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  1. Thank you! This is the exact comparison I was looking for! I'm glad you tried Seascape because I was leaning toward it but wanted to find an actual recent review!
  2. YES! The value is also big for us! When we sailed DCL after sailing on Allure the year before, I was expecting so much more for the amount we paid! Nope. . . . lesson learned!
  3. With our cruise coming up in just under 2 weeks, we've been sharing our excitement with friends in conversations and I always talk about how, when we cruise with our kids, we will only ever sail RC. My husband and I started with Princess (and do still love to sail with them when it's just the two of us), and also have tried DCL. But, we are loyal Royal Caribbean fans, especially when our kids are involved. For us, we love how much there is to do for everyone at every stage of life. It started me wondering, what do other people love about sailing with Royal Caribbean? Would love to hear others' thoughts!
  4. Our family of five (kids ages 18, 14, and 10) are sailing on Mariner in a couple weeks. We have sailed on Allure (along with other cruise lines- DCL and Princess), and like to schedule our dinners around the evening shows. However, in looking at what is offered on Mariner, I feel like maybe the evening shows aren't that great. Are there any MUST SEE shows on Mariner? Thanks!
  5. Hi all! What would you do? We are sailing on Mariner of the Seas on July 9. On Embarkation Day, we like to find some "out of the ordinary" spots for lunch (i.e. not Windjammer). We are completely fine paying for lunch on that first day. If you had to decide between Playmakers and Bamboo Room, which would you pick? It will be me, my husband, and our three kids- 18, 14 and 10. I think our kids will love Playmakers, but personally I am drawn to Bamboo Room. Thanks!
  6. Excited to cruise again soon! This was a rescheduled cruise from one we were supposed to be on last year-- with the 125% cruise credit, we were able to "upgrade" to this cruise from an Eastern Carib/ Mexico 7 night cruise on Liberty to two rooms on this one (a much better itinerary, IMO. Aruba is one of my all time favorite ports!)- excited to also be sleeping apart from our teenagers!! This is the first time we have ever had two separate rooms. Anyway, I would love advice-- I love looking at past cruise compasses to decide what we might want to do on any given day and figure out formal nights/ themed night, etc. I haven't found a compass for our itinerary on Mariner yet-- I know there is a current sailing (June 18), so maybe @Matt will get something posted next week, if someone shares with him. But, until then, do you think it's better to look at past cruise compasses for Mariner, even if it isn't our itinerary, or look at a compass with our itinerary, even though it isn't on Mariner? I am learning toward looking at anything sailing on Mariner because the onboard offerings would be the same. Really looking forward to an amazing trip! Thanks for all your help!
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