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  1. That’s why we did it. My son does not like the sun on him too much so we thought this would be a good idea. Since it was three of us, my husband took the pool chair lounge next to us. We also had a chair inside if we needed it.
  2. I did number 12. It was full shade at times and half at others, which we liked
  3. I did it with the Oasis last week. I was on Anthem in March and they did not have.
  4. I went the second day around 9ish on the cruise because I didn’t realize you could pick first day you are on the ship. For the Oasis, it was on the 16th floor (there is a sign) I saw the person with a clipboard and told him I had the 4th day. He said you could pick now and showed me by numbers, what was still available. We walked to some of them. I chose the one that was next to Lime & Coconut fir the bar and was not too close to the slides for less noise. There are 4 bottles of water on ice, and a button that can reach attendant by their Watch. They will write your names on a chalkboard in case someone else try’s to use it when you are not there. (It happens, as many did not know it’s by reservation) The attendant brought us fruit about a few hours in, which was a nice touch. We ended up using it all day. For us, it was worth having a nice area to lay without searching for chairs like the other days. Many had already picked first day so recommend doing that. When we went, 4 people in front of us.
  5. You can go the first day if you want to choose it for any other day. They will put you on the list and you can pick which one you want.
  6. I just got back from Oasis and did a Casita. Really enjoyed it. We were next to Lime & Coconut so had service readily available that didn’t need to use the attendant button. We used it from 9-5, the allotted time we had. Would definitely do it again.
  7. I redeemed and my OBC came a few days later on my cruise planner. Hasn’t always been that quick in the past so I was happy.
  8. We have Hibachi ( we did this one in Symphony and loved it ) and Sushi & Saki Lunch ( did this in March on Anthem and also loved it ) we will also make a few CK Kitchen reservations and would like most likely do 150 Central Park.
  9. Yeah…this cruise will be full….my March cruise wasn’t but I didn’t expect this one to not be. Super excited as well! Doesn’t change all the amazing memories we will be making!
  10. You get the prints at the end of the cruise when you pick which ones you want. I go on the 6th day in the morning since it’s not that busy and they finished taking pictures…place my order on computer and by evening they are done and can be picked up. They will tell you when ready…usually a box of everyone’s package and you look for your name with them. If you wait until last minute it can get very busy.
  11. I thought of that myself of getting it digital and printing myself…I went the print route because I wanted to the photos right away in my hands and can scan and change size to print later.
  12. I did the 100 print package in March. Loved lots of the pix, I just wish they weren’t all 8x10. Hard finding an album to accommodate so many that size!
  13. Thanks for the info!! It may not be all that for us then. In March we stayed on the ship for Coco Cay and we had the pool to ourselves. Pick of lounge chairs!
  14. For my July Oasis, it’s sold out on sea days. I got a non sea day, even though it’s easier to get chairs, but my son l8kes the shade.
  15. Yes….third time is the charm for this cruise! We did a March Anthem that was also third time and had a blast.
  16. What Marc said is our experience as well. We have done both USA and Canadian currency since we are duel…. If we use our USA card to book, it will be and stay in USA currency and vice versa.
  17. Did our boarding time this morning for our July 8 cruise (10:00- YAY!) …..just now completed the rest of info
  18. Yes, we have! I have 1 son who will be 14 by then. Soooo much fun and things to do! On our March cruise, it was the first time he went to the teenage club and had a blast. All of you are going to love! We have done Zip Line and IFly too!
  19. Yes, love the freedom to go wherever,whenever. We got off the Anthem in March. Had a great time. We have done Habachi before and have a reservation for this one. Love it. In March we did the Sushi&Sake Lunch and absolutely loved! (Especially that Champagne Lobster Roll!) …I’m going to do that one again.
  20. I had double points added for my March Cruise in 5 days. I’m hoping my double points in July is the same.
  21. We are on that same cruise as well and we are in a suite. We will go to the Coastal Kitchen one or two times as we enjoy the other restaurants as well. Great to hear the info above on happy hour times. We still get the Deluxe Drink Package so don’t always know the info…
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