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  1. Pre-Covid. Such a different world now. I have lowered my expectations.
  2. Please post here when itineraries begin to become available.
  3. Shark attacks can happen on land too. Those who disagree need only watch Sharknado.
  4. Fire in the engines whenever they are operating, so probably true.
  5. I may have exaggerated by a factor of 1,000….So basically I like rounded up. Six engines on an Oasis class ship produce a combined 100 megawatts. This is a lot.
  6. Ask for engine room clearance, over 100 gigawatts available down there.
  7. This is my plan if successful with Royal up and unable to move my wife and daughter into suite and cancel their balcony. Guests 3+ suite price is $778 which is slightly less than balcony price per person for the two guest room. So it is almost a wash keeping the balcony room and not adding my wife and daughter to the two bedroom grand suite. I’ll have three Sky class cards so not worried about being restricted to amenities. No two bedroom grand suites are currently availability so I can’t change now and chances of Royal Up success are low. If successful I’m sure our 5 suitcases will like having an ocean view balcony to stay in.
  8. My family of 5 is traveling in two neighboring ocean view staterooms on Symphony. I submitted a Royal up through the reservation with three guests for a two bedroom grand suite. My question is if this is successful will I be able to cancel the balcony with two guests and add these guests to the large capacity two bedroom grand suite? If no one has experience with this, I will call Royal and report my findings here.
  9. Thanks for the report @Matt Did they get the fender bender cleared from the west bound shoulder and can we expect a dry roadways for the afternoon drive home?
  10. Icon Class will be Oasis class after freshman year of college. A bit bigger but more fun.
  11. Request an ice chest for in suite beer if this is your thing. Truly relaxing to lay on the Aqua theater balcony watching the sun set (or rise) with at least six ice cold friends within arms reach.
  12. Heavy fuel oil is much cheaper per unit of energy than diesel fuel but generates much more particulate matter (soot) and other pollutants and also has a lower energy density. I have heard, but not confirmed, that Royal ships sometimes use pure diesel in their engines while in port to minimize visible soot as well as at startup then switching to bunker fuel at operating temperature.
  13. The article detailing Icon of the Seas contains the following paragraph- “Traditionally, cruise ships are powered by diesel. The advantage LNG has over diesel is it is more energy-efficient and will reduce fuel consumption and emissions.” While possibly true, some of these claims are incorrect or misleading. I will explain how this can be possible. Diesel fuel has an energy density of 38 MJ/L. LNG has an energy density of 22 MJ/L. (Ratio is similar with MJ/kg) Not all energy of fuel is converted into work. A modern Diesel engine is 50-55% efficient. A modern LNG fueled engine is 45-50% efficient. Take two ships, ceteris paribus (all else equal) one modern diesel, one modern LNG powered. Give each an equal volume or weight of fuel of their respective fuels. The LNG ship will use more fuel to travel the same distance as diesel ship. This does not comport with being more efficient or reduced fuel consumption. If fuel consumption is being measured by amount per passenger, Icon could use less fuel than a diesel ship due to higher occupancy. Or if using the price of the fuels at a given time, it may cost more per mile traveled using diesel than LNG thus making LNG financially more efficient. (Currently using free market prices, this is not the case) I don’t know what metrics Royal Caribbean uses to measure fuel efficiency so the quoted paragraph can be true, but if so, it is misleading. What is correct is that a modern LNG engine produces less emissions than a modern Diesel engine. Adding shore power or hybrid system will reduce engine usage and thus fuel consumption and emissions of both fuel type engines. A new hull design and drag reducing technology will also reduce the amount of power (fuel) required to move the vessel. For anyone who manages to read this far, I recommend always figuring out what exactly is being compared and how is the comparison being done. I once got myself in trouble when somebody asked me if my wife is pretty, “compared to who?” I responded.
  14. Also make sure no Bromine is used in any cocktails. Contents of drinks can eventually end up in hot tubs by spilling and other means.
  15. I heard that Royal hired some rebellious youth who paint freeway overpasses at night in between cars. They got Wonder painted in 15 minutes.
  16. Cheapest cruise experience is to take one’s Razor scooter to the port area and enjoy watching the ship sail away while enjoying complementary drinking fountain water. Standard Sunday for my family. My kids get to enjoy a cruise ship many times per year. It appears the people on board may be having more fun.
  17. One can also ask for drink ingredients to be delivered and then mix oneself. I have done this many times for mimosas and tequila soda. I have not asked for a blender to be delivered.
  18. Book the first 6-8 sailings. One of which might end up being the inaugural.
  19. The economist in me struggles with this sentence.
  20. I would suggest Royal brings back $18 deluxe beverage package creator as a temp worker. This would appease some of the frustrations guests are having with the pre cruise planner and invoicing.
  21. I think we found one of the professional advisors @smokeybandit was referring to, @twangster is more than a cruise guru.
  22. Free bad stock advice is better than bad stock advice for a fee. In both cases one loses, but one doesn’t have a commission. *In this statement I am not inferring buying Royal Caribbean is a bad idea.
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