every cruise, unless we just had a huge coincidence. Could be. I’m hopeful neither is on board in September.
  13. When we needed to link a group on our last cruise, nine people, we linked the reservations before hand, but they didn’t link the tables as requested. So the first night took an extra 20 minutes or so to get that sorted, and then every night after that we ate at the same table.
  14. You can participate without being in the action. Like when I did it they asked for each team to come up with a bottle of prescription medication. I had some with me so I threw it to the team leader without leaving my seat. In hindsight that could have been very bad if he’d been unable to catch it and it had hit the ground and popped open, so I wouldn’t do that again, but certainly you can help the team score without doing anything at all embarrassing.
  15. I’ve only done it once, It seemed to me that the people in the crowd had done it a lot, like they came prepared. It kind of felt…fabricated somehow, if that makes sense. I think if you had people who came and didn’t know shot e about it, that would be a riot.
  16. Same. I carry a light jacket in my "around the ship" bag, and I wear it a lot. The ships get too chilly for me in the general areas, but my family is fine.
  17. I'd agree that probably not stuff like escape room, but yes they will have slots on board to book for shows and dinner.
  18. Maybe not, but it's helpful advice in case you ever do cruise again. One thing I learned from being on this board is that if you have a problem on board you really need to escalate on board. It's not anyone being mean to your cause, which I do hope you get resolved, it just bears repeating over and over. I cruised with friends in April who had a problem with their room and I told them to go to customer service every single day and escalate. It never got resolved while they were on board, they had established that there was a problem, and they were given compensation after the fact. Were I not a member of this board I would never have known to tell them. All that said, I hope you get it fixed, I hope you cruise again, and (because there will probably be another problem you need addressed) I hope you take to heart that escalation on board is the way to get things done.
  19. It's been a hot second since my kids have been in AO, but from what I remember there will be limited hours the first day, like you can go in and check it out and sign them up on the first day after 3 or something, and then bring them back from 5 until 10 p.m. The rest of the cruise they are consistently open, but will close for meal times, so maybe open from 9-noon, and then 2-5 and then 6 to 10 on sea days, but open pretty much the whole day (maybe closing for an hour or two at all aboard) on port days so you can leave the kids in AO while you go ashore, if you want to. I remember that there was one cruise that the kids could choose to eat with the group and they would be taken to the buffet as a group, but I can't remember if that was Royal or Disney, so I'm not 100% sure on them feeding the kids. Sorry!
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