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  1. @SpeedNoodles is right that Cafe Promenade does not offer the kummelweck. That's on Oasis and Quantum class (Q class offers it in the Cafe Two70 area).
  2. Be careful with this, even on a closed-loop cruise from the US. My first cruise in 2018 had a port stop in St. Kitts, and as we were approaching the checkpoint to return to the ship there were boards everywhere stating you had to have a passport to get through, and that drivers license + birth certificate would not be accepted. We had our passports with us, so I just pulled them out and showed them. It's possible that in the hurry of the moment I misunderstood that sign and thought it was for all travelers, when it might have only been for residents of the island. But I say better safe than sorry, just in case something like that should happen.
  3. I vote for option #1. You get two of the three ABC islands (only missing Bonaire), the new port stop in DR, and a nice relaxing day in Labadee.
  4. Yes, I'm back! And you know what that means, right? I'M HEALED!!!! ***with a few caveats and provisos... All of the skin is completely regrown (if a bit ugly), and the suture lines around the flap are fully closed and clean looking (but with a visible crease or seam along the bottom edge). And just in the nick of time, as we're going up for our college visit on Monday. The doctor gave me the green light to go, but there are a few strings attached. First: I'm still in a compression wrap until I'm back home. The doc told me that healed wounds like this are still quite delicate for a long time, typically at least a year. No way am I going to be wearing a shoe or walking around for miles after just getting healed. Fair enough, I was able to find a loaner folding transport wheelchair that we'll take with us, and my wife and daughter (or maybe the college tour guide) will just have to take turns pushing me along. Second: Even after the compression wrap comes off and I'm back to wearing my regular compression socks (Bombas makes a great line of these), I have to very gradually get back to wearing a shoe. And because my shoes are custom-made for my feet, they'll guaranteed require some modification from my orthotist before they properly fit again without rubbing or pressing on the area. Third: I was hoping this meant I can finally stop elevating the leg when I'm working, but no dice for at least a few months and maybe longer. It's fine to put it down for a bit and gradually rebuild that "stamina", but right now I need to baby the scars and give them enough time to solidify. If I feel it swelling, I have to elevate again and not try to power through. Otherwise I'll just be tearing everything open all over again. Good news on this last point is that once I'm tolerating my shoes again, I can at least start going on short walks and build back up to longer ones over a couple of months. Walking and moving around isn't any issue since that keeps the blood pumping and cuts down swelling. It's just the sitting around that's no good. And my garden really needs me able to get out there and do some major pruning! With a 1-year clock, things will be truly solid right in time for my Mediterranean cruise next July/August as long as I treat everything right. Which is good, because that's when I'll be doing tons of walking and need the strength / durability this procedure is supposed to provide. I won't quite call this blog done and closed just yet. Since we're going up for the college visit in less than a week, I figure I'll let y'all know how it went and whether it's still my daughter's number 1 pick. She's already picked another school as her new #2 choice, so this could turn into a horse race!
  5. My go-to on boarding day is the Mango Melon 'Rita in Boleros. Per the drink menu, it's "Avion tequila, melon liqueur, mango juice and margarita mix". Sorry that I can't give exact measurements on these, but I imagine it's the standard amount of tequila, somewhere between 1/2 - 1 oz each of the liqueur and juice, and then mix to fill the glass. Pour all into your cocktail shaker with ice, shake very well, and pour into an unsalted glass. (I definitely remember there being no salt on the rim of this one, since it's sweeter) My other favorite is a dark and stormy, the classic drink of Bermuda. To an ice-filled glass pour in 6 oz of ginger beer (traditionally Gosling's; make very sure it's not ginger ale, which has a very different flavor!) Follow with 2 oz dark rum (traditionally Gosling's Black Seal, but any good dark spiced rum will work) You can leave the rum floating on top of the ginger beer for that threatening sky look, or stir with a cocktail spoon to mix
  6. Hi Sharon, welcome to the forums! I've been to Cape Liberty twice now in recent years, can't say that I recall seeing any charging stations in the area near the port. I think the on-site long-term parking garage has charging stations on some of the levels, but I wasn't able to confirm that on their web site. May want to call them and confirm. If they do have charging stations, I doubt they'd be FAST type. Since it's a long-term garage, no real need for super-fast charging when the 240V or even 120V slow-charge type will be more than sufficient to charge and maintain.
  7. So... for those of us who left Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc and won't go back if you pay us to.... Are there any other such groups elsewhere, or at least some reasonably up-to-date web sites I can look at? I'll be on an Athens-to-Rome sailing in July/Aug next year, and we want to spend the night in Rome so we have a day or day and a half to explore the main sights at our leisure before flying home the next day. My mom still has friends who live there, but I'd prefer not to hammer them with a million questions unless I'm out of options.
  8. I lucked out and didn't get either of my kids' passports until they were over 11 years old. So only one renewal for each (younger is due now ), but I hear you. I was going to wait until January to renew ahead of our August Med sailing, but after seeing this here and now even on the local cable-owned news channel (News 12 NJ) I've decided I'll just send in her renewal now, plus my own that's also coming due. Can avoid the expedited processing fee and should still get it back in plenty of time.
