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  1. If the cruise you're on was booked through your TA, that will show up when you go to NextCruise and request a new booking. Then it's automatically linked up to your TA, nothing for you or them to do beyond them triple-checking that the booking details are correct after they receive them.
  2. @Matt, forget Friday Photos. You need to start Blog Photo of the Week! Absolutely gorgeous!
  3. I wanted to do a series of number animations from the old Sesame Street or Electric Company shows, but seems that giphy doesn't have any beyond the full opening sequence for "1-2-3-4-5... 6-7-8-9-10... 11-12". 😒
  4. I hope you don't have to fit your uniforms in that suitcase, and it's just for your "off duty" clothes and basics like socks & undergarments! Would stink to lose space to stuff you'll only ever wear on board.
  5. 🎶 Only two days 'til we go on the cruise, only two days 'til we gooooo! 🎶 Laundry is done, hamper is empty, just have to do some ironing and the clothes packing will finish up. Still have to pack all the camera stuff, charger, and other tech gear; and things like sunscreen and my toiletries are still waiting to get shoved in. Seriously, this carry-on size suitcase is going to be seriously jammed full. Very glad I'm not packing my suit, even if this suitcase does come with a suit pocket. And now that we're down to two days, I'll reveal the two eBooks I've loaded onto my iPad (and which I suspect I'll be getting a lot more time to read than originally planned): The first book is by a guy whose tech journalism I've followed for years, as he was a staff writer for MacWorld and now does tech reporting at SixColors.com. He's also a semi-regular guest on some of the podcasts I listen to, and between liking his writing style online and the stuff he talks about on the podcasts, I wanted to give his debut novel a go. Second book was sitting in my list of "want to read" after seeing it listed in a "top recommended Sci-Fi of 2018" list (which happened to be written by Dan Moren's partner at SixColors.com, site creator Jason Snell). Then I saw it was being made into a TV series on Starz, and after watching the trailer / reading the summary, decided I'd better buy it and read it.
  6. That's why I never found it -- the one time we ate there, we went in through the starboard side entrance and I never looked to my left after passing the hand washing stations. I don't even remember seeing the pastry station! 😂 Definitely going to remember that for this coming week, though! Thanks for the tip!
  7. Where is this hidden away? Guessing it's the same coffee menu as Cafe Two70, would be nice to go to this alternative on mornings when I planned to hit the WJ for breakfast anyway.
  8. I went to the Windjammer exactly once on my last Anthem sailing, so I'm not the right guy to ask about that. 😅 I know there were multiple stations where you could get coffee or hot water for tea from a bunch of big carafes, because I went to one of those to find lactose-free milk that time. But I don't remember seeing any kind of specialty coffee station there.
  9. Not with my Iceland & Greenland sailing. Pricing continues to be utterly insane, and no state resident rates showing for me. 😞 Current pricing I see for this 14-night sailing: $2,919 per person for an Inside cabin ($208.50 per night) -- that's up almost $1,000 per person from when I first booked! $3,869 per person for an Ocean View ($276.35 per night) $5,269 per person for a Verandah ($376.35 per night) Suites (ha! ha ha! yeah, right!) are currently starting at over $18,000 per person. That's for a Suite Class Guarantee, so I guess that means it's likely to be a higher-end suite at this point, but still... Holding out hope the prices will make a steep drop closer to sail date, but right now I'm just glad I booked as comparatively early as I did. (although I'd have much preferred to catch it when it first came in November or December)
  10. Welcome @CHRIS WONG! And congrats on the promotion! @Pippa_OceanTime, you've got another casino host here on the boards now. 😁
  11. @ncnickel, as a couples pass you would only need one person to buy it. On embarkation day, you would then both go to the spa and get your Sea Passes stamped / stickered / whatever they do nowadays. My wife and I paid about $185 for the two of us on a 5-night cruise, and that was after a discount we got because the steam room was broken down for the first couple of days; otherwise it would have been more like $210. So $199 looks like a pretty decent price for a 7-night sailing. Oh, and ignore what it says about 15 minutes duration; when my wife and I did it on Anthem last year, we were free to stay as long as we wanted each time we went.
  12. Hi @Danielle OG. Yes, room service coffee is the same complementary stuff served in the MDR and WJ. If you're a coffee snob like me then you'll need to physically get up and walk to one of two places: La Patisserie on deck 4, located in the Royal Esplanade mid-ship (serves Starbucks brand) Cafe Two70 all the way aft on deck 5 (serves Seattle's Best, aka Starbucks "discount" brand) Both places will take the coffee card, but one thing you'll only get at Cafe Two70 is the option of a spiked coffee should you happen to want one in the afternoon. Just be aware those are treated the same as any other alcoholic beverage, so you'll pay the full charge for one of those if all you have is the coffee card. Cafe Two70 is also good for picking up some no-charge breakfast nosh items -- mini croissants stuffed with egg and cheese, bacon / sausage links, pastries, yogurt parfaits, bagels, oatmeal, etc. At La Patisserie, all of the food items are up-charge (although you can walk across the hallway to Cafe Promenade and find some complementary food options there). And if you go to Cafe Two70, then you're already at the Two70 lounge. In the early morning, it is a great place to sit and relax while you eat whatever breakfast you got at the cafe (or maybe at the Windjammer if you want something more than what the cafe offers). There are lots of chairs at the very back of the space that look out on the panoramic aft view, so you can just watch the wake and the ocean going by.
