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  1. Looks like you have to call or contact TA on existing reservation. Found this on RCL site
  2. My dog ate a bag of scrabble tiles so I took him to the vet. No word yet.
  3. 100%. And just look at bottomline price not percentage off.
  4. Putting all the badgering and insults in this thread aside, can someone explain this calculation? Onboard price is $105 if I buy 2 packages it should be a total of $157.50 ($105 + half off $52.50) divided by 2 is $78.75 correct? Where does the $77.99 come from?
  5. Nothing begins with N and ends in G
  6. Funny because it is true!
  7. I know right. I was a math major and can’t figure their fuzzy math. . Sale no sale. I always ignore the percentages and look at total price in cart and buy if I think it is worth it to me!
  8. If your cruise is after Black Friday I would bet you price drops even lower.
  9. I personally have gotten the best prices on Black Friday. I know if can be different for each cruise and such but last year the refreshment package was $18.99 and soda was $5.99. Also excursions on CoCo cay were really good too. Jet ski tour was $80 and balloon was $35. Again all this was pre inflation out of controlness. LOL. Hope that helps a little.
  10. Hello, Any suggestions on Boardwalk Balcony rooms that do not have obstructed views of the aqua theater? Looking at pictures it appears the slide would block views on most floors. Anyone experienced a good to great view on Wonder?
  11. I use tripinsurance.com as well. No issues and less expensive than Royal.
  12. You must have been on Liberty. We were definitely rocking in Costa Maya. Odd your final statement didn’t have it on there.
  13. We just got off Allure. This show was excellent. Offered day 3, 4, and 6
  14. I was on Allure last week and we could not dock in Costa Maya due to weather. We got back $11.25 port fee refund. It was automatically refunded to our statement.
  15. Our cruise in November there were mix parties at some tables.
  16. The Facebook group for our cruise next week has people who’s test were cancelled by CVS today for Friday. Most have been able to get new appointments at Walgreens. They were in Ohio and North Carolina.
  17. In the past, we have seen towel stations as you exit the ship too!
  18. We were on Independence in November and had no issues. Staff was great as always and food was good. Maybe just an off day.
  19. I agree it is very convenient. We have always park there and I forgot there is a large garage next door. Thanks
  20. With all the larger ships in port Everglades has anyone run into problems finding parking at the port?
  21. Lobster night is night 5 on the Allure 6 night cruise.
  22. Our cruise in November we accidentally missed the sign up and were assigned a late time. I think it was after most everyone else was off. We didn’t wait and just left with our own luggage. No issues.
  23. Yes near the downtown pier. One road one over from main drag. We found it on yelp.
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