  9. Your liver just called. He's crying and saying "UNCLE! UNCLLLLLEEEEEEEE!!!"
  10. Tonight's forecast is looking dark & stormy... I know some instructions say to mix the rum and ginger beer by stirring. But on Anthem it was made this way -- rum second so it floats on top, with no mixing. Quite honestly, I feel like it's the right way; this actually looks like a dark and stormy sky in the distance, with the brighter sky still visible below like I'm looking across the open sea.
  11. I'm... a little confused. I thought Royal had said that sailings out of non-FL ports were going to be fully vaccinated (and therefore not require any test sailings)? Did I misunderstand that, or did something change, or is this because it's stopping in Port Canaveral and ends up subject to the FL law indirectly?
  12. Unless you've upgraded Puck with cutting and climbing tools, no dice.
  13. Hit the liquor store today to restock on beer and wine, decided I wanted to also get dark rum to make Dark & Stormy's here at home. Just wanted a small bottle, but the Goslings Black Seal was only available in the huge ones. Since the "official" rum wasn't to be had in a size that I'd need about 2 years to finish off, I went to... let's admit it... the better option. And look what I found sitting on the shelf! I've locked it away where @twangster can't find it. Can't have him absconding this rare find!
  14. Freedom of the Seas, April 2018. Also our first cruise ever, after years of trying to convince my wife it wasn’t the experience she’d been raised to think it was. (nonstop eating, nothing to do on board, broom closet cabins, etc)
  15. See, I disagree for the exact reason you just gave. This is a free market and if FL's law didn't block it, NCL could require proof of vaccination while RCL and Carnival don't. Consumers have choice here, they can choose to sail on a fully vaccinated sailing or one that's mixed vax'ed / unvax'ed. Market will speak, all businesses get to operate and see who has the more desirable / profitable option. Yes, I'm aware that prior to this law going into effect that RCL was also going to have only fully vax'ed sailings in FL as well. But Carnival notably wasn't, and was proudly marketing that fact. So even then you still had a free-market system working. But it was never given a chance to play out because Florida's governor decided he knew better, and IMO overreached badly with this blanket law that impacts every business.
  16. Unfortunately, as with all things involving these kinds of suits and our legal system, it ain't over yet. I'm also not thrilled with this particular line in the article (emphasis added): For frick's sake, Today, that area is not a children's play area!! That's just the spin the ambulance-chasing scumbag lawyer has used. The Solarium is no more a children's play area than the Schooner Bar or Boleros is. Do just two minutes of homework so you can give a truthful statement.
  17. This is something specific to Air2Sea (and sister Celebrity's "Flights by Celebrity" service), and I think will vary by airline. If you did not immediately pay for the airfare and the payment doesn't have to be made until final payment date of your cruise, some (most?) airlines will not count the flight as "ticketed" until the payment is made and received. Until you're officially ticketed, you cannot reserve seats or do any other pre-flight things like pre-pay for luggage (where needed). It does vary -- I had booked a flight on Iceland Air for my aborted Iceland & Greenland sailing on Celebrity back in 2020, and even though I hadn't paid at the time of booking I was still counted by the airline as fully ticketed. I could reserve seats, purchase meals if I wanted, pre-pay for extra bags, etc. But when I booked a flight on United for my Vision sailing out of Bermuda this year (also canceled), I couldn't reserve seats or anything until I had passed final payment date and they received the payment from Air2Sea.
  18. Gentle reminder about what “freedom of speech” actually covers: https://xkcd.com/1357/ NCL saying their first amendment rights were violated is complete and utter BS. Sounds like their lawyers need to go back to third-grade Social Studies and pass the class this time.
  19. It's like you've never even READ me... @Patta_Conna, big congratulations on winning that. I'm betting though that now you're both spoiled and can never sail anything less than SC ever again. That's what @WAAAYTOOO and @Lovetocruise2002 and all the other SC addicts say, anyway....
  20. That's my BIL's go-to beverage as well whenever we get together for dinner. I seriously had no idea tonic water (bitter bitter bitter bitter!!!!) had sugar. I thought it was just the rude cousin of regular ol' seltzer water. Please don't tell me club soda / seltzer also has sugar. That's my go-to (with a slice of lemon), and I've been happy believing it's just water, carbonation, and a bit of salt.
  21. Having done the Mission: Space ride on the Orange Line and experienced the full simulated G forces, I would have to say "no" to doing the real thing. Nearly blacked out and got serious tunnel vision at the peak G-forces, and I'm already very prone to motion sickness. I think I'd be a... sub-optimal... passenger for one of those LEO / sub-orbital trips. Which is a shame, because I would seriously love to see the earth from that high up in person, not just on the TV screen. Never mind experience weightlessness and not feel any stress or strain on my arthritic ankles and heels.
  22. Is that a "Strike that. Reverse it"? I don't recall tonic water having any sugar in it.
  23. Royal (and I think Nassau) requires it for all passengers as part of their entry / boarding protocols. Not unique to them, I had to get a negative test before surgery even though I was fully vaccinated at the time.
  24. @Wanderer, that must be really new. Definitely wasn’t available in 2018, and I didn’t see that in the Royal app when we sailed her again in late 2019. Thanks for sharing that. Always good to learn something new.
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