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  1. If you’re on Facebook (or your kids are) this is a great group to join
  2. I can’t help with your questions but I know 2 different families that did this itinerary on oasis and loved it.
  3. Just stumbled onto this website. 1200 ports listed worldwide. Tons of info! https://www.whatsinport.com/?fbclid=IwAR1GE6QBofWu5rKCjall1AZP9u8MUlDvBUKKnDCexN_6KcToQgdhgwHzm9I
  4. Perhaps the most intoxicated I’ve ever been was on sovereign. Way back in 1998. Stopped at key west. Hit up Sloppy Joe’s, Margaritaville then back to Sloppy Joe’s. Ended up with a Polaroid of me sitting with a boa constrictor around my shoulders, an iguana on my lap and a parrot on my head. Only $20 for the pic
  5. I’m just here to say @Sharlarocks!
  6. I really hope they extend to at least May of 22 so my Alaska could be covered. Not sure my May symphony will go and not sure what my October Odyssey in the MED will end up looking like (ship excursions only, vaccine requires to fly) so that would leave my May 2022 Alaska but it’s currently outside the FCC Dates. I’m seriously considering pulling the plug on my FCC and requesting a refund. I’ve got to decide soon.
  7. I’m ok walking around the ship, getting from point A to point B. Not ok wearing it on the pool deck/outdoors. That’s just ridiculous, especially in the hot Caribbean. For my end of May symphony, I don’t mind doing the ship excursions. We always go to the beach so just use the excursions to get there. My October Odyssey in the Mediterranean is another story. I’ve got the excursions booked but may cancel before final payment. I want to freely explore. That’s a once in a lifetime trip.
  8. This is why I’m considering turning my 125% FCC back to a 100% refund. I’ve got 3 booked and will not take the vaccine. Guess I better hurry up and decide.
  9. Considering that over 40% refuse to take the vaccine, that’s a big chunk of the population the cruise lines can’t really afford to disenfranchise. It’ll be interesting for sure to see what happens. For me personally, my immune system has already “attacked” me twice. First was Graves Disease in which my immune system destroyed my thyroid. 4 years ago I had a grade 4 severe reaction to a cancer immunotherapy that almost killed me. My immune system went out of control and attacked all my muscles resulting in severe muscle wasting. I don’t want to inject ANYTHING that
  10. If they’re going to extend FCC date (past April of 2022) I hope they do it soon. If my late May symphony gets cancelled, that only leaves my October Odyssey to apply my FCC to and the FCC is more than the Odyssey price. I do have a May 2022 Alaska but right now, that’s beyond the FCC sail by date.
  11. So is it safe to assume that test sailings are the month of December? Per the conditional sail order RC has to give 60 days notice to the CDC after test sailings before they can take paying passengers.
  12. We’ve got a 9 night on Odyssey with overnight in Athens for October 2021. I had the same concerns as you doing a brand new Q class and not being on the ship enough to “see” the ship. However, this 9 night has 2 sea days. The first one is the first day so between embarkation day and the next day at sea, that’ll be good for exploring the ship. Our last sea day is day before last. This notion of not enjoying the ship is why we didn’t go with a 7 day oasis class. We will be doing a 3 day land tour of Rome after the cruise. We originally were going to do Rome before bu
  13. The supply chain is not there on islands. Everything is shipped into these islands making those items super expensive. The infrastructure is simply not there and no one has the money to put such infrastructure there. Cruise terminals that accommodate thousands of people are not going to happen.
  14. I didn’t score many bargains at all with cruise planner stuff. Nothing on my May symphony was cheaper. Saved a total of $112 on 6 excursions for our odyssey med cruise. Drink packages/dining didn’t budge. I’m sure @Sharlawill be checking my fares. Maybe I’ll get a little surprise there.
  15. That’s a freakin awesome deal! Did you aim for a particular itinerary or did you just pick “May” and take the first available villa? May is my favorite time to sail the Caribbean. We’ve got Symphony May 2021. After 2 cancelled, I hope I finally get on her in May.
  16. So out of curiosity, what price tag comes with this villa? Is it star class? Anyone have pics?
  17. Port fees could be higher in PC. The distance is further to Nassau/CocoCay from PC compared to Miami? Maybe health screening protocols are costing more in PC than Miami where RC has their own terminals? Just blame it on COVID lol
  18. What exactly is this suite called? I’ve gone through several mock bookings on oasis class and don’t see it. Any links to pics, details?
  19. We had a corner aft starboard on Mariner last year. Deck 7. Balcony was good size. Cabin was smaller. It was different. We enjoyed it. Just booked a Junior Suite aft port on Radiance for Alaska. Balcony is HUGE and slightly wraps around. It is under the outdoor seating of Windjammer but I’m hoping not many people eat outside in Alaska lol. I found a YouTube video of the cabin and I’m super excited. Plus several here said I scored a great cabin.
  20. It’s just a deposit right? It’s too easy to slap these deposits down. I just booked our Alaska suite for 2022 and have Odyssey in the Med and Symphony for 2021. Really want to do Mariner to Bermuda now in 2022 but with 2 high dollar cruises with land tours booked, I better stay off the mock booking thing. That’s how deposits accidentally happen.
  21. Looking for hotel for night before cruise. Depending on when our flight gets into Rome, we may opt to head to Civitavecchia to stay the night before. Nothing fancy needed. Thanks!
  22. No cruises over 7 nights out of or porting in US through October 2021. This is a new CDC condition to return to service. Im afraid all TA’s this spring will be cancelled and any ships here now will sail empty to Europe.
  23. Now this is exciting news! Same with Symphony doing Aruba, Curaçao and St Croix! Glad to see some new itineraries! https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Royal-will-launch-new-Florida-Bermuda-itinerary-in-2022?fbclid=IwAR1N3LHk4S-DGcp2iTfjp8Gm5jA0GkVYTPc0RxWLRnRA_-5Sw5R3BCoesoM
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