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  1. The suite perk that I enjoy the most is that the Concierge will make dinner reservations in speciality restaurants for us pre-cruise. We like to purchase the 3 night dining package. Royal will assign the restaurant the first night, but it isn’t always our choice. Rather than going to a speciality restaurant upon boarding to book the nights/locations we prefer, we have found the Suites Concierge will do this for us. He/she will email 5-7 days before the cruise with a list of perks and offer assistance. We reply to the email that we have X package and would like to request he/she make the reservations and list our choices. There has been a light breakfast and lunch set up on the SL for our past few cruises. We are light eaters during the day and find eating in the SL to be a great option. There are rarely more than 3-4 others in the SL at that time. I hope this does not end once cruising begins again. We do enjoy one room service breakfast per cruise. Eating Eggs Benedict on the balcony has been a tradition for years.
  2. Is your Thanksgiving Cruise on Anthem this year or in 2021? Since Allure wasn’t due to move to Galveston until November 2021, I’m not expecting any announcements until the current crisis is over.
  3. I believe Allure has to have SOLAS required routine maintenance and inspections, including azipod repairs, so it might be possible that smaller changes such as converting Sabor to a new speciality could be possible. Maybe?
  4. We had to switch from MTD to early traditional on our Voyager cruise in February because MTD actually started at 7 (may have been 6:45). I’ll check the Compass. Due to health issues, I can’t eat that late. I love MTD so I hope this isn’t going to be fleetwide. EDIT: Just checked the Compass and.MTD was listed as 6:45-9 PM only.
  5. It has always been my understanding that if I didn’t pay my balance by final payment due date, I would forfeit my entire deposit. Has that changed? So far, I believe the only cancelations that have made by RCCL for cruise dates before final payment was due are Alaskan and possibly a few New England cruises. I believe they were given the option to move the deposit to a later cruise date with no NRD penalty or receive 100% refund.
  6. That would depend on why you received the OBC. As I understand it, if the OBC is from booking through NextCruise, it is supposed to automatically transfer. If from BOA points, you can ask that points be returned to your Rewards account; if received because they were a part of a booking promotion, none of the promotion carries forward to your replacement cruise. OBC from a TA would vary based on agency’s policies.
  7. (My opinion only since many 70+ year olds are healthier than much younger people) In a perfect world, all passengers and crew would need written consent from their physician. We, however, do not live in a perfect world.
  8. We are booked on the 4 night November 10 and 7 night November 14 and were able to get the same owners suite on the starboard hump for both - great prices yesterday morning! We are very excited about Allure in Galveston. Lori & Steve
  9. No reduced price for WiFi simply for being in a suite on Voyager Class. Check the Cruise Planner frequently for sales. I order the 2 device Surf & Stream plan if I find it for $18.99 or less per day and only click on one name when ordering. This way, my husband and I can each be logged onto one device each at the same time. That tends to be cheaper than each buying our own one device package.
  10. The first time we checked in online, I was somehow changed to cash payment while my husband had our credit card listed for him. This was on an 8 night cruise on Adventure when online check in was brand new and we were required to go through the terminal check in anyway. The discrepancy was noted at that time and “corrected.” Near the end of the cruise, we received a letter in the cabin stating our account balance was $350 and we would need to make a cash payment once the balance reached $500. I went to Guest Services where the credit card was added yet again. It actually worked that time, but was an interesting learning experience should we ever decide to actually set up a cash account.
  11. I’m assuming it is because anyone under age 21 must be booked in a cabin with a person over 21 (who could check you in now). If you are cruising solo or you are the person over 21 in the cabin, you’ll have to wait. I’d suggest you call your Travel Agent or RCCL if you booked directly to get more info.
  12. Per the website: Names may be changed up to 24 hours prior to sailing provided one of the original names remains on the reservations. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/electronic-cruise-documents
  13. Our recent experiences when purchasing the 2 device package for one person is getting one passcode. It was explained to me that the passcode is per guest, not per the number of devices. Since only one guest is purchasing the two device package, we receive one passcode.
  14. We received our Future Cruise Credit via email about three weeks after we canceled.
  15. There is a link in your RoyalUp email to the terms & conditions that includes the following Q/A: Q: If I have two reservations can I bid only once through RoyalUp℠ and if accepted, cancel the second reservation and move the guests into the upgraded cabin? A: No, if you have two cabins you will need to submit two separate bids and they will be considered independently. RCI cannot guarantee that both reservations will be upgraded. In the case that one of the reservations gets upgraded, you cannot move the other guests into the upgraded cabin. All reservations cancelled within the penalty period will be subject to cancellation fees
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