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  1. Simultaneously 😂 and 🤦‍♂️
  2. I heard that @twangster is going to be the Godfather of Odyssey of the Seas. Not the Fairy Godfather, mind you. Just...
  3. I'm surprised you're throwing out any possibility of future cruises over this, especially when you noted that even with it impacting the crew they were doing their darnedest to make you and everyone else happy. Pretty clearly something got FUBAR with the ship internet -- could be the satellite had a problem, maybe a main router went down, who knows -- and that will definitely cause some chaos, possibly including things like the payment terminals where they swipe your sea pass cards for beverages and such. But if the staff and crew were still doing their best to satisfy everyone, why would this event make you swear forever off of cruising? Or am I misunderstanding what you were saying, and the internet outage was a problem on top of the other items you noted about late starts to dinner and things running long?
  4. I've noticed that the regular desserts in MDR and WJ are almost strikingly lacking in sweetness, which would account for the general feeling of "meh" with those; seems higher sugar is reserved for desserts in specialty venues or places like La Patisserie. I don't really mind overmuch since I'm hypoglycemic, and having less sugar in my desserts means I can have one or two with dinner and not go into a coma 30 minutes later. Unlike "The World", where I'll enjoy every last bite and scrape the plate, then wonder why I'm waking up in a lounger by the pool and looking like this: 😉
  5. I prefer the MDR over the WJ for dinner. My family and I liked the food very much in the MDR, and unlike the WJ I don't have to get up and make sure someone is saving my seat in order to get a second glass of wine with dinner (I've learned to bring the first glass into the MDR with me, usually from Vintages), or an after-dinner cocktail should I want one. But more than the food, the social aspect is a big thing for us. We really enjoy having table-mates to talk to during the meal, and that's almost impossible to achieve in the WJ since it's all small tables, and almost everyone there has the simple goal of find what they want to eat, eat it fast, and get the heck out so they can get to their show or back to the pool / club / other space. Not a common goal, at least from many many posts that I've read here, but that's how we roll on vacation.
  6. Now I'm trying to hear in my head what "y'all" sounds like with a Glasgow accent, seeing as I normally default to movie-stereotype Texan. 😁
  7. Would Cape Liberty port in NJ also be an option for you? My family and I live about 40 minutes from there, and we drove to southern Ohio at a leisurely pace in about the same time. It would increase your ship options from just Grandeur to Grandeur, Adventure, and Anthem, as well as expand your itinerary options. I know a lot of folks here love "Lady G", but figured I'd throw out the extra option if it works with your desired travel time in the car.
  8. OK, I have to know -- what kind of ramen?!? Tonkotsu? 😋 Starting to finally have some decent ramen options in NJ, but only decent...
  9. Going to follow this up with one more recommendation -- There is an app called "Crop-Resize", costs $5 and has a lot of nice features that Image Resize doesn't: First, it does do batch resizing and processing of photos It also allows you to save a set of sizing changes / crops / filters as a "Program" that you can then apply instantly to any group of photos When browsing your photo library, the app identifies your landscape orientation photos with a gray rectangle below the picture, so you can quickly tell them apart from your portrait orientation photos and only select pics with the same orientation for batch resizing Makes the new copies with current date and time (as long as you set that option), so they show up last in your library and you're not trying to figure out which copy is the resized one and which is the original Unfortunately, the one thing it's missing a watermarking feature. If you want to watermark your photos like @twangster and @CGTLH and I and several others do, and you want to do it on your phone, you'll have to either use the one-at-a-time Image Resizer, or use this app with another app like eZy Watermark lite - Photo that can do batch watermarking (with an in-app purchase), although you'll have to deal with some image loss as you create multiple copies of the JPEG file, not to mention the extra storage taken up by the extra copies.
  10. With the Image Size app, you open the pictures one-by-one inside the app, optionally make any edits like putting in a watermark, enter the new size you want (just have to put in one number, the other is auto-calculated to keep it the same scale), and tap the Save button. The image is saved into your photo library as a duplicate so you don't lose your original one. Then, like you said, just upload the resized photos to RCBlog and then delete them from your photo library once you see they uploaded without issues. The only real complaint I have about that app is the fact that it doesn't have any ability to do batch resizing. If you've got a lot of pictures you want to post, it takes a while to get them all taken care of. EDIT -- one thing I forgot to mention, which is a nice feature about this app, is that in its settings panel you can tell it not to copy the EXIF data from the original photo. Doing this will strip out all of the identifying information like the date, the geotag, kind of camera, etc. So you can post and not worry that someone will look at that info and figure out where you live from that pic of your semi-packed luggage you posted, or that you're definitely away from home right now because the date is from yesterday and shows you were still overseas.
