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  1. Hoppy2cruise

    The Key and Carry on baggage

    Just googled the program and it states “**Carry-on luggage drop-off service is limited to two pieces per guest and can weigh no more than 25 pounds per carry-on.”
  2. Hoppy2cruise

    Linking C&A to account

    Are you trying to use the same email address as you use for your account? Each account has to have a unique email address.
  3. Hoppy2cruise

    Ship Model Shop

    Really long shot, but does anyone have an extra LEGEND?
  4. Hoppy2cruise

    Water too hot

    We had lukewarm water at best until day 7 when maintenance finally figured it out. I’m not sure what they did, but we finally got hot showers. Maybe you had all the hot and we had all the cold.
  5. I apologize if I missed this during my searches, but does anyone know which month Voyager will be amped in 2019? We have cruises booked in November 2019 and February 2020. I’m assuming the amped changes will be similar to those on Mariner and Adventure. Thanks,
  6. Hoppy2cruise

    Whats Wrong With Me?

    First post here so I hope it is okay if I add: 2. Book a cruise 3. Book another cruise 6. Book another cruise 7. Book another cruise 8. Book another cruise 9. Book another cruise 10. Book a B2B cruise 11. Book a B2B2B cruise ( solo in a suite to reach next level)