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  1. MSN mentions RCB... They could have at least given @Matt proper credit. “He did not mention the group by name, but Royal Caribbean’s blog found one such post by a member of the group ‘Stand.Earth.’ “ https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/royal-caribbean-ceo-anti-cruisers-sabotaging-cdc-public-comments/ar-BB19dgUX?li=BBnbklE&fbclid=IwAR23Er96y6y0UNaMuNghgYdEvHIIP_mFds18RWhEhKqkRkxYxntS2-8y5Bk
  2. I keep forgetting to check in the morning. Want to book 01/01 as well so that we would only need to take 1 vacation day.
  3. Royal is required to authorize these promotions. IMHO this a great sign Royal feels confident they will be sailing short cruises in January.
  4. Royal is required to authorize these promotions. IMHO this a great sign Royal feels confident they will be sailing short cruises in January.
  5. Just checked and I can no longer do a mock booking our Aug sailing on Indy. That was not the case around 3 pm. Oh well there is still hope for December.
  6. Sorry for the spaces. I did a cut and paste and can’t seem to get it cleaned up.
  7. Pick and choose your travel agency wisely. Ask questions and read the fine print! Last year I reached out to @AnnetteJackson at MEI regarding a possible upcoming cruise. She had booked several cruises for us over the last few years, but I stumbled across a deal from a Big Box online travel agency that seemed to good to be true. Unfortunately she was unable to match the Big Box travel agencies low low "clearance" price so I thought wth, I will give them a try. The deal seemed so good that I started researching other sailings and booked two. Doh! All good until you need to mak
  8. At this point I would settle for an inside cabin and an old stale piece of Sorrento‘s Pizza!
  9. Yup. Can’t wait to get out from under the Big Box online agency we are dealing with. Their clearance cabin prices were cheap cheap cheap, but their customer service sux! The fees are ridiculous and eat into that cheap cruise rate making it “no deal”.
  10. Booked 3 for 2021 during last promotion. Feb, May and Dec.
  11. Don't forget to put a couple extra in the fridge the night before the ship docks at a port of call. Sometime they have bottled water available with the towels as you get off, but don't rely on it. Nice to have a bottle of water that was covered by the package as you walk around in port.
  12. I have not been on a Royal cruise since last year and things may have changed. Might also be different ship to ship, but we did this on our last cruise with no problem. They gave us 4 different codes and we just shared them with the other couple.
  13. Same here. Purchased our DX/Voom combo and Ultimate Dining Pkg Ultimate Dining was only $26 per day.
  14. That is high. We have also found that Dallas based Southwest is now more expensive than American when we fly from DFW to Florida. No longer the "Low cost leader" for us. In late April I was able to book $49 roundtrip on AA to Orlando and $95 roundtrip to Miami.
  15. Seems like a mixed bag. Thx for the replies. I am not going to mess with it.
  16. There is a small price drop on the DX package for an upcoming cruise. I don't bother canceling and repurchasing unless it's going to save me at least $20. This one would be a total savings of $42, but I don't want to wait up to 90 days for the refund. Do these transactions get put in the que with canceled cruises? In the past it only took about 4 days.
  17. We tried on one of the RC Blog group cruise rates and it was denied.
  18. Hopefully this is a sign of more to come. Edit: Checked price booking direct with Royal...$151 for a spacious balcony. I would pay before giving up 500k LP’s.
  19. Big sigh...still waiting for “free” Royal cruise. If they don’t offer something in the next six months I’m probably going to cash in and try out MSC.
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