  13. @Traveler, I'm curious if you had a standard visa for entry into China / Shanghai, or if you were relying on the 144-hour visa waiver? Seems you had a much smoother experience from airport to hotel before your cruise, unlike the passengers on that subsequent Quantum cruise who got detained by customs when they thought they were covered under that 144-hour waiver.
  14. So now that you've tried out night mode, I have a challenge for you, if you feel like taking the time and indulging a fanboi... 😉 It was shown in a YouTube video that you can actually do some basic astrophotography with it, as long as you mount the phone on a tripod and max out the shot duration to 28 seconds. Night mode only works with the regular "wide" (26mm equivalent) lens, so you wouldn't be able to capture the Milky Way like you can with your 13mm big glass (if it's even visible any more at this time of year); but I'm curious what you can capture from the ship, assuming you have a tripod mount for the camera and a mini-tripod or something else that can truly stabilize it for that kind of shot.
  15. Forgot one item in the last post: Crappy, gray, rainy weather that's guaranteeing I'll appreciate how great the weather is four days from now when I'm at sea? ✅ Also, for those who might have wondered... per Royal's prohibited items FAQ: Never thought I'd need to know this, but as it turns out I have to be able to pack a small pair of scissors that I'm using to cut pieces of the antibiotic foam-like material I've been given to pack the wound with whenever I change the bandage. Serious question -- Should the scissors be packed in my carry-on so I can quickly explain if needed? Or will it be OK if they're in my checked suitcase, inside my dopp kit bag and with all the other medical materials I need to pack? Just want to try and avoid a trip to the naughty room if possible.
  16. Well, @DDaley kind of... I'll just let Kuzco say it. 😉 Anyway... 🎶 Only three days 'til we go on the cruise, only three days 'til we gooooo! 🎶 Cash withdrawn, some converted to small bills for tips? ✅ Credit card travel notifications placed? ✅ Passports gotten out from the safe deposit box and put in the folder with the SetSail passes (paper backup)? ✅ Travel Insurance docs printed out? ✅ Pre-cruise haircut? ✅ Anything I'm forgetting? K, guess I'm g... 🤦🏻‍♂️ FINISH PACKING!!!!
  17. I have the equivalent card for Celebrity, but each is usable with the other and gets the same double points for purchases on either line (same parent company). I only use it for the cruise-related charges -- cruise fare, airfare if I'm using Air2Sea / Flights By Celebrity, any Cruise Planner purchases, and on-board purchases. That's it, because that's all that gets you double points. I wouldn't recommend it as a general-use card because nothing else gets you bonus points and the rewards are completely locked to Royal / Celebrity / Azamara cruises. If the email you got included an offer of 10,000 bonus points ($100 OBC equivalent), that can make it more worth it up front; I got that offer on my card and easily qualified for the bonus points since the very first purchase was a cruise booking deposit that more than met the required spend in the first 90 days. Without an up-front offer, especially if you're only using it for an already-cheap cruise, you may not get enough points to earn a reward all that fast. Like any rewards card, you have to figure out how best to "game" the rewards system and get the max benefit for the least effort / expense.
  18. You are definitely going to love Bermuda! And it's so easy to get to that you don't have to worry about not "getting it all done"; just book another cruise to see what you missed the last time! 😁 Have a great trip, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that your hubs comes back impressed and ready to cruise again!
  19. Really! That's news to me, I always thought that the Deluxe Beverage Package only covered drinks and not any food items in the bars. Wish I had known that wasn't the case, I'd have gotten something to nosh on with my beer at the pub!
  20. All ships have to go in for mandatory maintenance dry dock every 5 years. Not to say that they get a makeover each time, but things like you mentioned would probably be taken care of at the next one as they can be scheduled and are reasonably straightforward to take care of. Something like the broken jumbotron screen on the pool might even be repairable without a dry dock, depending on the issue. If it's something minor like an electrical connection that degraded, the engineers on board could possibly take care of that once they got the required materials in a port. The only thing that might require it to wait for a dry dock is if the whole panel just wore out or something broke that's in a location the engineers can't get to without moving the panel.
  21. How horrible that so many were treated in such an awful manner by Chinese customs authorities! Glad that you were able to successfully thread their needle and make it to the ship, and that you had a nice and relaxing trip.
  22. Yes, room service coffee is complementary, along with anything from the Continental Breakfast menu (which does include danishes).
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