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  1. Enjoy your sailing. My family debarked this morning. Ship and crew are amazing. Much fun ahead for you.
  2. Debarkation was very easy with Genie. We had an 8:00am breakfast at costal kitchen. Then went back to room and hung out till 9:15. We then met genie near guest services where he escorted us off the ship. Took an Uber to Miami airport. Crazy long security lines. We have a 1:40pm flight so no stress. Shorter than expected layover in Dallas due to flight time changes. Fingers crossed my family and bags all make it to Sacramento this evening.
  3. Portside BBQ. Great food.my daughter danced with staff.
  4. Chefs table is lots of fun. Charged for wine.
  5. Costa Maya- did port pass aviary. Excursion to begin at 9am. Asked genie to change our time to 11am which he did. This allowed my kids to get up and ready without being rushed. We enjoyed the aviary. Kids swam in pool while their mom shopped.afternoon beer delivery. Pre game before chefs table tonight.
  6. No climbing of largest pyramid. I noticed where a rope or chain used to be. I’m with young children so would not have climbed if available.
  7. Great birthday dinner at Chops. Joel is an incredible waiter. Multiple interactions with kids which we enjoyed.
  8. twins 7th birthday setup. Awesome job Shane.cakes and ice cream sundaesnice spread from Playmakers
  9. Lots of barfing yesterday morning. My kids all used the bags. return trip was much smoother in afternoon.
  10. Cozumel- took ferry to mainland turned into vomit comet. Both of my boys lost their pancakes, butter hardly melted.went to Coba pyramidlong walk, my daughter called an Uber.went to a Cenote. Lots of fun. Cave best part.took kids to Playmakers to once back on ship. Taught my twins that three points define a plane.
  11. Early morning today. In Cozumel and we are headed to the mainland for pyramids. Luckily we called it an early night and waking up this morning was doable. Dinner last night was great.
  12. I didn’t find out. Gave it away to a family in the hallway. They were so excited.
  13. private ice skatingsnack delivery 150 Central Park for dinner. Will be our first time since menu change. Will certainly miss the different salts.
  14. Ice cream from Sugar Beach is also included with Star Class. Kids really like the flavor selection.
  15. Starbucks included with Star class. Deliveries scheduled for each day.
  16. room is spaciousray near cabanasmall sharkIf food is left unattended seagulls take advantage of lunch
  17. Coco cay was awesome. Really enjoyed overwater cabana 10. It is eastern group far right side when looking south. Kids loved the chicken wingswent to ice show in evening and watched Aqua show from balcony before bed.
  18. He will still be in in January. Shane is 1 of 4 genies on Oasis.
  19. My fridge was full and I asked for a cooler with beer. We had food from Giovanni. 17 people in total. Great fun.
  20. I hosted in my Aqua. We drank all beer and wine. Great fun.
  21. Great day with Coco Cay over water cabana. Headed to Cozumel.
  22. Kids tested negative! Made it on the ship. Genie escorted us to our room. It is awesome! Fridge full of beer. Fruit and wine on table. Very impressed with Star Class experience. I recommend to all.
  23. Took Uber from our hotel near airport to Terminal A. Arrived at 10:00. Found Star Class area and porter tagged our bags, put them on a cart and the bags are staying with us. Next my three children will get Covid tests once terminal opens at 10:30am. Fingers crossed. Getting excited and thirsty. Was sure nice seeing the ship.
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