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  1. Yes. The tour stops multiple times. It just means two people on one jet ski.
  2. Yesterday our soda package said 30% off at $6.49 pp and today it says 50% off at $6.49 pp. still a good price but how do they calculate %. That is some fuzzy math at best.
  3. It has taken me up to a week before.
  4. The terminal will be open but not sure if you can get in prior to your boarding time. They have been very strict about boarding times.
  5. Boooooooo but better than Nassau
  6. $13 drinks are covered but yes you would only pay the difference.
  7. Straw market is still closed and the vendors parked around it were very rude and aggressive. Most the shops on Bay Street and downtown were open and it was not bad. There is a small vendor section right out side of port that was not too bad either. Lots of construction in the area.
  8. Using the cup at the freestyle machine, I think there is a 10 min wait between uses.
  9. Yesterday I ate a kids meal at McDonalds. His mother was furious!
  10. We used park port Canaveral last week. It was cheap but you wait and stop at different hotels. IMO it is not worth the savings vs convenience of parking in the terminal and just going to your car and leaving after cruise.
  11. Independence Nov 1-5 crew said about 1900 guest with 150 kids. Windjammer was open for dinner.
  12. We just got off Independence and it was open for dinner. We were told only 1900 on board.
  13. We paid $84 pp on one of the pre cruise planner sales. It was a lot of fun and will do it again.
  14. Yes and Powerade zero flavors in the freestyle machines
  15. Just got off Indy and the crew are Great! It is a great ship with a lot to do and excellent food.
  16. We use this too and always choose “shared” so anyone on the account can charge.
  17. Saturday 10/30 if vax and Friday 10/29 if not vax is the soonest
  18. Yes there are free places to grab food or snacks 24 hrs and depending on the ship may have a couple different options. Good food a plenty.
  19. The freestyle machines have flavored water and I am pretty sure it was vitamin water.
  20. Was that the November 1st sailing? If so, did you get an email? I have not seen anything yet?
  21. Cruise mapper is another good site
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