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  1. I read the same thing. Called the county health and human services division and they were able to provide it to me so I could write it in. I sailed 3 times with no issue prior to reading of someone's denial because of no lot number.
  2. Wasn't feeling well on last week's Liberty cruise and the crystal block was the last thing on my mind. Realized today that we hit 281 on that sailing and should have received a block. We have a sailing in July on Independence and wondering if we can wait and request one on that ship instead?
  3. Congrats! Check again in 24 hours. Ok now the cruise critic response… what cabin were you originally in what did you upgrade to and what was minimum bid and what bid did it take to win?
  4. Posted answer in the event someone does a search like I did and stumbled across your old thread.
  5. Our bid showed pending until the second day of the cruise! LoL
  6. We collect the 3 liter liquor bottles since they are not available in Texas. Not sure about other states, but someone told me they were not sold in the US.
  7. See below. Apparently they extended the amount of time you have to redeem.
  8. The days of $39 DX packages are gone, long gone. Purchase at the price you are comfortable with and if it goes down you can cancel for a refund and repurchase at the lower price. No they will not just refund the difference.
  9. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/02/13/brilliance-of-the-seas-live-blog-day-3-costa-maya
  10. We are D+ and had to factor in our 5 “free” C&A drinks on our current 5 night cruise. Price for DX was $66. Do we normally drink more than 5 when cruising? Yes, but not more than would exceed $66 each. We are in port two days and both will be at an all-inclusive resort. No chance that we will exceed the 5 C&A drinks those two evenings. We carried on 2 bottles of wine and a case of water as well. Going into this 02/09 sailing the decision was already made to skip the DX package.(first time since offered) A few months after booking the price dropped significantly on Grand Suites. We upgraded and now alcohol is complimentary in the suite lounge between 5-8pm. We did not exceed our 5 free drinks yesterday, so $0 alcohol on invoice. It’s a sea day so we will see how it works out today
  11. I forgot our insurance company now reimburses us so I will pass the deal on to someone else. Thank you.
  12. How much do you want for them?
  13. Wowza! Hope you snagged the deal. Going to check all my current reservations. I know next weeks is showing $66. Pass.
  14. I saw $100 obc last night. Just checked and it shows "sold out". I have been able to apply to an existing reservation if it was less than 30 days of booking. However, the cruise cannot be more than a year out. I booked one 3 weeks ago, but the cruise is May 2023 so they would not honor. Points were refunded.
  15. Been playing for about 4 years and have never been overcharged. I have spent less than $10 and have received about $1000 in onboard credit. I had a free cruise also, but I had to cancel because of a work conflict. They refunded my loyalty points. I don't play every day but when I do it's for less than 5 minutes.
  16. Next week will be the first time to sail without the DX. Will enjoy our 5 "free" Diamond Plus drinks. It's a 5 night sailing and going to all-inclusive resorts at both stops. We will definitely not exceed that on port days. I am sure we will drink more than the 5 on sea days but will not be worth $66 (+18% grats). This is a test and I think in the end we will be far under $778 that the DX would cost us. If this works out, we might give it a try on our April 7 night sailing. I find myself getting drinks on night 6, and especially night 7, that I would not normally consume in an attempt to "get my money's worth".
  17. If you can leave on short notice and get covid test done today or tomorrow, there is a "free" 7 night Southern Caribbean cruise leaving out of Barbados on 02/06. @BrandonOwen grab the clubs and go!
  18. Covid. They would love to sail with cabins full of guests. They are losing money when they sail below 60%. I have sailed 3 times since start and going again next week. Although I enjoy no crowds, no lines and no issues getting a pool lounger, I hate that our amazing crew is potentially missing out on much needed AND well deserved gratuities. I miss the Quest, pool games, disco parties and the energy on the Promenade.
  19. We did it a few years ago and thought it was boring. Really boring and especially for the price. Keep in mind that at the time we owned our own Sea Doo's. The excursion consisted of following the person in front of you doing zig zag's and a couple circles. I realize it was a safety/liability, but you were not allowed to venture out on your own, jump wakes or try to toss your wife off the back. LoL We would never do it again.
  20. I have one 9 months out and it's showing lots of options. Another is 11 months out and looks the same as what you are describing.
  21. Highly recommend that you do a mock booking and see what it would cost to pay for an upgrade. Two weeks ago, it was less expensive to do that than place the minimum bid. The bid process is handled by a third party that gets a commission for booking empty cabins. We have also discovered that some cabins are not even available and still taking bids. I guess this third party hopes someone cancels and they can fill it and cash in. Personally, I would not pay or bid more than $100 to upgrade if I was solo. When do you sail? We are on Adventure 02/09.
  22. I have never seen pre-packaged food on the ship other than candy. I know that fruits and vegetables are a big no no. We carry off bottled water and then sample some local food. If you just need a snack, pack some peanut butter crackers or some peanuts in your luggage and then take ashore to hold you over.
  23. Was checking the status of our Royal Up offer and saw the “50 % discount..” that was not previously there. However the bid pricing is exactly the same??? Royal math strikes again.
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