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  1. I am scheduled on the crossing from Vancouver to Hawaii October 3. I wonder what the impact will be. Now I’m getting worried!!
  2. We were number 36 on Breezy Bay and this will give you an idea of how it’s located near the water. Can’t see much of the bed but gives you an idea
  3. Booked I knew you had spoken of Hubbard Glacier often so I was hoping you might give advice. Thanks.
  4. I am sailing Celebrity next year to Alaska and found there is a an excursion listed for Hubbard Glacier. Having done one other Alaskan cruise, it seemed our Glacier day was just that, viewing from the cruise ship. Has anyone ever does this and how it works. Confused! I’ve attached screenshots to explain the excursion listed.
  5. But does that qualify of Trip Interruption if you were u nable to make a cruise because of it. Would travel insurance reimburse? I generally get RC insurance but really know so little. Having read a good amount on here I thought I'd inquire. Trawick does look promising price wise.
  6. Thank you so much @WAAAYTOOO. It is just another couple so that helps greatly. Entertaining in the suite will be a great plus. It’s a 10 day cruise so we will be able to take plenty advantage of!
  7. I’d edit that, but I got such a good chuckle from it!
  8. We currently have on hold a Star Class suite and are sailing with friends who aren’t. Having sailed Star Class just one additional time, I had a few questions of what they may benefit from and I use that term lightly. First, I don’t expect they will be able to go to CK or the suite lounge but there are some things I was wondering. When we go to the shows, can the Genie add them along with us. I’d hate to have to sit separately. They have the dining package so that’s not an issue and I assume he can add them to our reservations for 4 people. Can they eat in the room with us? They have forgone purchasing the drink package thus far but I assume having bears in our room would be allowed since the refrigerator keeps stocked, or it was on our first Star Class sailing. Any of you had this experience? How was it for you.
  9. and @SharlaIf you had already booked a NRD before the change in rules, does the old rule apply of FCC minus $100 to those bookings? I guess this new policy sweetens the pot for booking at First Cruise while sailing as it is usually only a $100 deposit. Thanks in advance for your answers and patience!!
  10. On one of my cruises, under excursions, once you click on the date and locale, excursions from many different places are listed as this locale excursion. For example I had a Phillpsburg St. Martin excursion appear and list it as St Martin but once you click on it it is clearly an Alaskan excursion by description! This is happening in almost every stop.
  11. Basically the only suite without suite lounge privileges is a Junior Suite.
  12. Do you loose the whole deposit if at the time you cancel you reschedule (i guess that’s technically not a cancellation ) to a new date/time/ship?
  13. You may test anytime Wednesday JUNE 29 until you board as long as you have your negative results ready! Ideally, I like to make sure I test the earliest I can which would mean Wednesday June 29.
  14. Can the suite concierge reserve before we board. Is no, is it possible to visit the suite lounge upon boarding to have them place the reservations?
  15. I have used mine as payment towards my cruise in the past. When you sign on to the website there are rewards you can select. We have selected both payment and OBC boxes at different times for cruises. For payment I always try to make sure I redeem 8-10 weeks before payment is due. When it shows up, my final payment is reduced by that amount. The redemption selection for this is $500 or less but to cash out $1000 you can choose $500 twice. Same for on board credit. You can select different amounts to satisfy the amount you prefer.
  16. This brings such hope! Fingers crossed and thank you!
  17. We are sailing 1/5/2023 on Oasis and the only dining plan available to purchase thus far (and I have checked regularly since I booked last summer) is the 3 night dining plan. On all my previous cruises the UDP has always been available. Anyone else have a cruise where the UDP has just never been available for purchase? I am crossing my fingers that I am just being impatient and they will eventually sell the UDP. I have purchased the 3 day dining plan since its the only one that has become available, and I will cancel if the other appears on my cruise planner.
  18. I keep checking for Perfect Day cabanas and beach beds to post to Cruise Planner for purchase to no avail. It seems that as we near the 6 month period, I get more and more inpatient. Anyone else?? I also have been checking for an unlimited dining plan but the only thing available is the 3 day. I have purchased that, just in case and will cancel and repurchase the unlimited if offered, but this is my first cruise I have not seen it offered on.
  19. I have found that it is only offered on day 2 and 3 of the sailing as a special and then often will disappear as an option. We waited to long on a sailing (wanting to make sure we got our $35 worth) and the sale went away and we paid a per item fee for the items we wanted washed.
  20. When booking on board, your deposit is only $100. With all the nonrefundable deposit regulations, I have always seen this as a major benefit. Something to consider.
  21. I second the Twitter sugge. I’ve had good luck messaging them through Twitter. If they can’t find out the answer right away they usually message pretty quickly to tell me they are working on getting me an answer.
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