  11. Hi there, Pezgirl! On Freedom, as @Skid noted there are no reservations for the shows. All shows, including the headliner acts are typically done twice in the evening and times around the two traditional dinner slots. I want to say it's typically 7:00 and 9:30 show times, but might be 7:30 and 10:00; where the dining times are 5:30 and 8:00. If they have a comedian on board, the early performance will be a "family friendly" version while the later one is adults only; they don't enforce the latter, but I've heard about parents who brought young teenage kids with them to that later showing got a hard lesson in taking that disclaimer seriously. Freedom's shows tend more towards the old-style "Broadway Revue" and variety show format, rather than actual Broadway shows, and this is why no reservations are needed. Each show runs about 45 minutes. As far as the drink package, a member here put up a very handy calculator tool that can help you figure out if buying the Refreshment or Deluxe package will be worth it. Just plug in the duration of your trip, number of port days, and estimated number of each kind of drink you think you'll have on a sea day, and you'll get back a number that you can use as a guideline for what price will work with the drink package.
  12. @KenCP, the mobile app @twangster recommended is simply called "Image Size". Not sure if there's something newer / better out there now, but it gets the job done and lets you add simple watermarks and other things to the image while editing. In my experience, it doesn't like adding watermarks to extremely large panoramic images; probably an issue with the max original image size it can handle and insert the text into on my older iPhone 6s Plus that doesn't have as much app memory available as the newer models have. When I ran into the problem with the watermark, I would create that using Snapseed; save the edit as a new image in the camera roll, then you can have Image Size do the resizing with no problem.
  13. Definitely ask about it. C'mon, $90 is... like... 7 Kraken Lava Flows!!!
  14. You definitely had a much better experience on Ovation than I had on Anthem. Canceling MTD reservations took minutes, not seconds, and overall using the app was an exercise in patience. Maybe this was due more to the state of VOOM on Anthem than the app, but it didn’t seem like it at the time in comparison to using my other regular apps. In any event, I guess I’ll be re-downloading RoyalIQ in a couple months.
  15. Heh, thanks, but after getting some more explanation of the creation process from my daughter I'd have to say... no, for copyright reasons. She explained to me this afternoon that the specifics of the project were to take a complete photograph / image as a reference, and then reproduce it on the paper by free-hand. It's not a photocopy-type reproduction; my daughter told me that while she took the main elements and such, things like the details in the veil or the woman's dress, the final look of the face and hands, the translucency styling on the veil, or the shading and "grain" of the hair are all her own interpretation and creation, since the image was reference and not to be copied 100% exactly. And of course, the actual coloring and layering / shading is all her. Still a #seriouslyproudpapa. 😊
  16. That is a really sad statement, if true. "Works better" in terms of more stable / reliable? I can't believe it's better based on features / information provided; the cruise compass info through the RoyalIQ app was always abysmal, and the app in general was slow as molasses. Canceling our MTD reservations after securing CK reservations took several minutes, which was way too long IMO.
  17. Anthem is still stuck on Royal IQ at the moment, too. I really want that ship moved over to the new app. Royal IQ app stinks!
  18. Well, she graduates in 3 years. I might be able to arrange something if she doesn't want some other kind of trip or alternate graduation celebration. 😉
  19. My experience has been that all beers on Royal's ships are standard US 12-ounce (~350ml) bottles, at least for the craft beers like Paulaner Salvator Dopplebock or more mass-market beers like Blue Moon that I typically drink. I don't recall that the pub serves anything on tap, unless maybe it's the most-common stuff like Budweiser, Heinekin, or Miller that I won't touch. On the pool deck, where they have to be careful about broken glass, beer is served in screw-top aluminum "bottle-cans"; still US 12 ounces. Back when some ships had a partnership with Michael's Genuine Pub, I seem to recall that you could actually get beers on tap; sailed Anthem too late (partnership was ended and pub converted to line-standard style with the name Brass & Bock), so I never got to find out if those were 12-ounce or pint pours, but I'm guessing still 12-ounce.
  20. Which ship and sailing are you seeing this for? Just checked my Cruise Planner and only shows regular Surf and Surf & Stream options. I would guess this is something new for ships with full O3b internet; maybe they have found they can open up the pipes another level on those ships and get something closer to 10 MB/second instead of the current ~4 MB max with Surf & Stream.
  21. Yeah, well, she's coming along with me on the Greenland & Iceland trip, so close enough. 😉
  22. Hm, so I’ve got 5, maybe 7 years before bellbottoms are all the rage again? ::shudder::
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