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  1. Not sure who they are but I did ask the mom of the daughter who’s on the ship about what her daughter knows: Jill apparently the ship is leaving France on 27th, but I know it’s got to head to Cyprus to pick up more cast and crew (dancers that my daughter was originally suppose to fly with to Miami with have now had their flights changed to Cyprus) They fly on the 30th from Australia. Then I’m assuming it will head back to Ft Lauderdale/Florida for the inaugural sailing? My daughter hasn’t been told anything different, but she is full steam ahead with rehearsals and has just come out of quarantine on the ship and says it’s AMAZING! Said she has sore knees from all the walking as it’s so big!
  2. There are 2: https://www.facebook.com/groups/578543926019084/?ref=share https://www.facebook.com/groups/1259295687414502/?ref=share
  3. Ok here’s the latest I’ve found from WOTS Facebook group. It does sound very hopeful at the moment lol….. My daughter quarantining on that beautiful ship as we speak she’s a cast member that’s flown in from Australia to perform in the Aqua Theatre Show InTENse. Has been onboard for the last 8 days quarantining and doing zoom rehearsals until quarantine finished Getting ready for when the big beauty sails! —————————— And then this pic from Ready to Cruise who apparently is pretty reliable
  4. Then there are videos like this posted 16 hours ago. Almost ready for delivery is the title. I’m done worrying about it. At this point it is what it is. I guess I’m gun shy because Royal seems to jerk the carpet out from under you while telling you everything is fine.
  5. I posted too and got the same reply. The social media peeps always tow the company line. All through the shutdown they kept sticking to the current restart date then Royal would cancel and move the date out several months. Wash, rinse, repeat. My main goal in posting was hopefully raising some awareness that people are getting anxious and what Royal is putting out there is conflicting information between graphics, TA emails, press releases etc.
  6. What in the world is going on? Royal really needs to address this issue. This link takes you to Allure transatlantic in April however you can’t book it. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/itinerary/14-night-transatlantic-from-barcelona-on-allure/AL14FLL-2025876327?sail-date=2022-04-24&currency=USD&fbclid=IwAR357El0NRx-ZLbgqWk10wH4CZ_NcWAP5VC4jghUPr0lkUQ48JpBKlQ0rII
  7. We have a southbound with land tour in may. If Canada is still being jerks about this, I hope Royal ports in Seattle.
  8. Allure is an option. So is Harmony although I don’t like the itinerary. We’re in Florida so can drive to any port. We were on Symphony in October and have odyssey this coming October. Would rather not sail out of Miami (oasis) but will if we have too. Allure is my top pick at the moment if this rumor is true.
  9. I left a panicked voicemail this afternoon for @Sharlaalso for options. This cruise has turned into a celebration of the end of cancer treatment for one in our group so we HAVE to be on a ship that week. Royal better come through with Wonder.
  10. Ok from RC website’s press room. I hope we all can breathe a sigh of relief: https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/press-release/1577/new-southern-restaurant-and-bar-headlines-royal-caribbeans-culinary-lineup-on-wonder-of-the-seas/
  11. A hopeful reply from a Facebook group: I saw it too on Parodeejay and it really bothered me because she admitted it was just a rumor. I found it totally unprofessional for a travel agent to pass on rumors. I watched Matt from Royal Caribbean cruise vlog and someone brought up this very question. He hadn’t heard anything about the ship being delayed and chalked it up to rumors. I have followed the buildout of Wonder from someone who worked on her and I know her shakedown cruise is complete and she left to get her final appearance completed. I saw videos of the promenade with the carpenters adding the finishing touches. I can see no reason why she would be delayed at this point.
  12. Ha! So this is one rumor I posted and it’s true!
  13. Ahhh brings back fond memories of my college spring break cruises in the late ‘80’s aboard the old military supply ship turned cruise ship, The Emerald Seas. I fondly remember the scowls thrown our way (the college kids collectively) from the “seasoned citizens” as we screamed the additional (R rated) lyrics to Billy Idol’s Mony Mony in the disco. Now that I’m approaching seasoned citizen status, I must remind myself of the good old days of shocking old people in my younger years and chill out when in the presence of today’s youth. Although today’s youth are quite a bit more ummmm provocative. We generally just drank a lot and were obnoxiously loud.
  14. I’m stalking this group! I’m on the 18th and tapping my fingers waiting for the magical “check in is open” to appear. Crew is beginning to arrive. A mom posted in a Facebook group that her daughter has left Australia to join the ship in France. Last I read was she’s (Wonder) supposed to leave France mid February to head this way.
  15. Yummmm chicken and dumplings with real sweet tea! Need all those southern peas too! Black eye, white acre, field peas with snaps, big boy peas…..
  16. Apparently Vision lost several lines. Allure came in to buffer the waves. Transferred crew as well.
  17. We had one with no solution in the bottle. I’d order 4 for 2 people
  18. This was in the App for this person’s March 25 sailing on Wonder. It appeared briefly and now Wonder is not available at all on the App (as it’s been all along) Sounds like the App may be getting ready to go live for Wonder and this may have been a test run? Mason Jar was one of the names floated for a southern themed restaurant. Is this the mysterious specialty restaurant in the Windjammer? We shall see……
  19. He posted 12 hours ago in another thread so he’s still around!
  20. You’re just the best. We must cruise together someday. We need a Sharla Group cruise!
  21. I was being half snarky but also feel like a heel for asking her to do something she wouldn’t benefit from. I know going forward to call myself. I assumed since the website wouldn’t let me book and directed me to my TA that it wasn’t possible for me to book via website or phone.
  22. Great now I’m an ass for asking @Sharla to book our flights to Rome. I didn’t know that. On the website it wouldn’t allow me. It said I had to go through my TA. Sorry Sharla
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