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  1. Per above I’m fully vaccinated every morning. Anyone over 270 days should see a doctor.
  2. Royal provides clubs at the mini golf. Ask if one may be taken off ship for excursion golf. Good luck!
  3. Don’t trust the scale in the gym. It seems to have issues later in the cruise….it had me 8 pounds too heavy.
  4. Drach caves Luberon Villiages Best of Florence and Pisa Rome in a Day Capri on your own
  5. Sailing Star class in A1 two bedroom Aquatheater suite on Wonder of the seas, June 5, 2022. Sailing with my wife and another couple from San Diego. Both couples are celebrating 10 years of marriage. Sometimes it only feels like 10 minutes…..underwater. Additionally departure day is both ladies birthday. The lovely brides are celebrating an undeclared age. We have Israel as our Genie. Have sent him dining requests. Waiting for entertainment schedule for show planning. Booked an excursion through Royal for all ports. Flying nonstop San Francisco to Barcelona two days before sailing. Waiting for June protocols for Booster since over 270 days since second vaccine dose. Will all get booster if necessary to avoid hassle of extra testing. Looking forward to this trip. I made booking on release day in December 2020 when ship was Allure. Kept same room with ship transition in September 2021. I will effort to answer any questions and post photos and updates along the way. Cheers!
  6. How is this possible? Icon is being constructed in a dry dock.
  7. I agree with all of this. My comments above were far fetched ideas for plausibly justifying the updated numbers for Icon displacement. So the preliminary information released by Royal on the size of Icon (smaller than Oasis class by a significant amount) was accidentally or intentionally incorrect?
  8. Is it possible that size of Icon is being increased post original design? Another theory is that Icon size was first downplayed to not pull attention away from Wonder release. I understand that displacement number used for cruise ship factors internal volume. (Passenger space only?) Would enclosing spaces, originally designed to be open, increase displacement? In this way Icon would have a higher displacement than Oasis class while being lighter in deadweight tonnage. A final, albeit less likely scenario, is that the lower energy density of liquefied natural gas compared to diesel, requires a significant storage space which pushes the volume of Icon beyond Oasis class, even though passenger space may not be larger.
  9. The 7 night Caribbean release was set for May 16 to list itineraries past April 2024. This release has been postponed until September 12, 2022 and likely to include Icon itineraries.
  10. Mixed emotions from this report. I was anticipating the challenge of having adult beverages going for the entire 13 hour flight from San Francisco to Barcelona. (Can’t drink with a mask on) My wife and those passengers sitting around me will now benefit, as will my liver.
  11. Until @twangster confirms, I consider this speculation. Previous announcements placed Icon displacement numbers as higher than Quantum, lower than Oasis.
  12. I lobby Royal Caribbean to include almond milk on every sailing. If you all only knew how hard it is to milk an almond!
  13. A friend of mine, who is a dentist, thinks that including the sofa package with cruise fare is a good idea. This is the same friend, who when he worked construction, oddly liked when a hurricane hit his town.
  14. Was colonoscopy scheduled or needed because of two weeks of cruise excess food consumption? I respect your HIPA rights to not answer.
  15. First and possibly last. Rumor they might require skydive certification to fly. I’d request a long extension cord if on board.
  16. My kids pick out and only eat the marshmallows. Does this improve safety?
  17. All the cruisers that I know who have been on a Astoria shore excursion loved it….both of them. Astoria is not a common stop.
  18. The mini group cruise needed to happen 10 years ago. I have three too many kids and a rusty liver now. But back in the day……..
  19. How was vote held? Ya/Nay on the pool deck? I would have gone ashore. Albeit after many other passengers went first. I mean a cartel member can only carry so many bullets and a cruise ship holds lots of people. Cozumel is not to be missed.
  20. Pre party in the parking lot! One need not wait to be on the ship.
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