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  1. If you don’t buy the drink package you will find they add an automatic 18% to each individual drink you purchase.
  2. I am sailing out of Port Everglades on Beyond in the future and wondered which Terminal the Edge ships tend to sail out of there.
  3. @tonyfsu21reviving a thread for further recommendations. Our son is a Hyatt employee and we often get to use his discount. I see there is a Hyatt Place and Hyatt House near the port. Thoughts on those. We don’t mind paying more for nicer accommodations so if you believe something is better let us know. TIA
  4. We’ve had a BOA RC Credit Card for years and never had any of these issues. We’ve never had any other BOA accounts so I suspect that is a more recent policy. Yes, it’s not the best rewards CC but we’ve managed to cash in a number of rewards cash over the years and liked the simplicity of it. There are better ones but it works for us.
  5. Thanks all. We have ubered to that port in the past and as you said we’ were dropped at the ride share stand. It was not a big deal to us but will probably take a taxi next time just for simplicity sake. We have not sailed Star Class out of here so this is very helpful.
  6. Is there such thing as Star Class boarding/suite boarding in Seattle. We’ve sailed from there once (pre Covid) and we arrived early and when boarding began there was no real order. Does there exist a Star/suite priority in Seattle.
  7. We just got off Oasis. The only reservable shows are Cats, the comedy show in Blaze and the ice skating show. All other shows are first come and we never had an issue arriving 20 or so minutes early for those shows. The comedians also performed in the royal theatre which was one of the first come shows. We thoroughly enjoyed all the shows and the ice show there was plenty of room for non reserved attendees. We had reserved the late show for the ice show but ended up available for the early show and walked in with plenty of spaces. I feel confident you will get to see the shows you want to see.
  8. A side facing (this is key) CLS over Owners any day for us. Love the proximity to the suite lounge and CK. If only rear facing CLS suites are available, then definitely OS. There overlook the sports deck and the balconies tend to fail on the privacy side! We love the side facing ones though.
  9. I’ll never understand the dress code. Khaki shorts and collared polo is not acceptable but jeans and a tshirt fits the guidelines. Go figure. I agree, I like a bit more dressier dining experience but no one is sending you back to redress! If you cruise enough, you’ve seen it all!!
  10. We had a middle Grand loft suite on 10 on Quantum. Good to know by not to book 8. We have a corner one booked on 10 for 2024 because it had 2 side decks which seemed interesting. Beginning to think we should look to see about switching if possible.
  11. We sail next week on Oasis and couldn’t be more excited. We are celebrating my retirement after 33 years as a prosecutor. We’ve sailed in the past year on Oasis but sailed as Star Class thanks to the years of reading yours and many entries on this blog. This sailing we are sailing in a Crown Loft. Was suite lounge still offering 11-11 beer/wine. Our letter from Concierge did not mention it but wanted to check your experience. TIA.
  12. Is Barefoot Beach for suite guests only? Getting ready to sail and I guess I totally missed that Labadee had a suite only beach. Is there anything special we need to do to avail ourselves of this beach besides be suite guests?
  13. Has anyone sailed Oasis of the Seas recently? Is the Suite Lounge still offering Beer and Wine from 11-11? If so are there specific beers and wines this is limited to? We set sail on the 1/5/23 (T-5 days)!
  14. Never cruised out of Galveston but I couldn't wait so I grabbed a January 2025 2 BR ATS on Harmony. The price couldn't be beat. The price for 3 of us was 1/3 what the same on Wonder was out of Port Canaveral.
  15. Your sea pass card, which is purple and different from everyone else, will have that information and RC employees all know what that purple card means!!! Your Genie will have a folder for you with all your dining and show reservations which he will go over with you first thing when you board. Such a nice bonus, to be assured you will have all those reservations without any hassle on your part.
  16. As others have said this is tricky. In January we were on Oasis and porting in Costa Maya and we were scheduled on a ship's excursion. All of them were scheduled on ship time but when I turned my phone off airplane mode it reset to local time. I did not notice that it was different than ship time. We were fortunately traveling star class and our Genie showed up to take us to our excursion location to us what was an hour early because we were paying attention to our phone time!! We were able to hustle and get there just in time. We were not the only ones on our excursion that this happened to. We waited at least 45 mins for another couple to arrive who thought their phone (local time) and the ship and the excursion was all the same time also. Moral of the story, check your tv for the ship time and not your phone.
  17. If you have an iPhone and save your boarding pass to your wallet you can figure out your room number from the numbers under the bar code. The last four will be your room number. Although not official until they notify you it is a hack many use to figure it out.
  18. For all those interested: You can now book your entertainment on line. I used the website, signed into my cruise planner and could book show times for, Aqua show, Ice Show, Cats and Comedy Show under the entertainment tab. See everyone very soon!
  19. I am also on 1/5/2023 Oasis and was able to book yesterday 12/1/22. It opened mid day. Go to your cruise planner on line and they are listed under entertainment.
  20. That class ship has an additional structure off the back which causes some call an obstruction. See below picture.
  21. Thank you @tonyfsu21 Exactly what I was looking for.
  22. Are there any exclusive, pay only areas on Labadee like there are on PDCC? Trying to determine what areas are accesible and if there are areas with more shade than others. We were to late to purchase a bungalow and trying to decide if a cabana is worth it for just 2 people.
  23. I have a 1/5/23 cruising on Oasis and reservations for entertainment hasn’t appeared yet on our planner.
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